Around the league - Nov 19, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 19 2009 11:28AM

Watching the Oilers, Flames and Canucks play in places like Long Island, Atlanta, Tampa and Columbus and then seeing the highlights in many other American cities, it is clear that fans aren’t filling buildings. What can the NHL do?

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Quarter Pole Results: Ranking the Army

Cam Davie
November 18 2009 11:14PM

The Vancouver Canucks have finished one quarter of their season so far. Canucks Army looks at the play of the individual Canucks players and how they have fared against our lofty expectations.
Given the number of injuries and call-ups, we'll look at the players who played at least 5 games. That just so happens to equal a 23-man roster. So by popular demand (and by that, we mean that two of you asked for it!) here is how Canucks Army rates your Vancouver Canucks.

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First Star, Worst Star: Youtube Edition

November 18 2009 04:21PM

Well, well, well. It appears to me that with Wanye hiding out from the law in parts unknown, that I've officially become the 6th coolest writer on this website. Take that my entire 8th grade class who refused to sign my yearbook! Who's the loser now? *Still me*

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Canucks at the Quarter-Pole

Cam Davie
November 16 2009 01:53PM


The Vancouver Canucks have played through one quarter of their season so far. While there have been some nice surprises, there have been more unpleasant ones. Their season can be summed thus far as: Full of injuries, lacklustre team defence and some noticeable absences from the scoresheet.

For me, the biggest reason for the Canucks lack of overall success so far originates at the blueline.

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Around the league - Nov 12, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 12 2009 10:53AM

After a hot start, scoring has leveled off, and right now only six players are on pace for 100+ points. Anze Kopitar is on fire and on pace for 129, however, no one has tallied that many since 1996 when Mario Lemieux had 161 and Jaromir Jagr finished with 149. It is doubtful he can keep up this pace.

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