Contract News: Gragnani, Rome, Ebbett, Duco, Oreskovich all on their way out

Thomas Drance
June 25 2012 03:18PM

Last summer, I would often tell my Twitter followers to disregard much of what the @News1130Sports twitter feed put out there. It was inconsistent, and occasionally misinformed and misleading. But it has undergone some sort of massive revamp and has become - easily - the most up to date source for breaking Canucks news over the past month.

The 1130 feed was the first out of the gate reporting the qualifying offers to Schneider, Lack and Weise several days ago, then broke the "Jensen to play in Sweden" news late last week, and today has been nailing it on unqualified restricted free-agents, and on which of Vancouver's pending Unrestricted Free Agents are likely to hit the open market in five days time. Kudos to them for their good work, they're are absolutely crushing it of late and are a must follow.

Today they gave us another round of breaking news regarding the status of Aaron Rome, Andrew Ebbett and Victor Oreskovich. Later in the day Ben Kuzma broke the news regarding the status of Ryan Parent, Marc-Andre Gragnani and Mike Duco, none of whom will return to the team.

We now have a pretty clear picture of who the Canucks will retain this summer, and who will be on their way out of the door. Let's spend a moment on each, discuss their Vancouver tenure, and touch on how easy or difficult they'll be to replace.

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Strombabble: as the dust settles

Thomas Drance
June 25 2012 12:39PM

As the NHL Draft came and went, and the dust began to settle, Roberto Luongo remained the property of the Vancouver Canucks. As the draft concluded on Saturday afternoon, Gillis played coy, and rejected the notion that the draft was any sort of formal deadline for a trade: "[a Luongo deal is] certainly not going to be done because of the pressure of selecting kids who in all likelihood aren't going to be significantly involved in this team." But the reality of the situation is that he's taking on a considerable level of risk with his obstinance.

Of course, Luongo's continued presence on the Canucks roster set off a new round of conflicting reports, anonymously sourced rumours and other scuttlebutt.

With that in mind let's dust off another installment in our Strombabble series, and dissect what's reportedly going on with Gillis' asking price, the possibility of Luongo ending up on Vancouver's AHL affiliate farm-team, and the more outlandish possibility of Luongo "steering" a potential trade toward his preferred destination - Vancouver's quadruple A farm-team: the Florida Dale Tallons.

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Vigneault talks Jensen, Kassian and Zone-Starts with Canucks Army

Cam Charron
June 25 2012 08:21AM

 At this weekend's NHL Draft, we were able to catch up briefly with Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault. We didn't have the time for a full-length interview but we got a few thoughts from him on zone starts, along with two young players in the Canucks' system in Zack Kassian and Nicklas Jensen. Questions and answers are edited for grammar.

Cam Charron: You deploy your players so much differently than any other coach in the league. How involved do you get in the player selection process?

Alain Vigneault: Not at all. This is all the amateurs [scouts]. I don't see any of the games as far as the potential players that come to our organization so we've got a great amateur scouting staff that do a great job and it's all up to them.

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Nation Radio - June 23, 2012 Entry Draft Edition

June 24 2012 09:24AM



The 2012 Entry Draft was a wild one, with an unexpected run on defenders in the top-10, the Jordan Staal and Luke Schenn trades as well as Calgary making the biggest risk/reward pick in the first round. The Nation had no less than five people on the ground in Pittsburgh watching the action and rubbing elbows with scouts and GM's alike. Yesterday, all of them talked to Allan about their takes and experiences.

This is Nation Radio.

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The 2012 NHL Entry Draft: Recap

Jonathan Willis
June 23 2012 05:16PM

The 2012 NHL Entry Draft featured a ton of action, and we had people on the ground from across the Nation Network. With the draft behind us, now's a good time to summarize the collected work done by our writers.

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