Hard Times

Jason Gregor
May 13 2009 02:26PM


The Coyotes have won a court ruling that will force the NHL to prove they have an actual offer for Jerry Reinsdorf in place.  If they don’t, this could get really messy and open the door for other teams to follow suit. And if they don’t Mr. Bettman’s reputation will take a massive hit. While it isn't clear if the NHL will be able to produce this offer, it is becoming more clear that some of the members of the NHL Owners Club are in more trouble than many of us have been lead to believe.

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Oh Captain, My Captain

Cam Davie
May 13 2009 11:38AM


Roberto Luongo wants to win. He wants to win all the time. I believe that he wants to win here in Vancouver.

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Disagreeing with Greg Wyshynski

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2009 08:46AM

But this Ducks/Wings fight shows us the difference between sending a message and "message sending." This was a nasty but emotionally organic bit of olde tyme hockey; none of the players on the ice were knuckle-dragging goons looking for a target at the end of the blowout…. The NHL's disciplinary system would become a parody of the joke it is if any of these players are suspended for Game 7.

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For what it's worth

Brian O'Neill
May 12 2009 09:46PM


It's officially over, my grizzly beard is now down the drain. My face is smoother than Patrick Kane's right now.

Apparently someone filled Luongo's water bottle with NyQuil. As the game progressed Luongo got slower and slower.

To win your best players have to be your best players. They were, well, most of them.  

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The Better Team Won

Cam Davie
May 12 2009 11:13AM


Where do you start on this series?

The Canucks were outhit, out-chanced, outcoached, outshot and obviously outplayed throughout this series.

That means the better team won. Ok – I started there.

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