Canucks Should Stay the Course

Kent Wilson
July 13 2011 09:35AM



One of the most persistent memes that has cropped up since the Canucks lost in the cup finals is the club needs to get tougher. Or, from another angle, the Boston Bruins won because they "bullied" Vancouver. Tony Gallagher says as much here:

The difficulty comes just where it came this year in the playoffs as teams like Boston and Nashville ground away at the best team in the league. It comes in the form of injuries to your players as well as the intimidation of the players who actually go on the ice and take the risks they do knowing there are lunkheads on the other team. How effective, for instance, will Daniel Sedin be in the six games against Edmonton if he knows Eager is perfectly free to take a run at him and try to put him through the boards and all that might happen is a suspension to a team with little chance to make the playoffs.


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The best defensive group in the league

Cam Charron
July 12 2011 09:50PM


 (Cam Charron continues to look at general NHL issues for us here at the Nations. This week, he investigates the Sharks new top-four defense rotation and wonders if it's one of the best in the league)

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Canucks Army Podcast: Episode 2

Thomas Drance
July 12 2011 12:57PM

What will the Northwest Division look like next year? Kent and I have some answers.

First of all, I was surprised by how many downloads and listens we had of our very first episode, so - I'd like to thank you all kindly for checking it out! We're learning as we go here, and this episode has none of the technical difficulties that the first episode had - so enjoy!

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Review: The Newbies

Cam Davie
July 12 2011 12:07PM

Marco Sturm is the most high profile player the Canucks have acquired this off-season.
Yeah. I'm underwhelmed too. But if he has a bounce back season, LOOK OUT.
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

We're almost two full weeks through the NHL Free Agency season, and the Vancouver Canucks have been nothing but a bit player. While teams like the Panthers, Sabres and Flyers have been crazy in the free agent and trade market, the Canucks have stood pat, choosing instead to build their organizational depth.

So who exactly have the Canucks acquired in the past two weeks? Let's take a look!

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July 11 2011 03:02PM

Some little kids have that special X factor that leave you saying "yep, that kid is gonna go somewhere someday." Take this little fella dancing his heart out to MJ at Safeco Field. Even though he is six years old - or thirty - we have no kids so can't tell how old they are unless we cut them in half and count their rings - he is already a champ.

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