126 Mill for 12 years?


Hank and Dank, just like your girlfriend, are looking for something long term and serious. They want 63 million each for 12 years. Thats roughly 5.25mil each a year or 10.5 a year for the pair. Fans in Vancouver are all mumbles and grumbles over this. By fans I mean the ten people who follow the Canucks from mid-june until April 12thish. Just like your situation at home, I think it might be time for something a little more long term. You’re not going to do any better.12 years from now the twins will be 40. That’s not a North American 40, thats a Swedish 40. Sundin is 38 but he is an anomaly and still didn’t put up a point a game.  If Mike Gillis thinks theses boys will be 80pt players at age 40 he’s f’n high. However, 5 mil is still a substantial discount. Brian Burke will be dropping some extreme offer on them come July 1st.

The Sedin’s are looking for a little quid pro quo. They know they are more than 5 mil players now, but are aware that they will be substantially less than 5 mil players in 2021. Since the economy has pulled a real Cloutier as of late, the increasing trend of cap limits has grown uncertain. If the cap increases over the next decade, then 5 million might not be all that bad when they are playing like Demitra in the next decade (sorry Pavol).

I think the Canucks have two routes to take:

(1) Ditch the Twins, trade Lou and suck it up for three sweet years, going for the first overall picks.


(2) Sign the Twins, resign Lou and look forward to quasi competitive hockey annually for the next 6 years.

As sick as it sounds, I like the prospect of sucking. It will lessen my wait time for season tickets, and maybe we can have back to back Calder candidates like Chicago.

However, the instant gratification nature of my ADD brain insists that we accept the Sedin’s offer and gamble on their future. If they really end up sucking in a couple years, we can run them out of town. This is Vancouver, we can run anyone out of town, ask Lou.

  • lj

    First off, the contracts will be significantly front loaded, meaning 8 million or so a year for the first 3 or 4 years and having a back end in the area of 2-3 million annually, the cap hit is the total contract divided by the term,
    Wearing my GM hat just as the season ended, I was prepared to offer them 10 years and 60 million so 12 at 63 sounds pretty nice.
    2 to 3 million a year at the end means they will be easier to move if a the Canucks become sellers by then, and just as easy to buy out with a minor cap it if they really start to Naslund it up.
    Second, if you think it would just take 3 years of garbage to turn this team around after running the Sedins and Lou out of town I think you sir are the one that is high. Chicago was garbage for a lot of years before their scouts managed to find consistant talent to select with their picks, the same goes for Pittsburgh. The Canucks scout team isn't exactly known for their keen eye at this point. Let's hope this current crop and next weeks picks prove me wrong.
    Finally, what number do you think Hodgson will wear next year seeing as Bernier is back and will have 18? I want to get my Jersey before the mad rush of people realize how amazing this kid is going to be.

  • lj

    @ Jeff: Hodgson will wear 19 if he has the balls to do it. If not maybe 81, 91, or 39.

    The more important question is which Moose jersey to buy for when they are in Abbotsford on the road.

    If the Canucks come in last, we won't need scouting staff for the first round. I don't think three years would turn the team around but three first overalls would surely help.

    I'd just rather start from scratch then come in 9th every year.

    In addition, Lou said tonight that he'll see what the Twins do before he thinks about resigning. AKA distraction from inevitable abandoning of ship.

  • lj

    You've gotta expect the twins to retire by 35 or so. They don't seem like the type to overstay their welcome, and I'm sure they'll be happy to quit skating at a mediocre level to spend their millions with their families by then. So, although the actual amount of cash paid out will be higher due to front-loading, think of it as a 7 year contract for 36 mil or so.
    Sounds like a bargain, even if for the final couple years they are Demitras.

  • lj

    Brian O'Neill wrote:

    @ Chris Whelan:
    We still take the cap hit for the whole contract if they retire. The only way is to trade them to get cap relief.

    I believe that only applies if the contract was signed after the player is 35, not if the player turns 35 during the duration of the contract.

  • lj

    @ kingsblade:
    If thats the case, then why not sign Luongo to 5 mil a year for 40 years and continue to pay it out after he retires, thereby avoiding a substantial cap hit?
    I think I read when DiPietro signed that gargantuan contract, that you cannot avoid the cap hit if he retires.

  • lj

    Brian O'Neill wrote:

    @ kingsblade:
    If thats the case, then why not sign Luongo to 5 mil a year for 40 years and continue to pay it out after he retires, thereby avoiding a substantial cap hit?
    I think I read when DiPietro signed that gargantuan contract, that you cannot avoid the cap hit if he retires.

    That's the point, you don't keep paying it out. That's why contracts like that are front loaded. What did you think was the point?

    The idea is that the player gets most of his money up front so that when he retires before it expires he doesn't leave a lot of money on the table while the team can maintain a lower cap hit by adding on the extra years.

    It's found in article 50.2 of the CBA in the section discussing what salary is to be counted:

    All Player Salary and Bonuses earned in a League Year by a Player who is in the second or later year of a multi-year SPC which was signed when the Player was age 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the League Year in which the SPC is to be effective), regardless of
    whether, or where, the Player is playing, except to the extent the Player is playing under his SPC in the minor leagues, in which case only the Player Salary and Bonuses in excess of $100,000 shall count towards the calculation of Actual Club Salary;

    Why do you think Detroit has Zetterberg signed through 20-21 at one million for each of the last 2 years? If his contract only ran 9 years his cap hit would be 7.5. With the extra 3 years his cap hit is just over six. The contract is purposely signed beyond his likely retirement so that he can come of the books but still get most of the money. If they wait until he is past 35 that is no longer an option.

    Think back to Neidermayer in Anaheim. Remember when he couldn't decide if he was coming back or not and Anaheim didn't want to use up the cap space so they would have room for him if he came back? Same idea. If he retired it wouldn't count.

    Is that clear enough yet or would you like to make further condescending asinine remarks?