PGDB #6 – Can somebody please hit KANE?

"A Demonstration"
"A Demonstration"

The enslaught of terror that Patrick Kane rained down upon Luongo in the third could have been prevented with two easy steps: (1) Approach Patrick Kane and (2) lambaste him into the boards.

Patrick Kane, is good, nobody is denying it. However, he is a boy. He is young enough that if you hit him hard enough he will never touch the puck again.  For god sake, this is a player who cried when his coach got fired. His playoff beard is transparent. I want the Canucks to come out hitting tonight and I’m gonna tell you who I want to do it.

Mats, yes you, you are a giant hulk of a man. I saw you casually lower your shoulder in 2003 and put Brad May in a stretcher. We are paying you a shit ton of money and its time to pay up, in grotesque violence.

Shane O’Brien, you are the more likely candidate to hammer this guy. Where taking dumb penalties is your primary forte, you compensate with some well timed hits. The only way I want to see you in the box is through the glass on top of Kane.

Raymond, you, believe it or not are the juggernaut of this series. An unlikely gladiator, you lead the team in hits, keep this aggressive fire up as your aggression will built momentum. A ref is also less likely to call you for a charge or boarding because you match up better with Kane in the size department.

In all reality I don’t care who does it, but the next time Chicago turns it one, the Canucks need to turn them of with some grade A hulk smash into the boards style hockey. Oh, and boys, don’t feel it necessary to stop with Kane; Versteeg, Sharp, Toews, and the Glass Man Havlat could all use a little barrage of blood sweat and blue.

[In case you are wondering PGBD = “Playoff Game Day Blog”]

  • lj

    Maybe you should send the Canucks this memo. I thought the Hawks may run out of steam in this series (still possible I guess), but it looks like they've got no quit in them. Adam Burish has opened my eyes a plenty in these playoffs. I never realized he was as good or valuble as he is. Patrick Sharp is a stud-and-a-half, and Brent Seabrook & Duncan Keith make the Brian Campbell signing look somewhat silly (money that could've been better spent elsewhere, but oh well). Canucks are in tough this series. I thought Luongo would be the difference, but he wasn't last night. Still, anybodies series. I'm cheering for the Hawks, but think (thought) the Nucks would win. Not so sure anymore. GO HAWKS!

    On another note Canucks fan, it looks as though Markus Naslund is set to announce his retirement (reported by TSN's Darren Dreger).