So Far So Good For Vancouver

James C Edgington
January 08 2010 12:58PM

Henrik greets his fans

A few months ago the fate of the Vancouver Canucks was far from glorious. Currently it is very hard to find fault with the team. Vancouver is doing every thing right; unless there is a major disaster this team should easily secure a place in the playoffs.

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GDRC - Coyotes @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 07 2010 10:49AM

The Coyotes have been lurking near the top of the standings, licking their chops.

The Vancouver Canucks look to avenge a shootout loss less than two weeks ago as they host the Phoenix Coyotes tonight at GM Place. The Canucks are one of the hottest teams in the Western Conference, while the Coyotes and their staunch defense continue to drop jaws as they stay in the top four in the West.

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GDRC - Blue Jackets @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 05 2010 09:53AM

Henrik Sedin is the NHL's first star for the month of December.

The Vancouver Canucks return home, after a short yet very successful road trip, to host the Columbus Blue Jackets tonight at GM Place.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Stars

Cam Davie
January 02 2010 11:25AM

Baby, don't fear the reaper. It's just the Vancouver Canucks.  (AP Photo/Bill Boyce)

The Vancouver Canucks look to wrap up a successful road trip in Dallas this afternoon as they face Marty Turco and the Stars.

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And the winners are . . .

Jean Lefebvre
January 01 2010 10:15AM

After a brilliant November, the Calgary Flames started leaking oil in December.

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