Advertorial: Free Fantasy Contest

Kent Wilson
January 23 2013 09:57AM



Every so often someone approaches the Nations with offers or partnerships because they think we're great and all. A lot of the time this stuff is pretty lame so we don't bother you, our valued readers, with it.

Sometimes something good comes along though. The folks at Draftstreet sent us an email or 10 recently pitching us on an interesting salary cap draft contest that's free to enter. Oh and you can win cash prizes. Free cash is always good, so we want to pass the details along to you.

Anyways, here's the gist:

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Afternoon Headshots: January 22nd

Thomas Drance
January 22 2013 03:34PM

The Canucks gave away scarves to everyone who attended the home opener on Saturday night.
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The "must read" piece of the day is so obvious, that you've almost certainly already read it. It's from Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun who had a long sit down with Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis this week. The two candidly discussed Luongo's trade status, Vancouver's lack of success drafting under Mike Gillis, changes in team scouting, Jordan Schroeder's role this season and a whole lot of other topics too. Fantastic stuff, and there's also an extended transcript with some bonus insight from the Canucks GM. [Vancouver Sun]

Everyone and their mother wrote a reaction piece to the explosive "deal in place" with a "mystery team" involving an unknown player who has to be moved (or waived, or heal from an injury) quote that Mike Gillis gave Cole this week. Here's Greg Wyshynski's which, we'll link to because he speculates that one of the moving pieces could be Subban, Benn or O'Reilly. That doesn't strike me as all that likely, but boy oh boy, it would be pretty awesome. [Puck Daddy]

Pierre LeBrun has a "rumblings" blog post over at ESPN in which he touches on the Luongo situation and provides us with some fascinating information. First of all, he exchanged e-mails with Mike Gillis, and Gillis confirmed the veracity of the quote he gave Cam Cole. LeBrun then goes on to confirm that the Leafs aren't the mystery team in question, and that Luongo trade talks between Toronto and Vancouver have reached a period of "detente." LeBrun also mentions that his sense of things is that the Flyers would be willing to amnesty Ilya Bryzgalov if he lays another egg this season in Philadelphia, and he ends off with this intriguing quote: "So far, the Canucks have been offered good pieces, just not the right ones." Hmmm... [ESPN]

Finally, Harrison Mooney runs Mike Gillis' sexy quote about a mystery team through the "Mike Gillis translator" in a silly effort to determine what exactly Mike Gillis really meant by the quote he gave Cam Cole. [Pass it to Bulis]

In other news, the Canucks have called up 2009 first round pick Jordan Schroeder and he will make his NHL debut on Wednesday night against the Calgary Flames. An interesting aside on Schroeder, he never actually returned to Chicago because he was "too ill to fly" over the weekend. So he was called up, and then on the ice practicing with the team within like twenty minutes. So, that's very strange. [Nucksmisconduct]

Over at Canucks Hockey Blog, Clay Imoo briefly recaps the NHL's first weekend back. More importantly his post includes footage of Chris Higgins taking off his jersey for the "jersey off the player's back" ceremony after the team's home-opener against Anaheim. So... yeah, you might want to watch that. [Canucks Hockey Blog]

Read on past the jump for more news, Canucks links and maybe a joke if I can think of one (no promises).

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As Usual, AV's Lineup Purée Makes Sense

Thomas Drance
January 22 2013 01:14PM

Sticktap to bitter rival Harrison Mooney for the image.

On the heels of two losses (although one was a functional tie, with a gimmick tacked on), the Canucks coaching staff has decided to reconfigure their forwards lines. Jason Botchford describes the new forward combinations as "radical," and he's not far off.

Here are the new lines the Canucks are using at practice today (per Jim Jamieson):





There's this perception that when Alain Vigneault modifies his lineup, it's done haphazardly and at random. But I prefer to think of Alain Vigneault as an exceedingly well compensated Jugo Juice employee. Though it seems odd at first glance, there's a method of this apparent madness.

We'll break it all down after the jump

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Jim Vandermeer Clears Waivers, Jordan Schroeder Finally gets a Shot

Thomas Drance
January 22 2013 11:41AM

Photo Credit: Dale MacMillan/Getty Images

According to, who would know, the Canucks have recalled Jordan Schroeder from the Chicago Wolves, and I'd expect (though nothing is official yet) that the 2009 first round pick will make his long-awaited NHL debut against Calgary on Wednesday night. The team also re-assigned Jim Vandermeer to Chicago following his clearing waivers earlier Tuesday morning.

These moves don't come as much of a surprise. Many felt that Jordan Schroeder should've made the team out of "training camp," and he only narrowly missed the cut. The Canucks tellingly kept Schroeder in Vancouver about twelve hours longer than they kept Schroeder's Wolves teammates, and the diminutive offensive centerman didn't dress in the Wolves most recent game on Saturday night against the Houston Aeros.

Combine all of that with the fact that Andrew Ebbett has been, well, not a second line center by any definition in Vancouver's first two games this season, and a Schroeder call up was all but inevitable.

Read on past the jump.

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Fun with the Canucks Jersifier

January 22 2013 10:24AM

Yesterday the official Vancouver Canucks Facebook page pointed me to this good bit of fun, the Canucks Jersifier. It's a simple little web app where you plug in your name and preferred number and WHAMMO, you've got your very own jersey hanging in the team's dressing room.

Where most see something mildly amusing that they quickly forget about, I see something I can use and exploit until all the original fun is sucked out of it. So here I am. Let's get creative with this Jersifier, shall we?

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