Jannik Hansen teaches us how we see what we want to believe

Patrick Johnston
February 20 2013 04:20PM

So what did Jannik Hansen do?

What did you see?

And are you being rational?

Thoughts about cognitive bias and our reaction to controversial events, after the jump.

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Improbable Comeback Against Hawks Comes To Halt in Skills Competition: Recap and Chance Data

Dimitri Filipovic
February 19 2013 11:30PM

It'll get lost in the shuffle, but Cory Schneider's performance (despite the loss) was worth talking about.

The Vancouver Canucks started off their four game road trip by taking an undeserved point from the Chicago Blackhawks, before ultimately losing in the glorified skills competition that is the shootout. 

I watched this game from start to finish - in fact, I watched many sequences more than once as part of the chance counting process - and I can't quite figure out how the Canucks managed to steal that point. Well, that's a lie, because I can; it was thanks to the Cory Schneider show. Let's just say that the members of the team's defense owe their 'tender a few rounds after this one (I'm sure Patty Kane can throw a recommendation for a good hangout spot their way).

Read on Past the Jump for Scoring Chance Data, and Analysis.

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Afternoon Headshots: February 19th

Patrick Johnston
February 19 2013 03:31PM

Courtesy hockey memes

Wheeee! It the day that Canucks and Blackhawks fans have been waiting for, the chance to call eachother stupid, lame, wimpy...

Lots out there today, click past the jump for two videos and a selection of the web's best. (One vid may start right away, so don't be shocked. Just hit pause.)

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Game #15 Preview: Canucks @ Blackhawks

Dimitri Filipovic
February 19 2013 11:49AM

Fans would like to see the Canucks get their hands on Duncan Keith, but it's easier said than done.

Vancouver Canucks. Chicago Blackhawks. A puck, and a bunch of sticks.

It's one of the marquee matchups whenever it comes up on the NHL schedule, and it's one of the few games over the course of the regular season that doesn't require any sort of additional billing. We all know the story; the recent history between the two teams, and immense talent level all over the ice speak for themselves.

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About that late 5-on-3 against St. Louis...

Cam Charron
February 19 2013 09:55AM


I live in my parents' basement, but sometimes I get to escape upstairs and watch a hockey game.

It's weird to feel emotionally detached from the Vancouver Canucks, but after a year of having written about pretty much every team in the league, there's no real worry for me to watch a game or not. More often than not I'll watch when it's convenient. It's not that anything the organization has done that sucked all the hockey fan out of me, it's that there's just so much more I have to do, and especially on a Sunday night, I'd prefer to spend an evening reading than watching hockey.

But the Canucks happened to be playing the St. Louis Blues, a team that I find super interesting given how good they are with puck-possession and how bad they are in goal. Last season was odd, since Brian Elliott was all-world and he wasn't supposed to be. This season he's been poor, Jaroslav Halak has been hurt, and Jake Allen is carrying the reigns in the absence of both 'tenders.

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