Coyotes offered a RIM job

May 06 2009 10:28AM


If you are just waking from a 24 hour doctor-induced coma, you will be surprised to learn that Research in Motion Founder Jim Balsillie has continued in his quest to bring an NHL team to Canada – this time making an offer for the Phoenix Coyotes.

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Game 3 - It's so good when it hits your lips.

Brian O'Neill
May 05 2009 09:20PM


In NBA Jam fashion, I shall exclaim BOOMSHAKALAKA as I celebrate the Canucks full Jovi recovery this evening. The Canucks took a 3-0 lead and didn't blow it. According to Grapes it's all thanks to Trevor (Trevor?) Pyatt.

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PGDB #7 - Prepare for a Snoozer

Brian O'Neill
May 05 2009 04:01PM


The Canucks are in quite a pickle. This game sets the tone for the rest of the series. The last thing the boys in blue need is a 2-1 deficit going into game four.

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Playoff Memories (Updated)

Jonathan Willis
May 04 2009 01:29PM

The alternate title for this article is: the day Mike Brophy went crazy. In his column today, Brophy suggests a radical change to playoff hockey (though he says it isn’t radically) – add 4-on-4 overtime if the score is tied after a single period of overtime hockey.

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[Breaking News] - Naslund Set to Retire

Brian O'Neill
May 03 2009 11:25AM


The word on the street is that Nazzy is hanging 'em up. Hopefully this december 19th there is a Markus Naslund night. I look forward to being able to wear my Nazzy jersey(s) with pride.

Thanks for everything Markus, we wish you the best.

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