Nicklas Jensen Channels Forsberg with Sweet Shootout Deke

Thomas Drance
March 27 2013 10:16PM

It's trade deadline week, so much of the chatter will inevitably turn to the decrepit state of Vancouver's prospect pool. If only Mike Gillis drafted moar Vancouvers Giants, am I right?

Well how about this Nicklas Jensen shootout goal from Wednesday night's game against the Oklahoma City Barons? Yep, he pulled off the classic Forsberg 'cross body backhander shootout deke and man, is it a thing of beauty.

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Evening Headshots: March 27th

Thomas Drance
March 27 2013 08:47PM

Awesome Vancouver Canucks Game of Thrones House Cigil per HabsLaughs.

Today at your friendly neighbourhood Canucks blog we recapped Tuesday night's tedious Canucks shootout victory over Columbus, suspended our disbelief regarding the NHL's arbitrary supplemental discipline apparatus, kicked off our trade deadline preview series with a thorough inventory of where the Canucks, what they need and what trade chips they have to play with and continued with our Bold Moves series with a look back at the David Booth purchase.

Read past the jump for the new goalie controversy, tales of boredom and Canucks themed front lawns.

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Bold Moves: The David Booth Purchase

Thomas Drance
March 27 2013 04:43PM

Yesterday we kicked off the "Bold Moves" series with our attempt at a hindsight-free retrospective on the Keith Ballard deal. We'll continue in a similar vein with that series today, as we take a look at the David Booth purchase. 

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Trade Deadline 2013: Inventory

Thomas Drance
March 27 2013 12:23PM

Photo Credit: (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Show me the hockey fan who doesn't love hockey-trades - and I'll show you a liar.

With that in mind, Canucks Army will be bringing you an exhaustive trade deadline preview from now through next Wednesday's deadline. We'll look into Canucks deadline history, drool over unicorns, and circle menacingly over the cellar-dwelling carcasses of the "sure-fire sellers" at the 2013 trade deadline. All five of them.

Today, however, we'll start our 2013 Deadline Preview series with some yeoman's work: a thorough inventory of Canucks needs, assets, possible strategy and cap-space. What should the Canucks look to add, what chips do they have to play with, how much cap-space do they really possess, and how much risk should the Canucks take at the deadline? All that and more, just click past the jump!

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Making Sense of the NHL's Supplementary Discipline System

Graphic Comments
March 27 2013 09:28AM

Never has a phrase been more appropriate than this one...

Want to make sense of the NHL's decision making process for handing out suspensions? Start by adjusting your quaint expectations about the application of logic, consistency or fairness.

The NHL is, after all, in the entertainment business. And you wouldn't go into the latest installment of GI Joe and quibble over the contrived plot, right? No, you'll check your senses at the door and enjoy the improbable physics of the action sequences intersperced with wooden dialogue, while stuffing yourself with two days worth of sugar and salt that you paid $15 for.

What does this have to do with the NHL's discipline system? Well, it's pretty clear that the only way to make any sort of sense of it, is to suspend your disbelief and just accept it, no matter how absurd it might actually be seem. As the Wikipedia entry on 'suspension of disbelief' makes clear, the onus is on you to make sense of the decisions, rather than on the NHL to make decisions that make sense:

The phrase "suspension of disbelief" came to be used more loosely in the later 20th century, often used to imply that the burden was on the reader, rather than the writer, to achieve it.

And, if you're not willing to suspend your disbelief, you might as well give up any form of entertainment and spend your time on the internet pointing out the plot holes in movies like Toy Story 3. I'll give you a head start: IT'S A CARTOON, FOR #@$%#'s SAKE!!!

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