The case for Niclas Bergfors

Cam Charron
June 27 2011 02:40PM

If you're like me, you might have gone and looked through the list of forwards at Behind The Net to find a few of the guys who performed well with good Corsi and Fenwick numbers but did not produce much due to low shooting percentages. One of the names among the many that pops up is that of Niclas Bergfors.

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June 27 2011 12:48AM

Some problems on the Team 1260 end this week held up the file transfers to Nation Command this week. So gnash your teeth all you like, it isn't your ol' pal Wanye's fault that this didn't go live sooner. So here is what we have which includes the full podcast but there is no segment 7 for now.

Stay tuned for next week when Wanye makes a mistake preventing the NationRadio files from being uploaded sooner.

This is NationRadio.

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Westridge Elementary: The Spirit of the Canucks

Cam Davie
June 25 2011 12:06AM

A good friend of mine, Bryan Tesan, is a teacher at Westridge Elementary in Burnaby.

He and his entire school organized a day to heal and show true community spirit after the riots following Game 7.

Here's their story. And their amazing video. THEY are all Canucks.

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West Coast Power Shift

Kavi Lehdar
June 24 2011 03:08PM


 Don't worry, I've got it under control people. (Courtesy of

So in one (perhaps drunken) hour and a half, Paul Holmgren managed to flip the Philadelphia Flyers’ philosophy from “We don’t need a goalie to win the Cup”, to “We don’t need forwards to with the Cup”. Not bad for 90 minutes of work.

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Making sense of Paul Holmgren's trades

Cam Charron
June 24 2011 02:17PM



From a stand-alone perspective, trading Jeff Carter to Columbus is not a bad trade for the Philadelphia Flyers. Everything that happened afterwards is chaotic, as Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren laid his team's foundation and future through 2012 on a roulette table.

Where the Jeff Carter trade baffles me is that it meant more than a long contract for salary cap relief, a young roster player (Jakub Voracek) and a couple of picks, one of them #8 in a pretty decent draft. Philadelphia used all the long-term money they save on a piece that they may not have needed. An oft-repeated cliché is that  the Flyers were just a goalie away from the Stanley Cup. They haven't won one since Bernie Parent.

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