Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 09:03AM


Back in January, TSN had an article up on their website about Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis approaching the NHL to request a softer schedule. With the NHL schedule coming out yesterday, what has the result been?

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10 Most Important Games for the Canucks

Cam Davie
July 16 2009 01:37AM


On Wednesday, the NHL and the Vancouver Canucks released the schedule for the 2009-2010 season.

Normally, I would grouse about too many back-to-back games in cities that are too far apart. However the Canucks face a very unique scheduling issue this coming season - the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver. This year, the Canucks will embark on an unprecedented 14-game road trip, spanning 40 days and a 16 day hiatus for the Olympic games. Essentially this huge road trip is an 8-game road trip, then a 16 day break (for all non-Olympic participants) then another 6-game road trip.

With all that being said, here is my view on the Top 10 most important games of this coming season for the Vancouver Canucks.

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Class is always in

Robin Brownlee
July 11 2009 12:48AM

The name Joe Sakic and the word "class" have appeared in the same sentence countless times since Burnaby Joe's retirement announcement on Thursday. In this case, the term doesn't begin to describe him. It's an understatement.

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State of the Franchise

Cam Davie
July 09 2009 10:52PM


The Vancouver Canucks hosted their 2009 "State of the Franchise" event Thursday evening, bringing in season ticket holders and invited guests to get a look inside the Canucks management team and insight into their thoughts on the state of the club.

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Northwest Division Goaltenders Vs. Average

Jonathan Willis
July 09 2009 08:44AM


What kind of player is a league-average goaltender? How do goaltenders in the Northwest Division stack up?

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