Canucks take Schroeder at 22. And there's Luongo!

Cam Davie
June 27 2009 11:11AM


From Richard Loat (@mozy19)...

"Love how all the teams had token french speakers, the #Canucks bust out Luongo. That's how we roll."

That's right, that IS how we roll!

And didn't you just LOVE how the Montreal faithful cheered him? Beautiful!

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Live blog... NHL Draft Day 2 - Tambellini on Brodziak trade!

Jason Gregor
June 27 2009 08:10AM


8:05 a.m. MST

Day two doesn't have the same build up as day one, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more trades today.

And just like that the Day starts with a bang. And it is a piss in your cornflakes day for Oiler fans.

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LIVE BLOG... from the Draft floor

Jason Gregor
June 26 2009 10:51AM

draftfloor411:00 am MST

It pays to get up early some days.

Because I got my accreditation late I wanted to make sure everything was still good, so I hoofed it to the Bell Centre. I wasn't on the list, which I expected, but once I showed my card I got my mug shot. I now work for the TEAM 1250, not 1260. It's a better keepsake that way.

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Jambalaya of Rumors and Speculation

Brian O'Neill
June 26 2009 10:26AM


First, Luongo has not signed anything, nor can he prior to the first of July. A pundit from ESPN stated that a deal was in place. ESPN also spends less on hockey in a year than the entire population of Phoenix.

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Gregor on the road II: Thursday's on Thursday

Jason Gregor
June 26 2009 06:54AM


I’ve always been a believer in Karma, and tonight augmented that belief.

When I found out I was going I went through my media guide because it has a list of hotels in each city. I called the first few and they were sold out, I eventually settled on Hotel Inter-Continental. I had until Wednesday to cancel my reservation, and I don’t know why, but I did a Google search of it Wednesday morning.

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