Tales of Truth: What's going on?!

Patrick Johnston
November 21 2011 08:31AM


Too often this season, the Canucks are doing a  terrible job in front of the net.
(Photo - CSN Chicago)

A strange week for the Canucks: dominance of the Islanders, subjugation by the Hawks, a stolen win vs Ottawa. Luongo won, Schneider lost ugly but won convincingly.

The one thing we did learn this week is the team's problems go far beyond a perceived inconsistency on the part of Roberto Luongo. The real problem lies in bad reads and heads, apparently, in the clouds.

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November 20 2011 04:40PM

Impossibly, the 2011-12 NHL Season is rapidly closing in on the quarter mark already. Where does the time go?

Lowetide talks with his usual wide assortment of guests his week and the Blackhawks get some time in the hot seat as Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago and Sam from Second City Hockey talk about their home team only hours before they got an all world beat down by the Oilers.

Har har har.

This is NationRadio. 

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Hockey Diseases in the DSM IV? – Part One

The Stanchion
November 20 2011 04:02PM


What is the DSM IV you ask? DSM stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This manual covers mental health disorders for children and adults, and lists all known information about these disorders, from origins, causes, to treatment. Basically it’s a giant book of information on mental disorders. Does your cousin yawn too much or count to ten and always skips number 7? The DSM will probably have something on it. The Wikipedia before there was Wikipedia. Except with slightly more research.

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: November 20th Edition

Jonathan Willis
November 20 2011 02:55PM

This week’s edition of the Nation Network Hockey Pool has a new leader, as the previous front-runner slips into second place.

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The Kurtenbloggers on the Kurtenblog

Thomas Drance
November 20 2011 01:50PM

The Kurtenbloggers (Mike Halford and Jason Brough) were blogosphere pioneers in a number of ways. Not only were they the first mainstream Canucks blog, but they were among the first off-beat, fan perspective hockey blogs to be affiliated with a mainstream daily news publication. As the years went by, these “Jackasses from the Interweb,” moved onto the TEAM1040 where, for many Canucks fans, they made for can’t miss radio. But you know all this.

In this conversation from Friday afternoon, the Kurtenbloggers flesh out some of their most memorable moments, divulge the secret to making Jason Botchford bring his “insane game,” and discuss moving onto their new project over at NBC Sports' Pro Hockey Talk blog.

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