Northwest review (US edition)

Jean Lefebvre
July 07 2009 08:15PM


Those ill-conceived knee-jerk rushes to judgment after the first few days of the free-agency period are so annoying, mostly because they get in the way of our own ill-conceived knee-jerk rushes to judgment.

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Who is the Canucks Dance Partner?

Cam Davie
July 07 2009 10:42AM


Are they trade winds a-blowin'? It would certainly appear that way. But the question is... Who are the Canucks trading?

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Canucks Sign Andrew Raycroft

Jonathan Willis
July 06 2009 01:39PM

The Canucks have signed ex-Avalanche goaltender Andrew Raycroft to a contract.

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So now what?

Cam Davie
July 03 2009 10:07AM


So what do the Canucks do now?

Do they sign a couple of free agents? Are they going to offer up a big trade? Do they re-sign Mats Sundin? Are they counting on Cody Hodgson making the team? What do they at backup goalie?

Does Mike Gillis have some master plan for filling out the rest of this team?

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Bouw knows defence . . . probably

Jean Lefebvre
July 03 2009 12:34AM


So far, the war that was furiously waged in baseball between statheads and “stats?-we-don’t-need-no-steenking-stats” traditionalists has been a relatively under-the-radar skirmish in hockey.

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