Around the League - Playoff Edition - Wk 1

Jason Gregor
April 22 2010 08:53PM

The first week of the playoffs has been awesome. Every series has been entertaining, fast-paced and as usual upsets are looming. One of the biggest battles is off the ice rather than on it.

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What's The Last Thing You Remember?

Kristian Urstad
April 22 2010 02:51PM

Three-dimensional maze

Last night I felt a little like Christopher Nolan in the film Memento. I felt I was afflicted with a kind of short-term amnesia, unable to store new memories, and so to put everything together, to make sense of it all.

So strange was it, that not even in retrospect, with the benefit of hindsight, can any kind of coherent narrative be ascribed to this game.

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GDRC Gm 4 - Canucks @ Kings

Cam Davie
April 21 2010 09:45AM

As Al Davis once said, "Just win, baby!"

The Vancouver Canucks look to rebound from a deflating effort on Monday and even the series at 2-2, as they play the Los Angeles Kings in Game 4 of their best-of-seven series tonight at Staples Center.

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Becoming Edler

Kristian Urstad
April 19 2010 02:17PM

Vancouver Canucks v Los Angeles Kings

“Become who you are” – this was Nietzsche’s slogan for the idea that we as individuals have the ability to create and choose out of what we have to work with. We are all born like a piece of clay that already has its unique shape, and it is up to us to do the best we can to sculpt ourselves from it.

After watching Alex Edler in Game One, I was both astonished at just how much original material he has to work with and dismayed by how rarely and how inconsistently he puts it all to use.

He was an all-around force in that first game, excelling in all parts of the game. For 60 minutes, he had fashioned himself into a near perfect defenseman – a work of art on the ice.

It’s scary to think what all that potential could amount to if it was actualized game in and game out. Let’s hope he takes counsel of Nietzsche’s advice and gives us all something unique to admire for years to come.      

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Italian Stallion

Stephen Webb
April 19 2010 12:42PM

Los Angeles Kings' Halpern runs into Canucks goalie Luongo during their NHL Western Conference quarter-final hockey game in Vancouver

Alright, so, the Canucks lost the last game. Everyone saw it, we all know the Canucks were the better team, so no need to get to worried. Plus if the lineup gets the expected Alberts-ectomy, that should take away the powerplays that give the Kings their only chance at scoring. More important than any lineup change has been the change in Roberto Luongo.

For a while it was a verboten topic. Luongo had lost his confidence. People didn't want to admit it, but the fans, even his most ardent, die-hard supporters, had lost a little faith. With voices cracking, we'd say to ourselves "When it matters, he'll be there" or "just wait for the playoffs, he'll turn it around."  I was skeptical, dubious and any other adjective that shows doubt, but.......

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