Canucks Fans Back in Familiar Territory

Brian O'Neill
May 03 2009 09:38AM


Seems like things are back to the status quo. Things were getting a little too quiet, when the Canucks went eight in a row. Last night, well, the last time I saw men get dominated that much by young boys was when I last watched 3 Ninjas.

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PGDB #6 - Can somebody please hit KANE?

Brian O'Neill
May 02 2009 11:37AM

[caption id="attachment_11484" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption=""A Demonstration""]"A Demonstration"[/caption]

The enslaught of terror that Patrick Kane rained down upon Luongo in the third could have been prevented with two easy steps: (1) Approach Patrick Kane and (2) lambaste him into the boards.

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Game 1 - Goal by Goal

Brian O'Neill
May 01 2009 05:59PM


In case you had a late shift last night and couldn't watch the game, or alternatively, if you are a poser and want to sound like you watched the game, here's a brief review.

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UFA Options: Calgary Flames

Jonathan Willis
May 01 2009 12:20AM

Flames  Cammalleri Hockey

UFA Options is a continuing series that gives a brief run-down of the unrestricted free agent market this summer, team-by-team. Our next team for consideration is the Calgary Flames.

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PGDB #5: Luongo, Cox, and the Blackhawks

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2009 07:17PM


With the vast majority of commentators focusing on the bad blood between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks prior to tonight's game (aftermath pictured above), Damien Cox of the Toronto Star decided to focus on something else entirely (also pictured above).

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