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January 29 2012 11:33AM



It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings.

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Tim Thomas' Problem

Patrick Johnston
January 28 2012 12:44PM

Tim Thomas' week isn't what he thought it would be, apparently.
(Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images, via CBC)

Bruins' goalie Tim Thomas says he doesn't think he should be answering questions about why he didn't go to the White House. He says his teammates shouldn't be brought into the equation, nor should his family. On the latter point, he has this writer's support. Thomas' family life really nothing to do with this. On the rest, he's wrong.

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Wolf Prowl - January 27th, 2012

Patrick Johnston
January 27 2012 03:02PM

Eddie Lack models his nifty Cancer awareness jersey last Saturday.
(Chris Jerina/AHL in Photos)

The Wolves rolled into Abbotsford midweek and busted up their four-game losing streak with a pair of impressive wins over the Heat. Craig MacTavish juggled up some lines to positive effect. Now the Wolves get almost a week off, will they carry on with their recent good play?

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Cheers and Jeers - Jan 27

Cam Davie
January 27 2012 11:22AM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week, I give props to the Canucks and the Boston media (WHAT?!?!), while I give a (sad trombone) Honda Crosstour to Tim Thomas, Dave Hodge and the TEAM 1040.

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He Puzzled And He Puzzed

JP Nikota
January 27 2012 01:36AM

How many times have you been watching your team carry a lead, only to have the commentators announce that the opposing team has scored most of their goals in a later period? Listen, I get it; the talking heads on TV have to maintain a certain level of suspense. They can't very well say "It's looking pretty unlikely that this game takes a turn for the interesting." And although I love mythbusting when it comes to hockey, I will concede that sometimes narratives are more fun to build than reasonable arguments.

But, as any of you who are familiar with my work will already know full well, I'm never content to accept in-game narratives without some kind of verification. 

So what about teams that score more goals in the third period than any other? Are they successful? What about those teams that score most often early in the first? I took a look at 6 seasons' worth of data to check.

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