Six Years or Less to Contend

Cam Davie
September 04 2009 02:30PM


There was some worry around Vancouver over the length of new contract extension signed by Roberto Luongo. Some said that it was too long, and that the Canucks were married to Luongo for better or worse with no ability to move him. However, we learn now that there are clauses in Luongo's contract that benefit both him and the Canucks and give both parties a way out.

This creates only one thing - a specific window of opportunity for the Vancouver Canucks to be a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup.

So, can they do it?

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The Hollow Men behind the NHLPA coup

Ryan Lambert
September 04 2009 02:12PM


Obviously the turmoil within the Players Association is going to cause a lot of trouble down the road. A lot. A real damn lot. And while it's understandable that most hockey fans are sitting at their computers reading the latest developments with a growing sense of dread that the current CBA will run out and the players will go on strike and effectively kill the league at best, and the sport at worst.

At least we're getting a hell of a show before the league goes all Manhattan Project.

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The Stage For The Next Labour War?

Jonathan Willis
September 03 2009 01:01PM

In the wake of the firing of Paul Kelly by the NHLPA executive board, Michael Russo of the Star Tribune interviewed the player representative for the Minnesota Wild to find out why. While Nick Schultz wasn’t overly forthcoming about the reasons for Kelly’s dismissal, he did identify the issue which will likely be the key battleground between the owners and the players when the current CBA expires.

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Roberto Luongo for Life

Cam Davie
September 02 2009 11:46AM


The Vancouver Canucks announced today that they signed all-star goaltender Roberto Luongo to a 12-year contract extension. The contract is value at $63-$64 million.

The Canucks now have their first real franchise goalie. And there was much rejoicing...

So what does this all mean, and what is the next step for Mike Gillis?

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12 years Luonger.

Brian O'Neill
September 02 2009 10:12AM


The Canucks have  signed Lou for 12 more years at $64 Million. This would keep his salary at 5.33 mil in terms of the Cap a season. I'm not a capologist but, If the extension is considered this year, the Canucks have freed up that 2 million. However, that does mean that Luongo will be on the payroll until he's 42 (at approximately 10% cap hit). Regardless, I'm still pretty Steve Nash fired up! [UPDATE: turns out extension does not affect this years cap hit.]

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