Canucks to get a new conference: All hail the Smythe!

Patrick Johnston
February 25 2013 09:37AM

There it is, in all its screen-capped glory, thanks to Harrison "H-dog" Mooney.

On Hockey Night in Canada this past Saturday, the specifics from the NHL's latest realignment proposal was reported to the public. It would mark a return to a grouping that the Canucks had been in for most of the first half of their NHL life, and the re-born Smythe Division will be rather straightforward when it comes to travel.

Before the Canucks were shunted into the Pacific Division in 1993, the franchise had played for more than a decade in a division that featured Calgary, Edmonton, LA and Winnipeg. (The Sharks were members for their first two seasons in the league.)

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Canucks drop 8-3 matinee in Detroit - Reasonable reaction is expected

Cam Charron
February 24 2013 06:50PM

Photo Dave Reginek via NHLInteractive

A game recap isn't really necessary. The small, underlying events that define a single game have little meaning in the long run. Every botched zone exit, every giveaway, every blown coverage, every solitary, unrecorded play that somehow led to a scoring chance for or against gains anonymity the next day. At some point, people will forget what plays, exactly, Jason Garrison or Keith Ballard made that cost the Vancouver Canucks in their game against the Detroit Red Wings, they will just remember the plays existed. The recording of microstats is simply objective note-taking, and we don't even have those. 

We don't record the plays that led to certain events for or against. More developed hockey blogs are built prominently around recording zone exits and entries. Some teams track puck touches and passes to get a more accurate read on the things their team does. There is a problem when you watch a hockey game of confirmation bias, that you will perceive things only as you want them to be seen. If you showed a person a hockey game with all the scoring plays clipped out, it is unlikely they would have been able to tell which team won.

Had all the scoring plays been clipped out of the Canucks and Wings game, it would be 0-0 headed to overtime. Unfortunately, it was 8-3.

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Game 18 Preview: Canucks @ Red Wings

Thomas Drance
February 24 2013 01:24PM

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

Early on Sunday evening, the Canucks will conclude a heartland road swing that has taken them through Chicago, Dallas and Nashville over the past five days  with a visit to MoTown to face the winged wheel. The Canucks have performed relatively well on the trip, and have played some pretty respectable hockey with the exception of two really rough periods (the 2nd period in Chicago, and the 1st in Nashville). Ultimately the team has come away with points in every game to go with two regulations wins (albeit none of the "clear" variety).

The Red Wings aren't quite the team they used to be, with the loss of Nicklas Lidstrom being felt acutely in every game state. But their top-six forward group remains nearly as dangerous as any in the game (outside of Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh and maybe Vancouver and New York). The Red Wings and the Canucks have played a handful of memorable, high-scoring contests over the past few years, both puck possession teams seeming to bring out the best in one another, so Sunday's matinée (for West Coast viewers at least) should be fun. Or at least more fun than the relatively eventless Friday night contest against the Predators was, but that's a low bar.

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Best of the Nation: 2.24.13

Jonathan Willis
February 24 2013 10:51AM

Photo: Resolute/Wikimedia

After the jump: the Nation Network turns five, predicting the end-of-season standings, talking about dirty hits and franchise-defining trades, and lots more good stuff from the past week.

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Breaking Down Henrik Sedin's Give-And-Goal in Dallas

Jeff Angus
February 23 2013 11:13AM


Henrik Sedin and Alex Burrows combined for a beautiful goal against the Dallas Stars on Thursday evening. As we are all well aware of by now, a lot more goes into a Sedin-generated goal than just a shot on net. Let's break the goal down frame by frame.

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