A little treat for the road!


After a long offseason, those Vancouver Canucks are starting to look like one piece of ACE. I know from experience if you know what I mean!Tonight at 7:30pm all starved hockey fans from around the globe (aka Canada and Minnesota) will be watching the Canucks bludgeon the Islanders to death in front of a bloodthirsty group of underprivileged children. By bludgeon to death I mean score goals, hopefully. We will get a chance to watch Shirokov – in HD – fight for roster spot. Let’s hope he can live up to the 3000 pounds of hype the Vancouver faithful have dropped on his back.

Speaking of pressure, Cory¬†Schneider had better start and finish this game. The Canucks need to get this piece of trade bait perfectly placed on the hook. With at least six good years of Lou ahead of them it’s time to utilize our ginger cash cow. Look for Schneider to play like he wants to start on a different team this year.

Disappointments of the day! No Hodgson, Luongo, Twins, M. Schneider, Erhoff or Samuelsson. It’s basically the Moose and Wellwood out there.

Regardless, I’m definitely fired up for some Canucks action tonight. Face-off at 7:30pm Sportsnet Pacific in Canada, NHL Network in the USA.