A point about Tortorella and shot blocking

Cam Charron
October 08 2013 12:53PM

I'm not sure under what circumstances I wound up listening to the second intermission show on 1040, but there was no talk of any sort of substance. Rather than walking us through strategy or matchups, whoever the host was decided it was time to ask whether John Tortorella had the skills to properly motivate his club when down a goal. I'm not sure what there was of importance to talk about, particularly so early in the season, but the discussion was geared toward possibly the lowest common denominator of fan, or somebody who has no idea what a coach actually does.

If I were a space alien beamed to the Planet Vancouver during the summer and gained an immediate knowledge of the English language, based off what was being discussed in the press, I would know the following two things about Tortorella's system:

1) He doesn't like the media.

2) He likes shot blocks.

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This Week Straight Up: Oct 7 - 13

Thomas Drance
October 07 2013 04:57PM

Obviously we at CanucksArmy are big supporters of sports betting, in part because we buy into the Nate Silver theory that putting your money where your prediction is will help improve the aggregate accuracy of forecasting. So this is a natural fit for us. That said, make sure to gamble for fun (or for bragging rights), not to make money. From all of us at CanucksArmy and PlayNow: a gentle reminder to use your game sense!

Read past the jump for special offers to CanucksArmy.com readers from PlayNow Sports, and a preview of this upcoming week of Canucks hockey.

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The 3rd Hangover of 2013-14

Dimitri Filipovic
October 07 2013 11:12AM

Dan Hamhuis is doing just fine in John Tortorella's new system. (Image via Ward Perrin )

The Canucks completed a successful weekend all-in-all when they finished off a sweep of Alberta's professional hockey teams on Sunday evening. They went into the Saddledome, sat through some terribly boring player introductions of a bunch of dudes I'm only vaguely familiar with, snoozed through the first 2 periods of play, and then made a furious comeback en route to an Overtime victory.

Just past the jump are the scoring chances totals, and some other interesting numbers that I figured were worth mentioning. You might find them interesting, too.

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Canucks Postgame: Play with Fire, but Don't Get Burned

Dimitri Filipovic
October 06 2013 09:16PM

Sometimes I try to get ahead of the curve by beginning to put together my recap well before the game is actually over. I chip away during the first and second intermissions, setting things up, before ultimately finalizing everything right after the final buzzer. It's a pretty common thing to do when covering a game because it allows you to have your thoughts up rather quickly while the topic is still hot.

This time around I didn't do that for whatever reason, and boy am I glad that I didn't. The Canucks-Flames game on Sunday night pretty much had it all, before ultimately ending in Overtime on the game winner by Mike Santorelli (pictured above). Let's get to it all right past the jump.

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Canucks Army GDT #3 - Canucks @ Flames

Dimitri Filipovic
October 06 2013 01:16PM

Wake up Eddie, you're in net tonight! (Image via Nick Didlick )

What a difference a day makes, eh? At this time yesterday, there was at least a unease felt in Vancouver regarding the state of the team following a lackluster performance in the season opener, and the news that Alex Burrows would be out for a few weeks. Then they went out and laid an absolute shellacking on the pitiful Oilers

Much like it wasn't time to start totally panicking after one loss, it's still not time to start planning the parade following one win. While the offensive showing was certainly impressed, we need to keep in mind that it came against a swiss cheese defense that was playing without its top two centres. Still, that's what good teams do; take care of business at home, leaving little doubt.

There ain't no rest for the wicked, though, with the season's first back-to-back on the schedule. The Canucks will hop on a quick flight to Calgary, and attempt to complete a sweep of Alberta on Sunday evening. Read on past the jump for a preview of tonight's game.

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