Luongo Would Waive his NTC if Asked

Thomas Drance
April 24 2012 02:53PM

It looks like Luongo's waiving goodbye, but he's just calling for a towel.
Still this photo makes me sad.

In his end of year presser today, Mike Gillis notably dodged questions about the status of head coach Alain Vigneault. He refused time and time again to be pinned down, and avoided giving an explicit answer. The other topic he avoided answering explicitly? What he'll do to solve Vancouver's log-jam between the pipes.

In his press conference, Gillis waffled, and seemed to leave the door open to the prospect of returning both goaltenders next season. When the players met with the press, however, Luongo's choice of words and tone belied the reality that the team is likely to try and move him over the course of this summer.

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Gillis, Hodgson and Advanced Stats

Thomas Drance
April 24 2012 01:47PM

We've long suspected that Mike Gillis and the Canucks use advanced metrics when making personnel decisions. Certainly they're up on the importance of zone-starts, that much is clear from the way the team deploys, but throughout this season they've openly discussed stuff like scoring chances while writing off the utility of plus/minus. We now think that the team looks to acquire players who demonstrably suppress shooting percentage, and based on the way Raymond has been deployed the past couple of seasons, and the acquisition of players like David Booth and Chris Higgins - there's suggestive evidence that the Canucks pay attention to possession numbers, and the idea of acquiring players who "drive play."

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Gillis Defends Vigneault's Record, Ducks Questions on His Status

Thomas Drance
April 24 2012 12:45PM

Gillis' season ending Press Conference was chock full of discussion fodder. Hockey fans in Boston will doubtlessly mock his assertion that the team never got their emotional edge back after beating the Bruins in January, fans in Columbus will react defensively to his shot across their bow, and I'm sure Sabres fans are readying their defenses of Hodgson's personality.

Gillis also gave several tantalizing answers to some big questions about what happened with the Canucks since the trade deadline. Certainly we know more about the motivations behind the Hodgson trade, and it's pretty apparent from Gillis' comments as well, that he wants to stay with the organization and continue down this road (something that wasn't so clear earlier this morning). Perhaps Gillis' most interesting comments, however, were the ones he largely refused to give, specifically on the status of Alain Vigneault.

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What's Next?

Thomas Drance
April 24 2012 09:52AM

On Tuesday morning, Mike Gillis will address the Vancouver media for his season ending press conference. It will mark the first time in his tenure as General Manager of the Canucks, and Team President (also Warden of the West, presumably) that he'll meet the media to discuss the demise of another Canucks season, this early in the Spring. Gillis will speak at 10am PST, the players will meet the press at 10:30am PST. Alain Vigneault, the coach on the hot seat, will notably not join the General Manager or the roster he put together to face the tough questions - that'll happen sometime later in the week. Read into that what you will.

Most Canucks fans, and certainly the team itself, expected Vancouver's club to contend this season. But five games into the postseason and the Canucks Stanley Cup "run" (stumble?) was already over. Fans are angry and want change, many in the media and in the fan-base are calling for Vigneault's head and indisputably, Mike Gillis' reputation has taken a serious hit. 

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Schneider and Luongo; Just the stats, sir

Cam Charron
April 23 2012 05:03PM

What follows is a dry look at two goaltenders for the Vancouver Canucks this season.

In no way am I claiming that any of the following information is predictive. All I can tell you is that it is reliable, and takes into account both Canucks' goaltenders over 87 games this season.

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