National Commentator Implies “Danes And Swedes” Are To Blame For Vancouver’s Problems

Jonathan Willis
October 21 2011 03:25PM

Mark Spector’s piece on Sportsnet ripping into Canucks fans for their heinous treatment of Roberto Luongo was flawed on many levels. Aside from the obvious and basic problem – that Spector takes an entire fan-base, melds them into one, and then explains why he and the rest of the country are laughing at them is obviously flawed – I was struck by Spector’s wildly inaccurate and vaguely racist implication that Vancouver’s problems are the result of drafting too many Europeans.

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Cheers and Jeers - Oct 21

Cam Davie
October 21 2011 02:21PM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

We start with hate for Lu, love for Ryp, and what the hell is up with a 1 PM start ?!

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Through The Looking Glass - Week Two

Yankee Canuck
October 21 2011 01:06PM


A lot can happen during 60 minutes of battle night in and night out, so every week Canucks Army will bring you a quick player assessment: who is are doing well enough that you should slap their names on the back of your $250 jersey, who's been so bad they should be jettisoned down to the Wolves before you reach the end of this sentence and the guys caught in the murky middle, giving you just enough good to make it palatable to ignore the bloody awful.

This week we celebrate two guys who had their own luxury suites in AV's doghouse last season while casting a shameful eye at a pair of slumping wingers (there's a more than slight chance you can guess who one of them is).

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Tales of Truth: So you want a new goalie?

Patrick Johnston
October 21 2011 09:52AM

Remember when we had goalies like this? 

Unhappy with Roberto Luongo? Perhaps we should go back and remind ourselves first of where we've been. One of the best rugby coaches I've ever worked with, Kevin Elliott, has a great saying he tells his players which goes along the lines of 'perfection is impossible but excellence is achievable.' In other words, is this the best we can do? Well, let's have a look at non-Luongo Canucks goalies of the recent past...

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Hey Roberto, Embrace The Hate

Cam Davie
October 21 2011 09:29AM

Bobby Lu, I got your back.
And I got a few tips for you to bring you to the promised land.
(Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

Far be it for me to give advice to an Olympic gold medalist, warrior-poet and perennial Vezina nominee, but I have a suggestion. You see, Vancouver is a goalie graveyard. It always has been and it probably always will be. There is a growing sentiment in this hockey-mad town that fans don't like you. They don't appreciate you. They don't value you. They don't want to see you as the Canucks #1 goaltender.

But you don't need to cave under the pressure. You don't need to ask for a trade. And you shouldn't pay any mind to the detractors.

To quote Colonel Ludlow, "Screw'm! Screw'm all!". My friend, there is only one solution:

Say it with me now, "Embrace the Hate."

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