Combined Special Teams Ratings: Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Jonathan Willis
September 22 2009 11:15AM

The three Canadian teams in the Northwest Division shared a common bond last season: their special teams weren’t all that special.

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Long shots, no shots and the in-betweens

September 21 2009 11:58AM


From all accounts that was a bit of a snoozer last night in the wonderful City of Saskatoon. As much as one can’t really find too much fault with the Oilers gassing a preseason tilt, the level of intensity required to win the game certainly wasn’t on display for all the wonderful Saskatoononianites to see. And that certainly sets the effort bar rather low, wouldn’t you say?

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Canucks Rolling in Pre-Season

Cam Davie
September 19 2009 11:42AM


There's an adage in sports that the pre-season means nothing in the regular season.

Let's hope that's not true this year for the Vancouver Canucks.

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GAME DAY - Who To Watch

Cam Davie
September 14 2009 01:55PM


Game Day for the Vancouver Canucks is finally here!

Most of the veterans have remained in Vancouver, but there are still some interesting players to follow during tonight's game with the New York Islanders in Kraft Hockeyville - Terrace, BC.

The likely lineup for tonight's game can be found at the Canucks website here.

Here is who I will be watching tonight.

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A little treat for the road!

Brian O'Neill
September 14 2009 01:15PM


After a long offseason, those Vancouver Canucks are starting to look like one piece of ACE. I know from experience if you know what I mean!

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