KHL Highlights Chara destroys Satan, Pekka Rinne finally looks like Pekka Rinne

Steve Dangle
November 04 2012 06:28PM


Look at that picture. Just look at it. That's really all you need to know. "There's no hitting in the KHL." Phooey! Also we have the KHL's Top 10 goals, saves, and hits of the week.


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Best of the Nation – 11.4.12

Jonathan Willis
November 04 2012 09:15AM

Photo: S.Yume/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia

After the jump: 20-ish articles covering a range of subjects. Which player overseas has had the most impressive performance so far? Why is the CHLPA imploding? Who were the best free agent signings of the last CBA? Zack Kassian or Cody Hodgson? Perhaps most importantly: who is Roberto Luongo mocking with his new Twitter avater?

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Randy Gumbley and the CHLPA: an inside story

Patrick Johnston
November 03 2012 02:46PM

I write occasionally at my own blog - The Wanderer Sports - and yesterday I wrote a piece on the quickly muddying image of the CHLPA. First we'd heard there were two Gumbleys and then there were two Clarkes. Now, some clarity. Fy Virani, aan articling student and aspiring sports lawyer who also contributes to The Wanderer, has a story to tell. What follows is mostly his words, though I have helped out with some editing, here and there.

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Wolves Continue To Own Ice Hogs, Win 6-3

Dimitri Filipovic
November 03 2012 01:21PM

Vengeance can be had in many forms. Sometimes it's quite obvious, but other times it can be much more subtle and understated. In this particular instance, vengeance won't truly come for Canucks fans until the Canucks and Blackhawks meet again. According to the "code" of hockey, Duncan Keith will likely have to atone for his sins; hopefully in the form of fisticuffs, and not a retaliatory cheapshot. After that, all will be good. Until the next chapter of the rivalry is inevitably written, at least.

This seems prevalent, because the Wolves beat the Rockford Ice Hogs by a score of 6-3, improving to 3-0 against them this season. I'm as invested in the Wolves as is possible, and even I won't try to tell you that you need to take too much away from that.

But as a fan, you quickly learn that you need to take your victories wherever you can get them, and it's nice to see the Canucks' prospects having the upper hand against the prospects of the parent team's most bitter rivals. We have yet to see any sort of bad blood come up between the two teams, though, as the AHL has seemingly filled its quota for rough stuff with the shenanigans unfolding between the Oklahoma City Barons and Houston Aeros. 

Read Past the Jump for Notes on the Game.

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KHL Highlights: Not cancelled. Kovalchuk's SKA scores 9, Malkin scores, and more

Steve Dangle
November 02 2012 08:24PM


Winter Classic cancelled? WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING?!?!?!?!

On the other hand, there with 9 KHL games on Friday. Good hockey, good highlights.


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