The toughest division

Jean Lefebvre
July 24 2009 11:03AM


Earlier this week, in the course of discussing a different topic, the conversation drifted to the relative mediocrity of the Northwest Division. It wasn’t so long ago that the Northwest was being touted as the best in the National Hockey League, and if that claim was debatable then, it would be preposterous now.

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Canucks Sign Four - Are Hodgson and Grabner Now Locks?

Cam Davie
July 22 2009 05:05PM

Mike Gillis and the Vancouver Canucks signed four separate players today, with the assumption that they will all likely be playing with the Manitoba Moose next season.

So is this the biggest sign yet that Cody Hodgson and Michael Grabner are locks to play for the Canucks this season?

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Kaberle to Canucks Makes No Sense

Cam Davie
July 17 2009 07:47PM


Let me explain.

Kaberle is exactly what the Canucks NEED on their blueline. However, a quick analysis of the Canucks current assets and the Leafs current needs shows that this proposed trade doesn't line up.

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Hitting and Winning Games

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 07:30PM


It’s frequently stated that physicality and a strong hitting game lead to winning. With that in mind, I decided to look at how the five highest hitting teams each season over the past decade compared with the five lowest hitting teams.

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Jonathan Willis
July 16 2009 09:03AM


Back in January, TSN had an article up on their website about Canucks’ GM Mike Gillis approaching the NHL to request a softer schedule. With the NHL schedule coming out yesterday, what has the result been?

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