Well hello there


Thanks for stopping by. Care for a hot cocoa?

What if by hot cocoa we meant a website all about the Vancouver Canucks? But not your grandpappy’s kind of website. A website with all sorts of interesting conversation, a mix of familiar names and new ones as well as a color palette so pretty that the designer of the site remarked aloud “wow, this is the best one we have done so far!”

Yes, if that is your idea of hot cocoa the CanucksArmy is the site for you. See months ago we made this one site called oilersnation.com. It has gone on to bend the space-time continuum with astute commentary like

“The Oilers are so totally going to make the playoffs. Guaranteed. I’d stake my life on it.”

– Wanye Gretz, November 10, 2008 8:15 AM MST

“Like I have been saying all year, the Oilers have had no chance to make the playoffs since the puck dropped to start this season. If you have ever thought differently you are an idiot.”

– Wanye Gretz, April 8, 2009 8:15 AM MST

Amazingly this kind of in-depth analysis led to progressively larger and larger crowds. Real writers from the newspapers and personalities from the radio joined our merry band. Pictures got funnier, comments got dirtier. On February 1st we started a second site called FlamesNation.ca. It has rounded out quite nicely with the perpetual contributions of Two Line Pass, comin’ atcha live from the Boston Area and Kent W – who sighs intelligently after every goal against and blogs as though his eventual tenure at Yale depended on it.

You know what they say right? Good things happen in threes. Or is it wood things happen to trees? We can never remember sayings and jokes. They just don’t mesh in our brain banana.

But we are rambling –

“What is this website?” you are probably wondering.

The best thing about the internet

Is that it now exists in over 150 cities worldwide. While we sit around up there on the OilersNation and the FlamesNation jabbering away about making the playoffs (Calgary only) and firing every person collecting a cheque from team owner Daryl Katz (Edmonton only) we want to interact with the fans of all the other teams. Why should we have all the fun? Say the Canucks are lucky enough to beat the Flames. Say that game was last night. Say the score was 4-1. (These are purely hypothetical scenarios mind you.) Don’t you want a place where you can go online and rub salt in the proverbial wounds of Flames Fans?

That’s what we want these sites to be. And if we can continue to do a good job for fans such as yourself – yes you! – unlike the Oilers we just might have a shot at success. So consider this a place to have a few laughs, have a few good reads and a place to rep those Canucks whilst battling other fans with some rules of engagement.

It’s go time

Over the next few weeks we will be adding to our roster of writers on this site. Two guys are locked and loaded in the proverbial internet gun but we are keeping a sharp eye out for additional writers. Think you have what it takes? Are people always telling you to shut up? Are you sometimes talking about the Canucks?

Good enough for us. Welcome aboard. Let’s get you deloused and put in a holding cell shall we?

Now if you will excuse us, we have some complaining to do with our fellow Oilers fans. Something about a 2-1 loss to the lowly Los Angeles Kings last night to miss the playoffs.

Enjoy your playoffs you lucky sons of guns.

Sexily yours,
Wanye Gretz