December 24 2011 01:37AM

In his second installment,  WJC  alumni Brian Sutherby talks about his behind the scenes experiences as a member of Team Canada back in 2002. It's pretty sweet if you ask us- WG

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Jason Strudwick
December 23 2011 04:47PM

Last week as I was hanging up my shoulder pads my partner, Kurt Davis, asked me how long I had been wearing them and why I even bothered. He commented on there hardly being any protection on the chest or back and how the shoulder caps are very small.

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A Mili: How Being the 1915 Vancouver Millionaires Might’ve Helped the 2011 Vancouver Canucks

John Cullen
December 23 2011 04:23PM

Before the Vancouver Canucks’ had even stopped tripping over the confetti that spilled onto the ice after their Game 5 defeat of San Jose, fans began to immediately think back to two dates: 1994, the year of the heart-wrenching Game 7 loss to the New York Rangers, and 1915: the last time the city of Vancouver won the Stanley Cup(let’s be honest, blog commenter #6, you didn’t think about 1982 for even one second. You couldn’t have. Grow up).

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Cheers and Jeers - Dec 23

Cam Davie
December 23 2011 01:31PM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers - CHRISTMAS EDITION!!

This week, I'm so mad about the Montreal coaching situation that set a car fire, Ron Maclean needs to zip his yap, plus some props to Hank Sedin and the Blackhawks (what's become of me?!)

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Game #35 Preview - Aiming to be the asBESTos in the NW

Cam Davie
December 23 2011 12:46PM

Juice getting some shap from the bench after scoring.
But he looks really pissed off about it. Meh - that's Bieksa for ya!
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #35 - Flames @ Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks get a bit of an early Christmas present tonight. If they earn a single point tonight, the Canucks will take over the Northwest Division lead, and will vault into 2nd place in the Western Conference, right behind their bitter rival, the Chicago Blackhawks. And the gift comes in the form of the Calgary, against whom the Canucks are 9-0-1 in their last 10 games.

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