PGDB #8 Game four.. take two.


[UPDATE: Salo will not be dressing tonight]

This game four is different to game four in the series previous. The Canucks were up 3-0 instead of a measly 2-1. Tonight the fans will find out if this series is destined for five or seven.

If the Nucks take game four, it’s time to loosen the belt, kick back, and relax. If the Hawks win, I highly reccomend a Rocky IV training montage. If Chicago ties the series up, I can assure you that this series will go to seven.

In the opening minutes of game three the Canucks looked terrible. They looked as the Hawks did in the third. Around seven minutes in the boys got their sea legs and started taking control of the game. They did not give the Hawks an inch; this payed great dividends as the Canucks took a 3-1 win back to their hotel rooms.

Salo didn’t practice yesterday which leaves him as a big question mark for today. Ossi Vaananen will most likely dress. He is a bit of a large liability out there. Right now, Ossi is good to help keep the D-men fresh but you won’t see him dealing with many Kane & Toews two on ones tonight.

The Blackhawks will be desperate and flying at 100 MPH tonight. If the Canucks play hard the Hawks will take one or two dumb penalties. The powerplay will be our best chance to score tonight (obvious). The Canucks need to get one early to suck the life out of da fans and subsequently daaa Hawks.