The Good Ole Days

Stephen Webb
February 21 2010 12:08PM


Instead of racking my brain trying to invent new expletives to describe what almost happened to Team Canada last night, I'll focus on that big ole Russian bear that's lumbering around on the other side of the tournament. While most Canadians were still dwelling on what would've been the most painless way to kill themselves had Sidney Crosby not pulled it out in the shootout, the Russian team was losing in the very own shootout against Slovakia. Bonus point for local hero Pavol Demitra, the best Pavol with an "o" in Canucks` history, scoring the shootout winner (okay, so Pavol isn't quite a local hero, spending much of his time here alternating between being overpaid, underachieving or injured, quite a resume, one that he'll surely be taking to another team next year, but Canucks fans shouldn't be picky).

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The Great American Victory Report Pt. 2: We'd be happy to take Vancouver off your hands

Ryan Lambert
February 18 2010 05:23PM


Howdy folks.

The Olympics are, of course, all about athletic competition, pushing to be the best, and coming together as a global community to celebrate peace and goodwill. But let's be honest here, it's also about winners and losers. Canada may have won its first gold medal last night but I think it's time we took a look at the real winner so far: America.

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Around the League - Feb 18, 2010

Jason Gregor
February 18 2010 03:06PM

Thankfully we will get to see some competitive hockey this Sunday on rivalry day. The last six finalists for the Gold Medal will all play one another.

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OGDB2: Swiss Cheese

February 18 2010 01:34PM


Ah the Swiss. Makers of fine watches and chocolates, inventors of cheese. You are a pleasant mountain nation not unlike Banff, if Banff had a country to call its own that stretched to Jasper and was full of Swiss People.

Yes, if that was a proper country and it had an Olympic Hockey team it would be YOU we are looking to crush tonight in the Ice Hockey Match. So thank your lucky stars you aren't Switzerland Banff, thank your lucky stars.

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OCCD6: Teary Times

February 18 2010 10:24AM

Question: say you put Scott Hamilton and Darren Pang into some sort of foot locker together. Say you then grabbed somebody walking by, pulled one of them out of the foot locker and said "QUICK! QUICK! Is this Scott Hamilton or Darren Pang? QUICK!" Before slamming them back in the foot locker, do you think the passer by would be able to tell who they saw?

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