Canucks Re-Sign Tom Sestito for Two Years

Thomas Drance
May 29 2013 11:46AM

Realistically this was Sestito's most memorable moment as a Canucks skater last season.

Tom Sestito is an okay fourth-line pugilist type. He announced today on Twitter that he's been re-signed by the Canucks for two seasons:

The Canucks have confirmed the signing, and here's a link to the press release.

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Coaching Candidate Profile: Dave Tippett

Patrick Johnston
May 29 2013 11:18AM

Image via wikimedia commons.

Dave Tippett is a veteran coach, meticulous, known to get along well with players as long as they understand the need to work hard. He'd be a solid fit for the Vancouver Canucks.

Of course, he's also still under contract with the Phoenix Coyotes, but only until the end of June though the 'Yotes are doing everything they can to retain him. Whether Tippett re-signs there or not has everything to do with ownership in the desert. What a surprise.

There's a lot to consider in Tippett's resume, but there's also a lot to consider about what it is that Mike Gillis wants from his next head coach.

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Late Afternoon Headshots: May 28th

Thomas Drance
May 28 2013 06:06PM

Via Chloe Ezra, the ultimate "Edler controversy" .gif.

It was a rainy day in Vancouver, but a sunny day at Canucks Army where we discussed Anton Rödin's decision to eschew North American hockey in favour of a return to the Swedish Elite League, continued on with our coaching profile series by taking a look at Toronto Marlies bench boss Dallas Eakins, had a complete epiphany when we realized that Dustin Brown grew up a Canucks fan, and talked briefly about Lindy Ruff, a guy who isn't a candidate for the head-coaching position in Vancouver.

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Not a coaching candidate profile: Lindy Ruff

Cam Charron
May 28 2013 01:29PM

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Of all the names that have surfaced thus far in the search for the next Vancouver Canucks coach, Lindy Ruff is one of them. And it's odd that his name keeps coming up. There's no shortage of NHL teams that are run like a banana republic in regards to coaching, where the name on the coach's office is often printed in masking tape rather than anyone splurging on a $10 engraving that you can get done at the mall. Yet it took more than a decade for any of the major faces in the Buffalo Sabres organization to face the proverbial firing squad.

Ruff, who failed to turn a team with new money into a team that made the playoffs, took the bullet, but most analysts could probably deduce that the issue in Buffalo was the frivolous spending of general manager Darcy Regier. After years of icing competitive teams on a budget nowhere close to the cap, Regier wasn't a scrupulous with Pegula-bucks, spending buckets of money on Ville Leino and Christian Ehrhoff, trading for Robyn Regehr, opening the books to re-sign Tyler Myers and Drew Stafford, and then throwing it all away by trading for Steve Ott last summer.

The team stunk. Awful, awful, awful, and Ruff bit the bullet, though through no fault of his own. Read past the jump.

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Dustin Brown Grew up a Canucks Fan, Which Explains Everything

Thomas Drance
May 28 2013 10:55AM

Image via wikimedia commons.

Dustin Brown is a first ballot jerk puck hall of famer. He's the total package: a shameless embellisher and a frequent cheap shot artist who, for whatever reason, has repeatedly pushed the limits of "honourable" play and escaped with an unblemished reputation as a true blue playoff warrior and American hero. There's no judgement here at this Canucks blog, we have no moral issue with diving and lots of respect for how good Dustin Brown is at it. He's way better at it, for example, than Ryan Kesler is (both of them dive, but only one of them never gets calls anymore because of it)...

On Monday in a media scrum in Los Angeles, Dustin Brown made a startling admission, albeit an admission that explains pretty much everything about the way he is. Apparently Dustin Brown grew up a Canucks fan. 

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