Headshots September 12th

Thomas Drance
September 12 2011 02:50PM

Meet Dave Trolland, the hurtful and hilarious creation of the gaping ass-holes funny dudes at Blackhawksdl.com. Obviously those guys need to spend a minute, however, and google search "Stanley Cup Vancouver Millionaires" or "Grey Cup BC Lions" - because though the Canucks may be "championship virgins" - the city of Vancouver, is not. 

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Bouncing Back

Thomas Drance
September 12 2011 01:58PM

Today the Canucks prospects will lick their wounds after a 7-2 butt-kicking at the hands of Anton Lander and the Edmonton Oilers prospects, and prepare for game two of the young-stars tourney. Later this afternoon (4PM PST) the Canucks rookie's will face-off against the prospects from the Calgary Flames organization - who themselves are coming off a tough 6-1 loss to the collection of young-stars/future chokers from the San Jose Sharks. Tonight's game will be televised on RSN, and will also be live streamed at canucks.nhl.com.

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There shouldn't be fighting in prospect games

Cam Charron
September 12 2011 10:52AM



The scene: After a hard-fought prospects game at one of the many preseason tournaments sprouting up across North America, a progressive coach brings a player into his office to discuss the fighting major the player earned the night before in the second period of a 5-1 hockey game.

"Oh, hey, it's good to see you showed up. I wanted to call you in here with regards to that fight that you had last night in our prospects game.

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Prospects Tourney Game 1 Review

Thomas Drance
September 11 2011 11:35PM

Image courtesy canucks.nhl.com.

The game started out well enough, the gameplay was sloppy, but the Canucks looked to be holding their own against a much deeper Oilers prospects squad. When the wheels fell off in the second period, the Oil's prospects quickly scored six goals and outshot the Canucks prospects by an 18-5 mark in the frame. 

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Young Stars Tournament Preview

Thomas Drance
September 11 2011 03:41PM

There will be live hockey in about five hours time featuring several guys who are dark-horse candidates to make the Canucks main roster out of training camp. Hockey in some form is back - and this evening the Canucks hosted "Young Stars Tournament" will kick-off.

Two Canucks "young stars" games will be televised on Rogers Sportsnet - including tonight's tilt against Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the Edmonton Oilers prospects. The games will also be live-streamed at canucks.nhl.com. Though the long, sad summer isn't over yet - and despite the fact that most reasonable people don't get all that excited about a Oilers-Canucks prospects game - hockey is gearing up, and that's a good thing. Here is a preview of the Canucks young-stars tourney roster, their opponents, the schedule, and what to look for.

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