Look, NHL, we have to talk...

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October 02 2013 03:32PM

Them's fighting words.

Ok, NHL, it's time we had the talk.

No, not THAT talk, although it is about clearing up some myths about protection.

No, it's time we had a talk about the role of fighting and violence in hockey. As in, why is there one?

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The Manny Malhotra Ideal

Cam Charron
October 02 2013 11:46AM

The Canucks' third-line centre spot is notably bare. As Thom noted on Twitter, there are a lot of players that fit the third-line centre role very well in expiring deals. While I haven't checked to see exactly who these players are, a couple of names that come to mind are Jay McClement and Tom Pyatt, reasonable players that could fit a third-line role effectively.

This is all in sort of this attempt to recreate the Manny Malhotra Ideal. Malhotra had an excellent 2011 season and the only time Mike Gillis has made a move at the deadline is to upgrade his team's primary defensive centreman, in 2012 with Samme Pahlsson and again in 2013 with Derek Roy.

I think there's a misconception as to what Malhotra did in 2011.

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Brian Sutherby
October 01 2013 10:55AM


The Nation Network is proud to officially announce an agreement to purchase DailyFaceoff.com, a leading fantasy hockey resource. Network traffic is expected to double to 30 million visitors and 75 million page views annually in the next 12 months as result. 

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Canucks 2013-14 Season Preview: Defencemen

Cam Charron
October 01 2013 10:04AM

Our forward preview went up a little earlier Monday, as we struggle as bloggers to get a sense of what the team is doing, with who, and why. It will take about three or four games for us to really get a sense of the kind of systems and means of lineup deployment that the Vancouver Canucks are running with, but we can provide moderately educated guesses.

Below lies an exhaustive look at the defence and potential combinations, the top six being a holdover from the previous season, you wouldn't expect much to change, but then the Canucks went out and brought in the coach with the most radical defensive deployment in the National Hockey League.

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Brian Sutherby
September 30 2013 05:57PM

I have been thrust in charge of most things Streakcred because I’m the person around here that likes to win every useless thing in the world and I’m quite proud of it. With a mantle full of fishing titles and fantasy sports trophies I set out to dominate this year’s Streakcred. I’ve trained long and hard for this.

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