Using a Pit Stop To Catch Up With Billy Sweatt

Dimitri Filipovic
November 16 2012 10:16AM

Billy Sweatt has wheels, on wheels, on wheels.

Having watched my share of Chicago Wolves games this season, the main takeaway for me has been the speed that the team plays the game with. They are quite impressive in their ability to counter-attack, getting the play going in the right direction before the opposition knows what hit them. 

The best of the bunch in that regard is Billy Sweatt, who bears a remarkable set of wheels. There have been numerous occasions when he has created a scoring opportunity for either himself or his team, by simply outskating the opposing defenders. He has spent a big chunk of the season next to Jordan Schroeder, whom he has developed a good rapport with dating back to their time together last year.

With the Wolves having a full week off - and Billy having time to kill as his tires get changed - I figured I'd check in with him. In case you had forgotten and would like to refresh your memory, or simply had a plethora of better things to do with your summer and missed it, I chatted with Billy for the first time back in July. Don't worry, the following chat is completely new material.

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The Top 20 Canucks Prospects: An Update (Part I)

Jeff Angus
November 15 2012 12:55PM

We here at CanucksArmy published our top 20 prospects list this past summer. We have provided coverage on a lot of them this season, especially those playing in Chicago with the Wolves. However, there are many notable prospects in the organizaton playing elsewhere - the CHL, NCAA, or over in Europe. Although the season is only a few months old, why not check in and see how the top 20 prospects are faring? It sure beats Luongo-to-Toronto speculation.

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Rick Bowness Plans on Playing Garrison on the Left Side, So the Right Side of the Canucks' Defense Remains a Big Question Mark

Thomas Drance
November 15 2012 09:47AM

Jason Garrison stands on Alex Edler's right side in this photo. But don't get used to seeing that, says Rick Bowness.

On Tuesday morning, Canucks assistant coach Rick Bowness (who is primarily responsible for handling the team's defense) appeared with Scott Rintoul and Jason Botchford on the Team 1040. Bowness talked about the NHL lockout, the spectre of a super short training camp should there actually be an NHL season in 2012-13, and also briefly discussed his plans for how to deply newly minted Canucks defenseman Jason Garrison in a hypothetical upcoming season. 

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Joffrey Lupul makes his KHL debut and Nicklas Backstrom nets a hat trick

Steve Dangle
November 14 2012 08:06PM

The KHL returns from a 9-day break with 22 teams playing in 11 games. Joffrey Lupul makes his KHL debut with Avtomobilist, Malkin stacks the pads (what?), Ovechkin return much to the delight of Nicklas Backstrom, and more.


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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Lockout

Graphic Comments
November 14 2012 09:38AM

Don't Panic

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Lockout is a wholly remarkable book.

It looks rather like a largish sketch pad. It has just one recessed button and a rectangular screen about three inches by six inches on which any one of a million “pages” on the NHL lockout can be summoned and displayed at a moment's notice. It all looks insanely depressing, and this is one of the reasons why the protective cover it fits into has the words Don't Panic printed on it in large friendly letters.

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