Jordan Schroeder called back up from Chicago

Patrick Johnston
March 18 2013 10:44AM


The young fella's on his way back.

Following Saturday's loss of David Booth and the news that Zack Kassian is battling a wonky back, it was painfully obvious that, barring some trade-based miracle, the Canucks would be recalling a forward from Chicago.

There weren't many options to be had.

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Can Nicklas Jensen help the Canucks this season?

Thomas Drance
March 17 2013 06:17PM

Nicklas Jensen celebrates a goal with Chris Tanev during the 2011-12 preseason.

In the first period of Saturday night's loss to the Red Wings, David Booth came up lame out of a scrum along the endboards. Following the game, Booth was seen leaving Rogers Arena on crutches. We'll know more when the results of his MRI on Monday become public, but it's safe to assume that he'll be out of the lineup for at least a couple of weeks and quite probably longer.

With their divisive, play-driving powerforward and shooting percentage outlier likely back on the shelf and Zack Kassian battling a back ailment that kept him out of the lineup on Saturday, the Canucks will presumably need to call-up a forward from the Chicago Wolves ahead of Monday nights game against the Minnesota Wild. Should that player be Nicklas Jensen, the Danish sniper who has flashed the potential to find holes in opposing goaltenders this season in addition to finding loopholes in the NHL-CHL transfer agreement?

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Canucks dumped by Red Wings, Hockey Gods in Marquee Matchup

Thomas Drance
March 17 2013 02:04PM

That's what you get for wearing a hockey uniform that includes khaki shorts, I guess.
Photo credit: Jeff Vinnick via Getty/NHLI

On Saturday night the Canucks wore their new Millionaires jerseys in a much anticipated game against the Red Wings. While Pavel Bure's number wasn't retired as some in the media reported it might be, this was still the signature game of the regular season for the Canucks and they came prepared scoring just six seconds into the game and putting together probably their best single period of the year in the first period. 

It all fell apart from there, especially in the first ten minutes of the third period as the Canucks ultimately lost 5-2 to the Red Wings.

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Breaking Down Mason Raymond's Clapper

Jeff Angus
March 16 2013 01:11PM


Mason Raymond has arguably been the most consistent and most effective Vancouver forward in 2013. His struggles last season are now firmly in the rearview mirror. Raymond is playing with a lot of confidence right now, and Thursday night's goal against the Predators was a great example of that.

I wrote on Raymond's resurgence over at last week (and you can read that here). Essentially, the point I was trying to make was that Raymond needed a year to fully recover from a broken back, and that he has quietly developed into a very effective two-way winger.

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Dead Man Coaching

Graphic Comments
March 16 2013 10:23AM

Dead man coaching

It's surely only a matter of time.

Sure, the Canucks have managed to string a couple of wins together, but for the fervent miltitude of Canucks fans who seem content only in complaining, Alain Vigneault has got to go. For this angry mob of judge, jury and would-be executioners, Alain Vigneault is the one thing holding this team back from competing for the Cup. I guess I forgot that he played the right side on defense. The fact he hasn't inserted himself in the line-up is just another example of his poor personnel decisions, to go with his poor record on strategic innovation and a poor in-game tactics.

For these heinous crimes against humanity inanity, he sits on death row, waiting for the inevitable day of reckoning. It doesn't help that any time the chants to #fireAV start up, Vigneault can be heard muttering, "Let them eat throat lozenges."

So while Vigneault may have won himself a short reprieve, you can be sure that a full pardon from the Governor won't be coming any time soon. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just picture Tony Gallagher with an eye patch.

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