Kick 'em when they're down: Canucks & Blues

Yankee Canuck
December 05 2010 06:38PM


St. Louis Blues @ Vancouver Canucks

6:00 PM PST

Blues   Canucks
12 Wins 14
9 Losses 7
4 OTL 3
2.44 (23rd) Goals/Game 3.25 (4th)
2.72 (14th) Goals Against/Game 2.46 (6th)
13.1% (26th) PP 26.1% (1st)
80.6% (23rd) PK 87.9% (3rd)

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Laugh at your problems, everybody else does: Canucks & Hawks

Yankee Canuck
December 03 2010 05:45PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Chicago Blackhawks

5:30 PM PST

Hawks   Canucks
14 Wins 13
11 Losses 7
2 OTL 3
3.11 (7th) Goals/Game 3.26(5th)
2.89 (20th) Goals Against/Game 2.56 (8th)
23.7% (5th) PP 26.4% (1st)
79.4% (24th) PK 87.4% (3rd)

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GDR #24 - Canucks @ Blackhawks

Cam Davie
December 03 2010 12:03PM

This was the Canucks after last week's game at home to Chicago.

Game Day Recon #24 - Canucks @ Blackhawks

The Vancouver Canucks are looking to redeem themselves against the defending Stanley Cup champions, after the champs came into their barn and spanked them silly.

Don't let anyone tell you different - this is a huge statement game for the Canucks. Can they rebound against their nemesis? Can they return the favour and administer a similar whooping?

Uh..... well....

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Toronto/Vancouver Scoring Chances (Game 20235)

Yankee Canuck
December 02 2010 08:00PM

A few weeks ago Vancouver traveled to Toronto to play their only game at the ACC this season. After spotting the Leafs two goals, Vancouver stormed back but needed an innocent long shot by Mason Raymond to fool J.S. Giguere for the win.

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Vancouver's Kryptonite

Cam Davie
December 02 2010 11:17AM

The Canucks have all elements of their game rolling right now. They have four lines working for 60 minutes. Both their PP and their PK are in the top 4 in the league. They are dominating the faceoff circle. Specifically in their last three games, they have outscored their opponents 17-5. In these games, the defense has been mostly poised with the puck, making simple plays and moving the puck up ice quickly.

So the question is... Why the hell can't they do this against Chicago?

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