The Backup Goalie Market is Pretty Thin You Guys

Cam Charron
January 08 2013 01:56PM

Should the Canucks look into making Dan Ellis a rich man again?

Digging up contract statuses for guys in European leagues is a tough chore, particularly for players who aren't particularly good. The point of the next few hundred words is to point out that the current range of National Hockey League backup goaltenders is very, very thin. Absent Eddie Lack, out with some sort of lower-body injury, the Vancouver Canucks would be without a backup if they went ahead and traded Roberto Luongo - as most expect them to do - before the season starts.

Here are the options I see: convince a guy like Alexander Auld, Andrew Raycroft, or, if familiarity (particularly familiarity with poor goaltenders) is your thing, Johan Backlund, to opt out of whatever European contract they're in and bring them over to North America to ride the pine for all but 8 or 9 games behind Cory Schneider.

Back during the shortened 1995 season, the average starting goaltender played 39 games or thereabouts during the 48-game season. We don't know yet how many games will be played, but it's reasonable to expect that a backup goalie could start nine games.

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McKenzie: Kassian to get a Look Playing with the Twins?

Thomas Drance
January 08 2013 08:47AM

It's not too often that TSN's Bob McKenzie, who is pretty much the godfather of reliable professional hockey reporting, pens a full post focussed on the Canucks. But on Monday night he covered some of the team's "big questions" headed into training camp, and dropped a handful of curious nuggets that I simply haven't seen suggested previously by Vancouver sports media.

One of the most fascinating bits of info? A suggestion that second-line power-forward Zack Kassian could get a look on the first line, moonlighting as the trigger-man for the Sedin twins.

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A (Cam) Barking Mad Roster Move

Thomas Drance
January 07 2013 11:01PM

You have got to be shitting me.

This move is a headshaker. First of all, Cam Barker isn't very good. This is evidenced by the fact that he was one of the worst defenseman on last season's Edmonton Oilers and was recently released from an AHL tryout by the Texas Stars. He's not good enough for the Texas Stars, but the Canucks think he can add to their blueline depth?

I'm not going to make too much fun of a training camp invite - much less one that only "may" happen - since it probably doesn't mean all that much. But I'm not even convinced that Barker is an upgrade over Derek Joslin (who wasn't even invited to training camp and remains in Chicago) or Marc-Andre Gragnani (who the Canucks allowed to walk, unqualified, this past summer). I mean, at least Marc-Andre Gragnani can stick in the AHL...

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Strombabble: The Luongo Rule

Thomas Drance
January 07 2013 10:26PM

When the NHL leaked a CBA proposal on their website in October, their offer to the NHLPA included a clause designed to punish teams who had taken advantage of loops-holes in the previous CBA, and signed players to life-time deals (like Luongo's) with back-diving contracts that served to pay these players a salary well above their cap-hit, and in doing so circumvent the salary cap. 

This punitive clause was initially dubbed the "Kovy Klause" because Twitter has ample appreciation for alliteration, and it stipulated that: should a player with a back-diving contract retire early, that player's cap-hit would revert back to the team that signed that player originally, even if that player had long since been traded. We thought that the provision - if adopted in the final CBA - could conceivably boost Luongo's trade-value by mitigating the long-term risk of acquiring Luongo's contract to any potential Luongo-trade partners. We again mentioned this possible clause as a bit of uncertainty when looking at trade possibilities on Monday morning. 

On Monday evening however we learned from Pierre LeBrun and Elliotte Freidman, that the Canucks will catch a tough break on this one.

The clause in the proposed NHL CBA has been revamped, and is now renamed "the Luongo rule" in LeBrun's ESPN take. Rather than simply punishing the team that signed the original salary cap circumventing deal should that player retire before the expiry of their contract, the clause will now have a punitory impact on the salary cap of both the team that originally signed the deal (the Canucks, in Luongo's case) and whichever team acquires that contract through trade should the player retire.

The revamped clause is significantly less punitive for the Canucks over the long-term than the one proposed in October would have been. However, by punishing the team that acquires the longterm contract as well as the team that originally signed the player, this clause will presumably have a somewhat deleterious impact on Luongo's trade value.

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Mid-Afternoon Headshots January 7th

Thomas Drance
January 07 2013 02:11PM

Look whose back practicing in Canucks jerseys?
Via @VanCanucks on Instagram.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence - please e-mail Thom at

Must read bit from Jason Botchford, who chimes in on the Luongo trade saga and quotes @strombone1 in the headline (demonstrating the elite bloggy instincts that we all know and admire). That Botch thinks that Mike Gillis and the Canucks' "we might bring Schneider and Luongo back this season" company line isn't just misdirection strikes me as particularly interesting.

More on Luongo from the Toronto Star's Rob Longley, who caught up with the star netminder in Coral Springs. Luongo told Longley, among other things, that he's given Mike Gillis the "green light" to trade him if it will improve the team.

Buried in his weekly 30 Thoughts Column, Elliotte Friedman drops a nugget about how the Canucks have signed an "NHL-exclusive" deal with Sleep Science. The Canucks have clearly focussed a lot of their R&D efforts on understanding how fatigue impacts performance and with several players likely to report to training camp with lockout beer guts - one suspects that their "human performance plan" will be given a serious workout his season.

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