Hodgson Won’t Stick + Poolie Alert!


I know I trumpeted the second coming of Linden when the Canucks selected Cody Hodgson last year. However, with a bad back and a crowded Canucks line-up, Cody won’t be staying in the big show past the nine-game limit.

Right now, Mike Gillis and the Canucks face a quandry. Do they keep Hodgson with the Canucks for the entire season where he will see limited playing time? Or do they send him back down to Junior?

Realistically, Hodgson will get an extended look with the Canucks. He will get to stay for the maximum nine games  before being sent down to Brampton to finish out the season. Ideally, he would be sent to Manitoba, but the minimum age requirements for the AHL dictate that the 19-year-old Hodgson can’t join the club this season.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a crowd at Centre with the Canucks roster, and Hodgson will likely draw the short straw. Which is okay, because he has a sore back and looks a step behind at this point in his development. Give him one more year, and he’ll be a sure lock for this team.

For now, he’s destined for Brampton and hopefully he will see some time later this season with either the Canucks or the Moose.

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  • lj


    I am glad to see that you haven't allowed the homer in you to cloud your judgement. It is true that Hodgson has looked a bit out of place and based on his play alone, he should be sent back to junior. In addition, guys like Shirokov and Hansen have outplayed him and 'on-the-fence' players like Wellwood have come to camp in better shape. If Manitoba was an option for Cody, he would undoubtedly be going there.

    But for the sake of argument, what if it's Hodgson's back that is keeping him from performing at 100%? If you were Gillis or AV, would that impact your decision? Why should a 19 year-old be expected to look anything but out of place in his first season? Remember Stamkos last year? He was terrible until about the 45-game mark. Why shouldn't Cody be given that same opportunity to struggle and grow? I just see no benefit to his development in sending him back to Junior.

    It's absolutely a tough call. But one thing is for sure, Canucks fans must be patient with this kid. Don't be disppointed if he's sent back to junior or struggles with the big club this season. Just be thankful that Gillis has brought in enough 3rd line depth that we don't need to pressure a blue-chip prospect into performing at a level that he may not be ready for.

    More than meets the eye,

  • lj

    This is such a problem for Gillis. If Hodgson was 20, there would be NO QUESTION about where he should start – Manitoba.
    But unfortunately, because of the age restrictions in the AHL, Gillis has a tough problem facing him.
    Yes, absolutely, it COULD be his back causing the problem.

    So they COULD put Hodgson on IR to start the season, watch his skating when he's healthy, then he could get in his nine games before having to make a decision.
    It would basically be like giving Cody another pre-season to try and impress.

    I will be, by no means, disappointed if Gillis ships Hodgson back to Brampton.
    In fact, I think his performance this pre-season has made Canucks fans come back down to earth with their lofty expectations.

  • lj

    @ Cam Davie:

    I'm not sure if IR is an option. There are some restrictions around why a player can be placed on IR because there are cap implications involved.

    By the way, I checked out that poolsleepers site you mentioned. I've never seen so much info for free! I read some of their stuff and took a quick peak at their projections – they seem to know what they're talking about. Thanks for the resource!