Grabner and Friends


Well, four points in your last three games is impressive young man. Michael Grabner has really put it into high gear in the last three games for the Nucks and has been the team’s X-Factor on the ice. 

Last night was Grabner’s best night by far, He had at least 10 shots (maybe 7 or 8 on goal). He was fast and confident. Grabner really showcased his skills. It’s fair to say that as of late Grabner Kesler Raymond is the Canucks best line. However, Sammy and Henrik haven’t been to shabby either.

Roberto has been excellent. Returning to mid-season form before the City of Vancouver showed up at his home with pitchforks and torches. His save percentage has finally moved above .900 for the season.

Schneider didn’t wow the City last night, however he did not look like a liability. I look forward to seeing what kind of damage he can do on the powerplay. 

Shirokov, was not quite invisible last night. He had one great play where he busted into the zone and rifled the puck top shelf. Perhaps with a little more confidence we will get to see his potential.

All I know is Hansen can not be liking what he is seeing on the ice.