GDRC Gm 6 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
May 11 2010 10:58AM

Can the Canucks do what the Canadiens did last night and MAKE IT SEVEN?

The Vancouver Canucks staved off elimination in Game 5, but face the same fate tonight as they host the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 6. This time, the Canucks play the Blackhawks at home, where they have not fared well against Chicago. To stay alive, they'll have to reverse that trend.

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It's Not Over Yet

James C Edgington
May 08 2010 08:26AM

Vancouver Canucks celebrate goal against Chicago Blackhawks during their NHL Western semi final hockey game in Chicago

After a 7-4 defeat at the hands of the Blackhawks, the Canucks headache is getting worse. Will the dark cloud looming over Canuck nation finally blow away?

Vancouver have certainly put themselves in a very difficult position, but a comeback is still possible, with a win tomorrow night the tables can be turned, the battle is not over its only just begun. If your feeling like the season is reaching its course remember what enabled the boys in blue to reach the playoffs in the first place. Perhaps a little song will improve your mood?

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Around the League - Playoff Edition - Wk 3

Jason Gregor
May 06 2010 10:26AM

The onus to produce and win in the playoffs is immense. Produce and a player will be revered amongst fans and media, but if a player can’t produce in the “real” season he will be chastised mercilessly.

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Canada's Team?

Stephen Webb
May 05 2010 12:56PM

A maple leaf celebrating Canada Day

While probably wearing his vintage blue and green Canadian Alliance pajamas, Conservative MP James Moore declared on his twitter page "The Canucks are Canada's team in these playoffs". Now putting aside the obvious fact that there's another team that just happens to be subtly named after the people of our country, Moore's premise of one Canadian NHL team that the whole country can get behind just isn't gonna fly.

Don't get me wrong, there's a certain kind of logic to the argument. We should be hoping for a Canadian team to win because their fans will fully appreciate it, at least they'll care. The NHL's been lucky the last couple of times getting Pittsburgh and Detroit as Cup winners, cities where hockey actually matters, but we have ended up in places like Carolina and Tampa Bay. I bet you a shiny new loonie (luckily for Canadian teams, now actually worth something) that if I went down to Raleigh and while being piggy-backed by Cam Ward, conducted a random, on the street survey about their beloved Cup champs , I'd get more punches in the face than I would any sort of acknowledgement of their gloried hockey history.

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GDRC Gm 3 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
May 05 2010 10:18AM

Vancouver Canucks celebrate goal against Chicago Blackhawks during their NHL Western semi final hockey game in Chicago
Break free, Sedins. Break free from the shackles that bind you!

The Vancouver Canucks return home for Game 3 against the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at GM Place. Although the Canucks leave Chicago with a well-earned series split, they and their fans likely feel that they let the last game slip away from them. Tonight they will aim to rectify that and retake the series lead.

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