Kaberle to Canucks Makes No Sense


Let me explain.

Kaberle is exactly what the Canucks NEED on their blueline. However, a quick analysis of the Canucks current assets and the Leafs current needs shows that this proposed trade doesn’t line up.

So let’s look at this situation.

The Leafs need top 6 forwards, and currently have a huge pool of defencemen and promising young goaltenders.

The Canucks are still potentially in the market for a top 6 forward as well as a puck-moving defenceman. They have, as their trade bait, a few too many bottom 6 forwards and one VERY promising young goaltender.

How does this line up for a trade with the Leafs? It doesn’t. Not at all.

The Canucks could possibly afford to trade back Mason Raymond, Sami Salo, Kevin Bieksa, and Cory Schneider. But Toronto really doesn’t need any of them. Raymond doesn’t fill any hole that currently exists in the Leafs offense. It’s clear that Burke is trying to toughen up the Leafs roster, and Bieksa would be a good fit for Burke’s type of line-up. However, the Leafs have too many defencemen as it is, so I don’t see them taking a defenceman back in a trade. As for goaltending, the Leafs have Toskala and two very promising goalies in Pogge and Swedish phenom Jonas Gustavsson. So adding Schneider to that mix doesn’t make any sense.

If this trade rumour is legitimate, which I very much doubt, I will be very interested to see how this trade is finalized and what players/prospects/draft picks are involved.

If you were going to pick a GM to control and win a trade between Brian Burke and Mike Gillis, who would you pick? Yeah – I would pick Burke hands down, too.

Good luck, Mike.

  • lj

    Exactly right Leafs need Forwards who can score and Canucks have none
    that they can spare.
    But don't sell Gillis short against Burke, Gillis in my opinion in his short
    time as a GM makes no rash decisions and I would find it hard to believe
    any GM could get anything past him without him thinking on something
    for days. He's shown he knows what he's doing.

  • lj

    @ Jim G.:
    Gillis has shown he's picked good scouts and has picked up some decent free agents.
    But he hasn't made a note-worthy trade yet.

    THAT is where you'll see Gillis's true colours as a GM.

  • lj

    What exactly makes you say that Justin Pogge is "very promising"? The dude looks like an AHL lifer to me the way he played last year and with that under .900 save percentage in 3 years of AHL work.

    I do agree that the Leafs have little use for Schneider… this year is to find out if either Toskala or Gustavsson can be a strong #1.

    By next June is when they might need to look for a goaltender… right now, they have much bigger needs elsewhere