Schroeder plays Flames off stage: 5-1 Canucks - Recap and Chance Data

Cam Charron
February 10 2013 12:00AM

Photo credit to Jeff Vinnick/NHLInteractive

I apologize in advance for any spelling mistakes. I spent pretty much the entire day on my couch eating jujubes and jellybeans and watching hockey. If I didn't contract Type-II diabetes, I'm probably in the middle of a fairly good sugar high.

Earlier, the Toronto Maple Leafs blasted Montreal on the road 6-0. In the late game, Vancouver blasted the Calgary Flames right out of their home building 5-1. It was really not an exciting night for the neutral viewer on Hockey Day in Canada, but given we have two or three or four Canuck fans who regularly read this site, maybe that second scoreline is a bit more appealing than it would be for the neutral viewer. Maybe next time the Flames play in Vancouver I won't have to sedate myself with sugar. 

Also, Jordan Schroeder got his first NHL goal and first multi-goal NHL game. With two career goals and two career game-winning goals, he's practically Captain Clutch.

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Game #11 Preview: Flames @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
February 09 2013 01:04PM

Roberto Luongo has a sad. Cory Schneider gets the nod again, tonight.

Remember when there was mass panic following a shootout loss to the Los Angeles Kings on January 28th? Sure the Canucks were 2-2-2, but more important they had failed to play a well-rounded 60 minute game. It's safe to say that things have changed a little bit since then. 

The Canucks have won 4 games in a row, and are set to add much-needed reinforcements in the form of David Booth and Ryan Kesler in the coming days. As if there isn't already enough reason for excitement, let me give you one more: they're hosting the Calgary Flames in the third of 3 Hockey Day in Canada games today.

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Friday Evening Headshots: February 8th

Thomas Drance
February 08 2013 07:00PM

Laughing forever at Zack Parise's decision to spend his prime playing for a Wild team three years away from contention.
Photo Credit: Carlos Gonzalez.

Rob the Hockey Guy, or RTHG as he prefers to be called of late, wonders if all hell would break loose were Luongo to refuse to waive his no trade clause (so he could spend at least this season with a contender). Interesting angle, but I'm not sure I see it. [Rob the Hockey Guy]

For the "Draft Moar Vancouver Giants" sea-to-sky boner crowd, Iain Macintyre breaks down the Canucks' revitalized efforts scouting Western Canada for homegrown, BC born talent. Yawn. Mike Gillis has been talking about drafting British Columbian players since he first arrived as Genearal Manager, and it hasn't really happened. This is because the Canucks wisely prefer to pick the player they believe is the "best available" remaining on the board. It hasn't always worked out for the current Canucks management team, but drafting based on a sense of regionalism isn't the answer. [The Vancouver Sun]

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Where Jordan Schroeder Fits in once Ryan Kesler and David Booth return to the lineup

Patrick Johnston
February 08 2013 03:32PM

Going somewhere, Jordan?

Before the season, I wrote about how it was time for Jordan Schroeder to get his chance. Over the course of the past two seasons, he’d proved himself to be a solid two-way performer in Chicago and I figured it was time to test him at a higher level.

He’s been getting plenty of press lately and with Schroeder continuing his strong play in his hometown on Thursday night, it all fit into a lovely narrative. But histrionic gushing aside, we shouldn't let any of that obscure the fact that on the whole, he’s made the transition well and looks like he belongs at the NHL level (though he still needs to be more productive offensively). 

One other thing is equally clear, though: he’s no Ryan Kesler. More on the Canucks’ two American centres after the jump.

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The SYAE Podcast: Schneider's Agent, Style of Play, and Some Tanev

Dimitri Filipovic
February 08 2013 12:55PM

I'd be throwing high fives if I made it on this podcast, too.

Are you ready for some shap, you brus and bruzinas? 

In this week's edition of the podcast we look into the recent comments made by Cory Schneider's agent. You may also find this controversial, but we discuss whether dealing the team's starter back-up starter/back-up might actually make sense. Plus, we chat about the team's style of play, and of course, finish the show with some love for Chris Tanev.

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