Does The Presidents’ Trophy Matter?

Jonathan Willis
April 23 2012 10:44AM

For two years in a row, the Vancouver Canucks have been the best regular season team in the NHL. Also for two seasons in a row, the Vancouver Canucks have not been the best post-season team in the NHL.

Given the latter, does the former matter?

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Nation Radio - April 21, 2012

April 22 2012 01:02PM

Aside from the St. Louis Blues who are now home and dry, pretty much all of the favorites heading into the playoffs are on the ropes. It's been a wacky post-season for fans of playoff teams. Luckily the Flames, Leafs and Oilers faithful don't have to deal with such stress - all that's left for them is to sit back, await the draft and continue to pray for a Canucks first round upset (sorry Canucks fans).

This week on program we welcomed draft gurus Corey Pronman and Kirk Luedeke to talk prospects, as well Nation regulars Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis to get a feel for the Flames and Oilers off-season.

This is Nation Radio.

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Western Conference Quarter Final Game 5 Preview

Thomas Drance
April 22 2012 09:01AM

Banner courtesy theyslayedthedragon.

The Canucks are coming off of their belated first win of the postseason, way back on Wednesday night. That feels like ages ago, doesn't it? Now that Chris Martin and his merry band or love-songster have cleared out of Rogers Arena, the games can recommence. On Sunday night the Canucks will try to make like the Bee Gees and stay alive in their preliminary round series against the Los Angeles Kings.

In game four the Canucks were buoyed by the return of leading scorer Daniel Sedin, and the calm competence of Cory Schneider - who has been excellent in his two starts so far this postseason. The club is still in a significant hole, down three games to one in the series and facing elimination, but there is some cause for optimism. The steadying presence of Schneider, the apparently rejuvenated power-play and Samme Pahlsson's ability in game four to legitimately contain Anze Kopitar's line is a winning recipe. Can the Canucks fend off the Kings and prolong their season Sunday night? That's the big question.

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Anatomy of a goal - Edler's game 4 goal

Patrick Johnston
April 21 2012 01:44PM

So how, exactly, did this remarkable thing happen?

Alex Edler's goal on Wednesday was a perfect example of what the Canucks had not been doing on the power play: quick puck movement and quick shots through the Kings' defence.

Click past the jump for a frame-by-frame breakdown of how Edler's goal happened.

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Playoff Fever

Marda Miller
April 21 2012 10:41AM


There is something thrilling about playoff hockey and being a fan at this time of year is extremely fun. As long as your team has a.) made the playoffs and b.) is winning more games than they lose. It guarantees to be an intense and emotional ride, though the duration of your team staying in it is never certain. Sometimes it is terrifying. The stress (you know who doesn’t stress? Batman), the sleepless nights, the superstitions (such as needing to wear the same clothing combination each game day!) As a Canucks fan, my stress levels are at an all time high right now. But at least I know I am not alone in this.

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