Game Review: WCQ Gm1

Cam Davie
April 14 2011 09:49AM

Let's hope there's plenty more of this to come.
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Quarterfinal Game 1 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks got their playoff season off to the perfect start with a 2-0 shutout win over their post-season nemesis, the Chicago Blackhawks.

And I liked what I saw.

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Unless I Miss My Guess, We're In For One Wild Night: Canucks & Blackhawks

Yankee Canuck
April 13 2011 07:08PM


Chicago Blackhawks @ Vancouver Canucks

  7:00 PM PST

Hawks (regular season stats) Canucks
44 Wins 54
29 Losses 19
9 OTL 9
3.07 (4th) Goals/Game 3.15 (1st)
2.68 (T-12th) Goals Against/Game 2.20 (1st)
23.1% (4th) PP 24.3% (1st)
79.2% (25th) PK 85.6% (T-2nd)

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GDR: WCQ Gm 1 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
April 13 2011 09:47AM

The Canucks and the Blackhawks are different teams this year.
The Canucks are better and the Blackhawks are way less dickish.
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Quarterfinal Game 1 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Can the Vancouver Canucks finally defeat the Chicago Blackhawks in a 7-game series? Have the Canucks off-season improvements been enough? Will the personnel losses to the Blackhawks doom them? Will the Canucks incredible regular season carry forward into the playoffs?

We will finally get some answers to all those questions, starting today as Game 1 of the Canucks/Blackhawks first round series goes tonight in Vancouver.

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The Playoff Prediction Project

Jonathan Willis
April 12 2011 02:19PM



The regular season is ended. Now cometh upon us the time of the playoff.

Not coincidentally, the time of playoff prediction is here.

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Series Preview: Canucks/Blackhawks

Cam Davie
April 11 2011 10:59PM

Look! Burrows has now obtained the power of levitation. That should come in handy in the playoffs.
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

The Vancouver Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks will meet in the playoffs for third consecutive year. While the Blackhawks deservingly won both previous editions of their playoff battles, the Canucks are a much improved team over the last two years.

But it seems like it was written in the stars that if the Vancouver Canucks want to progress in the playoffs, they will have to beat their conquerer. Will the third time be the charm?

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