Hansen Re-signs, but will he play in Vancouver?


Jannik Hansen re-signed with the Vancouver Canucks to a 1-year, two-way contract.

It was NOT what Hansen wanted.

Hansen had stated publicly that he was after a 1-way contract, to stay in the big show for the whole season.

It wasn’t going to happen, Jannik.

The Canucks have about 900 guys ready to play on their third line. Hansen had absolutely zero chance of making the club permanently, unless he became a 30-40 goal scorer and skated on the second line. Now, the Canucks have him signed and he is another commodity to either trade or to play with the farm club and call him up in case of injury.

Unfortunately for Hansen, that’s going to be the extent of his NHL time this year. But that’s what he gets for asking for a one-way contract on a team crowded with role players.

Good luck to the Great Dane in Manitoba.