The Pacific War Room

Nation World HQ
February 02 2016 07:00AM


In an effort to keep fans aware of the comings and goings of the other teams in the Smythe Pacific Division… The fine folks at The Royal Half have created the Pacific War Room… a wrap-up of the past week in the Pacific from some of the best and brightest bloggers who cover Pacific Division teams. In order of the Pacific Division standings… we present the Pacific War Room!

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Canucks to sign Alex Biega to 2-Year Extension

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 01 2016 06:22PM

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY SPORTS

Now that the party has passed, teams are using the final hours of the NHL All-Star break to take care of unfinished business. For the Vancouver Canucks, it seems, that unfinished business includes locking up one of their pending Unrestricted Free Agents. The team agreed to terms with Alex Biega this evening, signing him to a two-year contract extension.

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NHL All-Star Game Power Rankings

Grainne Downey
February 01 2016 03:00PM

The Canucks played one game this week (it was a loss) and no one cares how Alex Burrows and Matt Bartkowski spent their All-Star Breaks, so this week’s power rankings are about the things that do matter. I present to you the 2016 NHL All-Star Game Power rankings!

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CA Monday Mailbag: February 1st

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
February 01 2016 02:25PM


What a time to be alive. It's February, the skies are clear (both in Vancouver and in my home office thousands of kilometres away) and we got to see Daniel Sedin rip it up in the All-Star Game last night. It's all downhill from here though; there's rain this week, the Canucks are going to have to start playing again soon, and worst of all, you have to read my mailbag responses. Let's get it over with, shall we?

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Why the Canucks win not trading Horvat for Drouin

Ryan Biech
February 01 2016 11:00AM


Image courtesy the fantastic Matthew Henderson (follow him on twitter @mhenderon95)

Just a week ago J.D. Burke put together a piece arguing that the Canucks would win a hypothetical Bo Horvat for Jonathan Drouin trade. Using a series of statistical and qualitative points to state his case, Burke was so bold as to suggest the Canucks would come out on top.

For objectivities sake, I've taken it upon myself to present an argument to the contrary. Regardless where my allegiances lie, there's most definitely an argument to be made that the Canucks would be on the losing end of this deal. One I intend to make.

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