Picking the winner of the Stanley Cup Finals

Jonathan Willis
May 29 2012 02:46PM

So far, these playoffs have defied prediction, as our playoff prediction contest tends to demonstrate. Interestingly though, there seems to be a very clear favourite in the series between Los Angeles and New Jersey.

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Canucks Team Needs: A Top Four Defenseman

Thomas Drance
May 28 2012 12:56PM

Beyond Bieksa and Hamhuis: the Canucks defense-corps is a big question mark going into this offseason.

As the ink dries on Alain Vigneault's long-awaited (and controversial) contract extension, and with the brush fires Vigneault started with comments regarding Kesler's injury and Luongo's trade request more or less extinguished by Mike Gillis - we're probably in for a slow week (or two) of Canucks news. To help pass the time we'll be running a series this week that looks at what didn't quite work for the Canucks this past season. We'll diagnose some issues, poke at some holes in the roster and discuss some possible offseason remedies for what ails Vancouver's hockey club. We're calling it our "Canucks Team Needs" series, and it starts today with a look at the blue-line.

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NHLNumbers Logo Contest Entries

Kent Wilson
May 28 2012 11:55AM



Just over a week ago we announced a contest to design a new NHLNumbers logo. And aside from those designers who castigated us for soliciting spec work or something, the response was fairly positive. We received a number of excellent entries which we have been poring over with serious minds and profound thoughts.

It's too difficult a decision for us, I think, so we'd like reader impressions as well. We'll forgo the easily skew-able web poll in favor of yays or nays in the comments. Share your thoughts and we'll pick the winner from the finalists by the end of the day.

Thanks again to to everyone who participated.

First up we have what was obviously the strongest submission -

Luckily it was from Nations Network owner Wanye Gretz who was therefore ineligible to enter. Nevertheless, he clearly set a pretty high bar.

Following in no particular order are the true potentials:

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Nation Radio - May 26, 2012

May 27 2012 12:02PM

Hands up anyone who picked an LAK/NJD Stanley Cup final heading into the season. Anyone? Bueller?

It's been an especially odd post-season, with favorites falling and previously apathetic fanbases awakening suddenly to their team's unexpected success. If the Kings win the cup, as they should, will that victory be met with a bang or a whimper in Los Angeles? To be fair to that city, it has been so long since their team enjoyed any notable success that they can be forgiven if they forgot about hockey for awhile.

Allan discussed this and a variety of other topics with Kent Wilson, David Staples, Kirk Luedeke and others on this week's show.

This is Nation Radio.

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Cheers and Jeers - May 25th

Cam Davie
May 25 2012 12:11PM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of... "Cheers and Jeers!"

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