Roberto Luongo: A study into the dynamics of facial expressions

The Stanchion
October 30 2011 02:47PM

Luongo in the stands

 (Can also be found under the alternate title,  “Yo Roberto, wtf?”)

Roberto Luongo is one of the most polarizing sporting figures in Vancouver history. There haven’t been too many players that have gotten the city up in arms in a debate on a day to day basis like Roberto has. And if you add in the impact social media has had on the way we view players, well it’s no surprise that everyone you meet in Vancouver most likely has a theory or viewpoint about Roberto Luongo.  

“He eats too many hotdogs!” claims Wes from Vancouver. “He needs to adjust his T-Push, his angle is off by .3 degrees, any moron can see that” shouts Leah from White Rock. “His hair is pretty greasy, I think he needs to switch up shampoo brands” states Lena from Burnaby. It seems everyone has something to say about Roberto Luongo, good or bad.

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October 30 2011 01:32PM

Another week in the NHL season is now in the can and as expected Phil Kessel leads the league in points, Nikolai Khabilbulin has the lowest GAA among goalies and the Oilers are in first place in the West. No, you haven't accidentally stumbled through a worm hole into a parallel universe.

This is NationRadio.

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Don Cherry confused me, Episode I

Cam Charron
October 30 2011 01:03PM

Welcome to 'Don Cherry confused me', a new Sunday-morning feature that will chronicle the silly things that Don Cherry says the night before on Coach's Corner. The feature will focus on Cherry's out-dated focus on the game and attempt to get him to understand that things happen in hockey a little bit differently than he remembers them.

"Anyway, Vancouver. Everybody is after Vancouver. I mean, and I saw something on television that I couldn't believe. It had every bad headline that was in the paper from the playoffs back, it was unbelievable how bad Lalongo is. It's always Lalongo's fault, it's always the goaltender's fault."

"First of all, I don't think Vancouver's paying the price and I can prove it. When you want to win, you want to pay the price and blocking shots. Everybody else likes to score goals and have fun, even fighting, but blocking shots, you have to pay the price."

I'm not sure what game Don Cherry thinks he comments about, but to win games, you want to do the exact opposite of blocking shots, as in, make the other team block shots.

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Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

The Stanchion
October 29 2011 06:01PM

 The Stanchion.

While I probably could have titled this article better, I chose the Back to the Future quote because a) I always told myself when I made it big I would find a way to quote Back to the Future as much as possible due to it being the best movie of all time, and b) because this quote speaks volumes about my writing style. (Ignore the fact I haven’t made it big yet. Shush. ) I tend to approach things from a different angle. Please note I rarely do these types of straight up editorials, nor do I expect to do to many of them, so if you hate this article, go look at my funny photos instead!

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Redemption Luu!

Thomas Drance
October 29 2011 02:34PM

Though he's had a borderline disastrous October, tonight Luongo has a chance to redeem himself. I may be in the minority, but I for one believe he will get the job done tonight.

In honour of the Canucks embattled netminder, and his hilarious hair, I figured I'd write a quick song to express my continued confidence in his ability to lead a team to a Stanley Cup victory. I call it: "Redemption Luu."

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