Afternoon Headshots: February 18th

Patrick Johnston
February 18 2013 04:20PM

Let's open with Jim Robson's old "special hello to hospital patients and shut-ins, the pensioners, the blind, all the people who don't get out to games but still love the great sport of hockey..."

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What to do with David Booth?

Patrick Johnston
February 18 2013 12:57PM

The man with the Golden Flow, remember him?

Drove everyone nuts - and not just because of his hunting tweets?

The guy that seemed to always drive to the net, only not to score?

Yeah, him.

Well, he's back. (Or, if you prefer the underdog angle: Andrew Ebbett is on waivers.)

A season ago, many were giddy that the Canucks were able to ship out damaged goods Mikael Samuelsson and German-what's-his-name (footnote: Marco Sturm) for a young and fast talent named David Booth. 

Even when he went down with injury in early December, no one worried, he'd been scoring a bit; then he came back and kept scoring.

And then it was February and he apparently couldn't score anymore. 

So who are you, David Booth? What should the Canucks lineup look like when you return?

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Canucks lose to Blues, or when dominating 70 percent of the game doesn't work

Patrick Johnston
February 17 2013 11:37PM

Oh pooey. Wait, that's Keith Tkachuk. And Luongo's mask is all wrong. What. Is. Going. On. (Photo: Jeff Vinnick/NHLi)

Pretty straightforward analysis here - take your chances, don't give up many to the other team, and who the hell knows what will happen in the shootout.

And maybe buy an iPad. Studying does actually help. Those of us who have been to school know that paying attention before the test usually leads to better results; of course most of still didn't do that. Then again, most of us weren't playing professional sport.


The Canucks and Blues played a pretty tepid game through two periods, keeping each other to the outside - a chess game, Henrik is said to have described it as, post-game - before the Canucks exploded in the third. That explosion was on-going even before the Blues surprisingly banged home the go-ahead goal and the home team was forced to chase down the game and force overtime.

You know about the rest, but for some chance data and some analysis, click past ye ol' jumpe.

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Game 14 Preview: Blues @ Canucks

Thomas Drance
February 17 2013 02:23PM


On the heels of a 4-3 regulation loss at the hands of the Dallas Stars on Friday, the Canucks will look to get back on track against Ken Hitchcock, David Backes and the St. Louis Blues on Sunday night. The Blues are off to a slow start this season relative to expectations, but make no mistake: this is a very, very good possession team and they'll represent a stiff test for the Canucks. That is if their goaltending holds...

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The Agony of Manny Malhotra

Patrick Johnston
February 17 2013 11:17AM

In a different universe, this doesn't happen. 

The puck never hits him in the eye; he doesn't need major surgery to save his eye; there doesn't have to be a major comeback. No decision is ever forced about his elite-level usefulness by the pressures of a salary cap.

But of course it doesn't work this way.

March 16th, 2011. That's when it all changed, when control was lost.

We all like to believe that we control our lives, that ultimately we have influence in what happens next. Oftentimes, this is the case. But in many instances, it's not.

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