Luongo Starts Against the Blackhawks

Thomas Drance
January 31 2013 02:16PM

Photo Credit: Jeff Vinnick

The news has come down that the Vancouver Canucks wil start elite netminder Roberto Luongo instead of elite netminder Cory Schneider in Friday night's grudge match against the Chicago Blackhawks. Oy vey.

In some ways it's appropriate. The Canucks organization's seeming preference for Cory Schneider in "big games" dates back to game six of the preliminary round matchup between the Canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2010-11 postseason. You'll recall that, on the heels of two rough outings for Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider was selected to start that contest. Ultimately he didn't finish it, partly as a result of anxiety induced cramps, but it was the first clear indication that the Canucks were legitimately weighing their options going forward.

Those options were weighed and twelve months later Cory Schneider's ascendance came to pass in game three of the 2011-12 postseason, when Schneider was tapped to play the final three games of Vancouver's first round series against the Los Angeles Kings. After a summer in which Luongo trade speculation ran rampant (and continued, against all odds, during the lockout), it was presumed that the sun was rising on the Cory Schneider era in Vancouver.

But with Luongo set to start his third straight game on Friday, it looks like perhaps the Cory Schneider era lasted a grand total of eight games. Read on past the jump.

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On Jason Garrison, Canucks Defenders and Shooting Accuracy

Patrick Johnston
January 31 2013 12:38PM

But can you hit the net, Mr Garrison? (photo: Patrick Johnston)

So Jason Garrison finally hit the net and he scored? Wicked, but should that counter all the awful shots he took before that? Remember how you were bleating about cutting  him from the team just twenty or so hours ago, Canucks fans?

Well relax, soldier. Here's a little truth for you about defencement shooting from the point, how often they hit the net, and whether it makes any difference in a team winning or losing.

Defencemen miss the net more than you realize. On average, about a third of the time; and that's of the shots that aren't blocked before they get to the net.

Some truths about point shots after the jump...

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The Good, the Bad and the New Guy

Marda Miller
January 31 2013 12:10PM

Photo Credit: Jeff Vinnick.

This is a weekly feature that will highlight The Good, The Bad and The *fill in the blank* exciting things that are currently happening in the NHL. Kesler Who? (Good), Rivalries Rock (Bad) and The New Guy Scores!

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Strombabble: An Extroverted Look at Potential Luongo Trade Destinations

Jeff Angus
January 31 2013 09:45AM

Now that the 2013 NHL season is a few weeks old, we are able to begin to form some preliminary thoughts and opinions on teams and players across the league. Because of the condensed schedule, this season is going to be more difficult than a typical 82-game season to predict. The larger the sample size in a given situation, the lower the impact that luck and randomness have on the outcome.

And the opposite holds true for a shortened season with a smaller sample size (in this case, a 48 game season). If the Canucks don’t get Ryan Kesler and/or David Booth back soon, they may be facing an uphill battle in the Western Conference, as they won’t have the benefit of 82 games to get back on track as a dominant hockey club.

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Luongo selfishly extends goalie controversy - Recap and chance data

Cam Charron
January 31 2013 12:04AM

Photo from Rich Lam/NHLInteractive

Well, a lot of things happened in the Vancouver Canucks most recent win over the Colorado Avalanche. I missed part of the game because I took a time machine back to the year 2007, because it's been a while since Roberto Luongo and the Sedin twins so obviously carried a game for this team.

That's not too fair to the rest of the forward group. I haven't watched every Canucks game this season, but my impression has been that the group has been the weaker team most nights. That, combined with a 2-2-2 start, and it was probably a good night for the team to face a weak divisional foe missing inarguably its best two players in Gabriel Landeskog and Ryan O'Reilly. Also, the Canucks have seemed to have beaten Colorado every single game since the Peter Forsberg and Joe Sakic era.

And the team responded well. They, well crushed Colorado in every aspect of the game, as they probably should have done. Our detailed recap is below.

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