New recruit…


When we started the Army, we didn’t want to be staffed with conscripts or people forced into these battles. We want true soldiers who care about the wars waged against the Canucks by other, lesser teams.

Like St. Louis, apparently.

With a little bit of legwork, we found ourselves a recruit for the Army we’re building. New to the blogging scene himself, this stalwart warrior has been just as amazed as most people at the Canucks’ success in this first playoff series (knock on wood). Below is an excerpt of his inteview…

Q: What is the best thing about this year’s Vancouver Canucks? What’s the worst thing?

The best – The fact that leaf fans are envious of us.

The worst – Shane O’Brien’s lack of self disclipline.

Q: What does it feel like to see the Canucks on a tear the way they have been against St Louis?

Confusing, As a long time Canucks fan, this is clearly unprecedented behavior for the team. I’m not complaining though.

My fellow soldiers, I’d like you to join me in welcoming our newest recruit, all the way from NucksHub: Brian O’Neill! O’Neill’s in Oklahoma finishing up his law degree, but will be back on the Lower Mainland come June. A hero’s welcome is in order. Read his first post here.