Jambalaya of Rumors and Speculation


First, Luongo has not signed anything, nor can he prior to the first of July. A pundit from ESPN stated that a deal was in place. ESPN also spends less on hockey in a year than the entire population of Phoenix.Luongo, and his agent have both denied any claim of a deal in place. I’ve heard rumors regarding 8mil/year for five years. If this is the case please take it. If a deal is really in place, look for Schnieder to be in a trade package (maybe for Heatley).

Heatley has said that Vancouver is on his list of cities he would go to. Unfortunately, he’s not the person needing persuasion.

Gaborik has bought a house in West Van. This is correct. However, he may be purchasing it for strictly financial reasons. Real estate will probably increase in value post 2010. He also may just want a place for family/friends to stay while he is playing in the Olympics. Much like the situation with Demitra, it is more likely now that Marian will come here, than it was prior to his real estate purchase.

The Sedins, the Canucks have one week before these boys are gone. There are rumors of their rights being traded to NYI – prob not likely.

Ohlund – Pretty sure he his gone. Contract talks have not produced anything significant.

Gillis has expressed a desire to have Mats Return. Mats has indicated that he does not want to play in Vancouver for 2010, which means he is even less likely to play there for a season.

*Picture stolen with thanks to NHLPA.WORDPRESS.COM