Last Place

Brian O'Neill
October 06 2009 10:38AM


I thought that this should be posted. Disgusting.


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Undefeated vs. Underwhelming

Brian O'Neill
October 05 2009 02:36PM

Lets hope Lou can keep his GAA below 3 tonight.

The Canucks, after two gruesome games last week have come home to raise a banner and hope not to get boo'd off the ice. But have no fear faithful, Coach AV took the time to explain to the Twins what a penalty is and what constitutes a penalty so we should have a better proportion of PP's to PKs.

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Defence and Discipline - FIX IT!

Cam Davie
October 04 2009 12:38AM

After 2 straight loses to start this season, there are two obvious issues with the Vancouver Canucks. They need to drastically improve both their defensive play and their discipline. They need to identifty the problem, address it and FIX IT!

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For reals?

Brian O'Neill
October 03 2009 11:33PM

Ok, seriously? The fabled cup contending-Canucks have had their asses handed to them two games in a row. It's time to play the blame game.

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Good morning PLANET EARTH

October 03 2009 01:28AM

No doubt you've noticed some changes around here. Yeah, this is has been sometime in the making. We had to enslave an entire wing of the local library to find the nerd-power necessary to get this far.

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