Jason Gregor
March 10 2011 11:31AM

The Zdeno Chara hit has sent the country, okay, mainly a few politicians, an airline, an entire province and now the Police, into a frenzy. It was seven years ago this past Tuesday that Todd Bertuzzi jumped Steve Moore and the reaction wasn't close to the emotional outcry that we are witnessing right now.

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Pull the Ryp Cord

Cam Davie
March 09 2011 09:19AM

Yesterday, we saw the public re-emergence of Canucks centre Rick Rypien, after a lengthy absence. Rypien, by all accounts, looked and sounded healthier and said it was the best he'd ever felt about hockey. 

Unfortunately, I think it's time for the Canucks to pull the cord on Rypien. They simply don't need him, and the Canucks are a better team without him.

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Your knees are getting weak: Canucks & Coyotes

Yankee Canuck
March 08 2011 06:08PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Phoenix Coyotes

 6:00 PM PST

'Yotes   Canucks
34 Wins 42
23 Losses 16
10 OTL 9
2.79 (12th) Goals/Game 3.18 (3rd)
2.84 (17th) Goals Against/Game 2.24 (1st)
16.2% (23rd) PP 23.8% (2nd)
77.9% (27th) PK 86.6% (2nd)

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GDR #68 - Canucks @ Coyotes

Cam Davie
March 08 2011 10:30AM

Ok, Keith. Now do that AGAINST Phoenix. (Photo by Nick Didlick/Getty Images North America)

Game Day Recon #68 - Canucks @ Coyotes

The Vancouver Canucks finally won 2 games in row, as they swept their back-to-back games in Southern California. It was almost a month to the day from their last back-to-back wins, a five-game winning streak which ended February 7th. The Canucks look to keep their winning streak going on this road trip, as they travel to desert to face the Phoenix Coyotes.

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Confidence Decoy: Canucks & Ducks

Yankee Canuck
March 06 2011 05:23PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Anaheim Ducks

 5:00 PM PST

Ducks   Canucks
35 Wins 41
25 Losses 16
5 OTL 9
2.74 (T-13th) Goals/Game 3.18 (4th)
2.89 (20th) Goals Against/Game 2.27 (2nd)
22.4% (3rd) PP 23.7% (3rd)
80.7% (23rd) PK 86.4% (2nd)

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