Headshots September 20th

Thomas Drance
September 20 2011 02:32PM

Melanie really likes the Sedins. Via sedintwins.tumblr.com.

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Local Sports Writer Makes Massive Issue out of Nothing

Thomas Drance
September 20 2011 01:32PM

Sam Pringle insisted on an alluring pose to accompany this interview.

With the preseason looming - interest in the launch of the 2011-12 NHL season is high in this particular hockey-crazed market. But in reality, the preseason is boring, and with no real hockey news to discuss – local newspaper writer Sam Pringle was at a loss. How can one produce content that will drive traffic, when there’s nothing of any consequence going on?

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Roberto Luongo and postseason breakdowns

Cam Charron
September 20 2011 08:12AM

We are just three days into training camp, and already the 9-5 media is filling time on sports talk radio with a made up Vancouver Canucks goaltending controversy. The Kurtenbloggers, fresh in the noontime spot on Vancouver's TEAM 1040 radio, discussed at length whether Roberto Luongo was capable of winning a Stanley Cup, and whether or not Cory Schneider should be given a chance to compete for the starting job.

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Player types: The no-way forward

Cam Charron
September 19 2011 02:51PM


Earlier, I introduced on The Nations Network a new way of looking at a player's plus/minus rating, specifically to do with on-ice shot differential, in an effort to learn more about teams and players.

This month, somewhat regularly, I will break down types of players and teams in an effort to localize player talents and figure out exactly what certain teams need. There's definitely more to a hockey player than simply being "good" or "bad" and by how much, so today I will profile the defensive forward.

(Previous: The two-way forward the defensive forward, and the offensive liability)

While players in some of the other player categories may cause one to blink an eye, I think there will be a little more consensus agreement in this section of the series dealing with the "No-Way Forward".

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Team1040 Listeners Are Idiots!

Cam Davie
September 19 2011 02:09PM

What! Me worry about Bobby Lu?
No, because I understand numbers and truth and things that are right in front of my face.
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Vancouver's flagship sports station, the TEAM 1040, ran a poll on Friday asking listeners to provide feedback on what worries them going into the new season.

As Jason Botchford reported yesterday, Team 1040 listeners overwhelmingly voted for "Roberto Luongo" as their most worrysome issue about their beloved Canucks, taking 62% of the vote.

This emphatically proves one thing: Almost two-thirds of TEAM 1040 listeners are complete idiots.

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