June 07 2010 05:26PM

What a wonderful hockey match last night. Hat tip to Ross Creek for the photograph suggestion.

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June 05 2010 07:35PM

Stupid Flyers tie up the stupid series and stupid Pronger probably thinks his puck stealing antics might have tipped the scales. And now the NHL - who had a great idea with this backwards footage commercials - pump them out like there's no tomorrow.


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Jason Gregor
June 03 2010 02:45PM

As the Stanley Cup Finals wind down, I wonder if Patrick Kane is the most under-rated player in the NHL; or at least from the Canadian media and fans. Jonathon Toews gets more accolades than Kane, and despite his 22 points, to Toews 27; Kane hasn’t been mentioned as even a possibility for the Conn Smyth.

Why I wonder?

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Mathematics 101

Stephen Webb
June 03 2010 02:30PM

Boy Counting On Fingers in Class

I don't think I'm alone in this, but one of my greatest days ever was the day I realised that I'd never have to do math ever again. Now, I don't mean that I never count, I've got 10 fingers and 10 toes for that. (Interesting sidebar, unlike Alberta, no one in Vancouver has more that 10 fingers or toes. As a condition of Mark Messier signing in Vancouver he demanded all people with extra digits have them lopped off. Only the Greatest Leader of All Time could lay claim to anything to do with the number 11, Wayne Maki and genetic freaks be damned.)  After I'd taken my last math class ever, I boarded up that part of my brain, hopefully to be never used again. But, of course as only a love of hockey can do, I've been pulled back in.

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Survivor: Canucks Prospect Edition

Cam Davie
June 02 2010 01:58PM

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers

The Canucks management has gone on a signing rampage of late.  They've inked several of their supposedly top prospects to entry-level deals in the past couple of weeks. The problem, if you want to call it a problem, is that the Canucks don't have the room in their lineup for all these prospects. Many of them will end up with the Manitoba Moose next season, who are in desperate need of replenishing. But they won't all stay in the Canucks system.

So the question is... Which Canucks prospects will stay and which will go?

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