Canucks Army Post-Game: I've Got A Six Pack, And I Don't Need You

Jackson McDonald
January 07 2017 12:04AM

There's an old adage that says history is written by the winners. If we believe that to be true then the story of tonight's game was about a plucky group of misfits that white-knuckled their way into their sixth straight win, buoyed by great goaltending and sheer will. 

Make no mistake, this was not the case. The Canucks got manhandled tonight by the Flames, getting outshot 46-13. This was a game that had all the hallmarks of a 2012-13 leafs performance: get a little lucky, score a few quick goals, collapse, and hope your goalie bails you out. Luckily for them, that's exactly what Ryan Miller did tonight. 

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Chris Tanev Leaves Game with Injury

Vanessa Jang
January 06 2017 08:58PM

At the 7:03 mark of the first period vs. Calgary, Chris Tanev left the bench with an apparent upper-body injury.

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Utica Comets Weeks in Review: December 12th - 31st

Jeremy Davis
January 06 2017 04:00PM

Header Week 10

Photo Credit: Lindsay A. Mogle / Utica Comets

So I've taken a bit of a winter vacation when it comes to my duties as the Utica Comets correspondent, which makes that this issue is going to cover a three-week span in which the Comets played seven games. I'll condense bits here and there to try and prevent a feature that's already pretty wordy from getting too bloated.

Of interest over this period of time was the conditioning stint of Anton Rodin, who finally played his first professional regular season game in North American since 2013, after spending three seasons in his native Sweden.

Aside from that, Alex Grenier, Curtis Valk and Jordan Subban continued to put up some points, while Thatcher Demko struggled mightily and the Comets' losing streak hit nine games.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Halfway Home

Matthew Henderson
January 06 2017 03:00PM


The Canucks have reached the midway point of their season, taking on the Flames in Game 41 of the season tonight in Vancouver. The Canucks have actually performed better than must expected, compared to those who pegged them as a last-place team by a lot. However, stellar goaltending, great performances from Horvat, Baertschi and Granlund to mention a few, as well as some surprises on the back-end have kept the Canucks in more games than they expected. With that in mind, I asked our writers what their biggest take away from the season thus far was. Here are their answers.

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Babych Please - January 6th, 2017

Grainne Downey
January 06 2017 01:00PM


The Canucks are on a roll. You know what else goes on a roll? A hot dog. If you count a hot dog bun as a roll, which I do. Read on to catch up on the Hotdog Horvat saga, Sven Baertschi’s dancing abilities, and more.

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