Ten years of so-called elite players

Jason Gregor
May 20 2009 12:21PM


So what does a player have to do to be considered elite? Does he need to be in the top-ten scoring for four plus years? Would cracking the top ten twice in ten years qualify? If the average career is four years, would a player only have to be in the top ten four times in his career to be great?

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The lowdown

Robin Brownlee
May 19 2009 06:22PM


So, some Bozo blogger thinks Darren Dreger of TSN might be pulling NHL trade rumours out of his ass and making things up, eh?

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The all Northwest Division team

Jean Lefebvre
May 16 2009 11:26AM


The 2009 Stanley Cup party started with just two invitees from the Northwest Division, and neither of those guests stuck around for the lampshades-on-the-head, hey-I-wonder-if-you-can-mix-Tequila-and-Dr.-Pepper stage of the shindig.

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The Elusive Puck-Movin Defenseman

Cam Davie
May 15 2009 12:55PM

[caption id="attachment_12469" align="aligncenter" width="483" caption="Gillis will likely Say No to Jay-Bo"]Gillis will likely Say No to Jay-Bo[/caption]

It's no surprise that the Canucks are in the market for a puck-moving defenseman. They need a young, fast mobile defenseman who is comfortable in his own zone and can move the puck up ice with ease and accuracy.

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Five Ways to Address the Canucks Roster

Cam Davie
May 14 2009 11:07AM


Well now that the Canucks playoff hopes have been dashed, we'll start hyper-analyzing the Canucks, their coaching, their management, their front office, the GM Place vending staff, the Sportsnet crew and anyone who is even remotely connected to the team.

So I'll start. Here's five ways I think the Canucks need to address their roster this off-season.

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