Bieksa Unintentionally Explains the Impact of PDO

Thomas Drance
December 05 2011 09:39AM

Bieksa hasn't changed his game, he's just enjoying the bounces.
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

Kevin Bieksa took a fair bit of heat among Canucks fans when he got off to a slow start this season. Bieksa's performance through early November was panned like it was the summer of 2010, and fans rushed to criticize his porous defensive play, and his inability to make smart, safe decisions with the puck. The idea that Bieksa was a "contract year" player began to take hold, and  criticism really accelerated following the debacle against the Minnesota Wild in early November. This was the game when Bieksa was seen "swimming" on Latendresse's game-winning goal (a maneuver that provided the former Hab roughly forty-five minutes to walk in and pick his spot on Cory Schneider). Bieksa just wasn't the same guy, it was said, and his -9 number spoke to his "awful" play. The only silver lining: at least no one suggested Bieksa be traded for Nikita Filatov

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Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 4th Edition

Jonathan Willis
December 04 2011 10:56PM

Martin Brodeur is killing my team, and the teams of a bunch of different entrants. His zero shutouts and 0.879 SV% give him a pool value of -52.5, by far the worst of any current player. Nobody carrying him on their team is in the top-25 this week.

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Canucks 5-1 Flames | Scoring chances and recap

Cam Charron
December 04 2011 10:19PM

Matt Stajan Doesn't Drop the Gloves Very Often. It shows.
Photo Credit: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward

After outplaying but coming up short to the Nashville Predators on Thursday, the Vancouver Canucks played a Calgary Flames team on a quick turnaround.from the night before. Were they fatigued? Perhaps, but after getting the first goal, you could tell that this was a game that Calgary was outclassed in. The Canucks slowly took over the game about midway through the second and couple of lucky goals past backup Henrik Karlsson.

For full scoring chance data and post-game analysis, click past the jump...

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15 Points to Consider

Jeff Angus
December 04 2011 06:17PM

The Nuge has impressed Jeff Angus, that and more!

1. The following point has been raised numerous times over on the DobberHockey forums. Why does fantasy hockey include PIM as a measurable statistic? The reason why stats aside from goals and assists are included in most pools is to increase the number of relevant players. It is fun to construct a roster that needs to be well rounded. However, rewarding PIM seems very counterintuitive to real life hockey.

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December 04 2011 03:49PM

The first NationRadio broadcast of December 2011 is a real Canadian affair. The Oilers, Jets, Flames and Leafs are all given their due with the legendary Lowetide. What about the Canadiens and Senators you ask? Well, we just don't care about them is all.

This is NationRadio.

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