Raffi Torres Messes Up

Thomas Drance
October 30 2011 10:15PM

Well it looks like Paul Bissonette's usually flawless twitter usage has finally got one of his teammates into trouble. That teammate: former Canucks forward Raffi Torres, who I personally loved as a Canuck. Raffi, however, made the idiotic mistake of doing blackface on Halloween, when he dressed as Jay-Z and his wife dressed as a pregnant Beyonce Knowles. Seriously people, don't do it, don't wear black-face on Halloween, or ever. It's stupid, it's ignorant, and it just doesn't fly.

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Interview with Frank Corrado

Thomas Drance
October 30 2011 04:55PM

This afternoon I got to talk with Canucks prospect Frank Corrado after his team, the Sudbury Wolves defeated the Brampton Battalion by a score of 4-1. Frank and I talked about the game, Corrado's being an on-ice trash talking chatterbox, the season he's having in Sudbury and Movember. Enjoy!

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Scariest Canucks of the Past Decade Part II

Jeff Angus
October 30 2011 04:09PM

Editors note: if you missed part I of Jeff's two part series, you can read it here.

In honour of Halloween, here are a few more of the scariest players to don the Orca crest over the past 10 seasons. Scary, of course, has a variety of meanings. For the purposes of this column, it could describe a player’s appearance, his poor play, or the boldness of his eyebrows (spoiler alert).

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: October 30th Edition

Jonathan Willis
October 30 2011 03:19PM

After many requests, we’ve finally sat down and updated the standings in the Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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Roberto Luongo: A study into the dynamics of facial expressions

The Stanchion
October 30 2011 02:47PM

Luongo in the stands

 (Can also be found under the alternate title,  “Yo Roberto, wtf?”)

Roberto Luongo is one of the most polarizing sporting figures in Vancouver history. There haven’t been too many players that have gotten the city up in arms in a debate on a day to day basis like Roberto has. And if you add in the impact social media has had on the way we view players, well it’s no surprise that everyone you meet in Vancouver most likely has a theory or viewpoint about Roberto Luongo.  

“He eats too many hotdogs!” claims Wes from Vancouver. “He needs to adjust his T-Push, his angle is off by .3 degrees, any moron can see that” shouts Leah from White Rock. “His hair is pretty greasy, I think he needs to switch up shampoo brands” states Lena from Burnaby. It seems everyone has something to say about Roberto Luongo, good or bad.

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