GDRC - Coyotes @ Canucks

Cam Davie
March 30 2010 10:12AM

Phoenix Coyotes v Vancouver Canucks

Sorry SOB. You slept in. No game for you tonight.

The Vancouver Canucks return home for one game as they face the Phoenix Coyotes tonight at GM Place, and the Canucks have a tough test on their hands tonight. While the Canucks have cooled off lately, the Coyotes have been arguably the NHL's best in the past three weeks.

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Getting To The Hart Of The Matter

Kristian Urstad
March 29 2010 05:05PM

Vancouver Canucks v Philadelphia Flyers

Typically the Hart Trophy goes to the flashier player and to the candidate with the most goals. But what is flashy and why is the flashy player often equated with being the league’s most valuable player? Ditto for goal-scoring. Why is scoring goals almost always taken to be more valuable than setting them up?

I have no doubt that Ovechkin will yet again be afforded the title of the league’s most valuable player. But should he? Isn’t there a better candidate here in Vancouver?

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GDRC - Canucks @ Sharks

Cam Davie
March 27 2010 11:33AM


For the second time in 9 days, the Vancouver Canucks face the San Jose Sharks, as both clubs sit atop their respective divisions.Nine days ago, the Canucks started strong and played a solid game to win 3-2 in Vancouver. This time around, there is a lot of talk and questions around Roberto Luongo. The question is, "Is he 'back'?"

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Around the League - Picking winners

Jason Gregor
March 25 2010 02:33PM

With just over two weeks remaining in the season, the push for the playoffs and home-ice advantage is on. The race for the playoffs isn’t that exciting unless you are a Flames fan and you died a slow death last night watching the Avs and Wings win.

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Whose Record?

Stephen Webb
March 25 2010 12:33PM

Reception in US embassy to mark Independence Day

With Henrik Sedin's 3 point night against the Ducks, Hank is back on a pace that could potentially approach the Canucks single season record (how's that for equivocation).  If he continues along the same lines, he'll end up with 109.702 points, but I'll leave it to Canucks Army's stat specialist Cam Davie to figure out how he picks up the 0.702. Maybe that's the value of a second assist on an empty net goal.

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