The NHL Could Learn Something From The U.S. Elections

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November 06 2012 05:16PM

Chances of seeing the Stanley Cup

Today marks the end of the gruelling campaign for the presidency of the United States. However, unlike an NHL season (remember those?), the winner of this campaign will actually have a very good chance of seeing the Stanley Cup. Multiple times, even.

If only it was that easy for the Presidents' Trophy winner. Sigh.

But I guess winning the Presidents' Trophy is very prestigious just in and of itself. I mean, you not only get the Trophy and a guarantee of two, maybe three home games in the playoffs, but the NHL even has a separate web page to recognize the winners...oh for God's sake.

Anyway, sharing a name for the ultimate prize (oh shut up and just go with it) is not the only thing in common between the NHL and the U.S. political system...

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The Vancouver Giants go with a sixteen-year-old goalie

Patrick Johnston
November 06 2012 11:34AM

Payton Lee had played pretty big in his two games with the Giants so far this season.
(Photo: Patrick Johnston)

It could take a sixteen-year-old netminder to save the Vancouver Giants' season. At 5-12, the Giants are quickly spiralling into oblivion. Tyler Liston, anointed as starter after a good training camp, has nose-dived, putting up a .827 save percentage. His back-up, Tyler Fuhr, hasn't fared much better. In front of the goalies, the defence has been all over the place, yielding turnovers at the rate of an industrial bakery. Even Don Hay has expressed frustration at times, admitting that the goalies haven't come up with the big save when the team really needed one.

And then along came Payton. Read on past the jump!

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Losing a step: The Sedins and the future

Cam Charron
November 06 2012 07:55AM

In his book The Signal and the Noise, author and statistician Nate Silver, who you've surely heard about the last couple of weeks, advises humans to become "less and less wrong" when making predictions. We need to gather as much information as possible to make consistently good forecasts, but, as importantly, Silver suggests that "you can benefit from applying multiple perspectives toward a problem".

A lot of the book deals with consensus and aggregation, and the way that market necessities aid humans in working together to solve problems. I thought it was interesting when, earlier this summer, a writer at Puck Prospectus named Rob Vollman, sent out a list of all the summer unrestricted free agent signings and simply asked a handful of statistical analysts to rate the signings.

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Did the Sedins "Lose a Step" Last Season?

Thomas Drance
November 05 2012 01:19PM


For a Stanley Cup starved fanbase that roots for an aging team, a team has come oh so painfully close without raising the ultimate mug, the "championship window" is a constant source of argument and scrutiny. I'd argue that not since the Hussites of the 14-hundreds, or more recently Bill Gates, has a single person or group of people ever been so preoccupied with "windows" in the history of human kind.

The most often cited reason for the Canucks' finite championship window is the age of the Sedin twins. The Sedins turned thirty-two in September (on the same day, if you can believe it!) and the list of players who've produced 100 point seasons after the age of 32 is very short indeed.

Some folks, even some folks who write at this blog, have looked at the twins' decline in production last season and have become convinced that the Sedin twins have begun to submit to the power of father time. But looking over the data from the past five seasons, I see little evidence that the Sedin twins have "lost a step" or that last season's slip in production represents the beginning of a downward trend in their NHL careers.

I'll explain myself at length after the jump. 

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Checked out: Wolves come up short, way short vs Charlotte

Patrick Johnston
November 05 2012 11:49AM

(Photo: Chris Jerina/ AHL in Photos) 

The Chicago Wolves, mostly high-flying of late, produced their weakest effort of the season Sunday in North Carolina, going down to the home-town Checkers 4-1.

The Checkers are far and away the best team in the AHL right now, and play the game the way the Wolves would like to play, lots of speed and skill, led by the likes of Brett Sutter, Drayson Bowman and Justin Faulk. The big club in Raleigh must be pleased with what they are seeing from their kids so far this season.

Comments, a couple videos and some stats after the jump.

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