Report: Red Wings and Ducks "In On Alex Edler"

Dimitri Filipovic
June 30 2013 01:35PM

Image via wikimedia commons.

The 2013 NHL Draft is underway, and by all accounts, there should be a fair share of wheeling and dealing before all is said and done. With the Vancouver Canucks not having a draft pick - as of right now, at least - until 24th overall, much of the intrigue for fans is on the trade front.

Of course much of the focus has been on the two goaltenders the team has, with reports of Cory Schneider being "on the table" recently surfacing. However, as the trade rumours have really started to heat up, it has become abundantly clear that their puck-moving defenceman, Alex Edler, may very well be the team's most desirable asset

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Canucks 2013 NHL Draft Preview

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 11:59AM

The 2013 NHL Entry Draft is only an hour away, and their is of course a high volume of trade talks and rumours floating around on the draft floor and in the ether. Let's round up the latest ahead of this years marathon, one day event.

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Gauging the Market for Goaltenders with Schneider and Luongo on the Block

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 11:16AM

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Hockey fans have heard a lot over the past week about the supposed plethora of goaltending options available to clubs on the market. On draft Sunday we've already heard that Sergei Bobrovsky is being shopped by Columbus (after he reportedly made a six million dollars per season contract demand this week), while Mike Smith is close to finalizing a six year contract with the Phoenix Coyotes worth 5.66 million per season (yikes). 

Meanwhile after fourteen months of shopping Roberto Luongo, Mike Gillis may have finally found a team willing to have Luongo's life-time contract on the books going forward. Unfortunately that team is the Canucks. The Canucks are reportedly shopping Cory Schneider this morning, with the Oilers and a handful of other teams reportedly in the mix. Vancouver's asking price is reportedly, and sensibly, sky high.

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Morning Rumour Round-Up: Edler Notes, Goalie Updates

Blake Murphy
June 30 2013 09:11AM

Could power play anchor Alex Edler be on the move?
Image via wikimedia commons.

It's draft day, which means a potentially major news day and certainly a big rumor day. Canucks Army's Thomas Drance is on the frontlines at the draft but a few others will be checking in with any news updates as the day moves along.

The big rumors this morning are carry-overs from last night. Namely, there are indications that the Canucks are feeling out a potential Cory Schneider move instead of a Roberto Luongo deal (a move which makes sense in basic economics terms, since you'd maximize your total assets that way, but it's one that might not be plausible). There are also the somewhat newer rumblings that defenceman Alex Edler could be on the move.

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The Calm Before the Storm: A New Paradigm?

Thomas Drance
June 29 2013 05:54PM

On Saturday afternoon Mike Gillis met with the media ahead of Sunday's NHL entry draft in New York. Gillis addressed the Cory Schneider trade rumours, the teams desire to move up at the draft, and how busy the club was in talking to other teams about potential deals. "We've got a lot of balls in the air," Gillis told reporters on more than one occassion, adding that "when there's good players being talked about, there's potential for lots of movement."

There have been a flurry of reports throughout Saturday regarding the Canucks and a potential seachange in their posture as regards a goaltending trade. While it still looks to me like the Canucks and Gillis are most likely to keep Cory Schneider and are just deploying a "mad man" approach to disguise their intentions, a variety of reports from guys way more plugged in than I suggest that the Caucks have abruptly changed course on the goalie trade front, are resigned to keeping Roberto Luongo, and are aggressively shopping Cory Schneider ahead of Sunday's draft...

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