The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Lockout

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November 14 2012 09:38AM

Don't Panic

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Lockout is a wholly remarkable book.

It looks rather like a largish sketch pad. It has just one recessed button and a rectangular screen about three inches by six inches on which any one of a million “pages” on the NHL lockout can be summoned and displayed at a moment's notice. It all looks insanely depressing, and this is one of the reasons why the protective cover it fits into has the words Don't Panic printed on it in large friendly letters.

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The Podcast That Never Was; With Daniel Wagner

Dimitri Filipovic
November 13 2012 01:13PM


Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things just don't work out. Those words have never rang truer to me than right now. On Saturday night, I was in Abbotsford to see the Heat take on the visiting Edmonton Oilers Oklahoma City Barons. Another person who happened to be in attendance was Daniel Wagner, who fancies himself a connoisseur in the art of 'giving Bulis'.

We decided to record a podcast in the media lounge during the second intermission. It was busy, and rather loud, but I figured that this was what people who live life on the edge do. So we went ahead with it. The result was a rather unforgettable amount of fun for Daniel and I, and an audio track that was a jumbled mess. It turns out that there's a valid reason why people usually record in studios designated for podcasting.

But I'm not one to go quietly into the night. And I certainly won't pretend that this never happened. So instead, I've gone ahead and transcribed the discussion for you. In case you were wondering, Daniel's voice is as sweet as his writing is eloquent. I will make sure to have him on again in the near future, to make amends. 

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Pavel Bure and Pat Quinn turned the Canucks into a team worth watching

Cam Charron
November 13 2012 11:00AM

If you're a longtime Vancouver Canucks fan born from the mid-1980s on, you came onto the team in one of two distinct eras. The most recent is the West Coast Express era, one that ended a trend of sagging attendance and teams at General Motors Place. The West Coast Express era was known for Markus Naslund's near-miss as the league's top scorer, for Heavy Eric's ode to Todd Bertuzzi, and for regular callers on Vancouver sports radio decrying the Sedin twins as not providing ample secondary scoring.

The first is the Pavel Bure era. I have a few cognitive memories from the 1992-1993 season, but unlike the time between 2007-2010, the gaps in the era aren't due to excessive alcohol consumption through undergrad, but rather because I was too friggin' young to know anybody on the team.

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Chris Higgins Doesn't Get Mainstream Attention, But He Should

Dimitri Filipovic
November 13 2012 07:27AM

A past-his-prime Scott Gomez. Tom Pyatt. Michael Busto. An over-the-hill Olli Jokinen. Brandon Prust. Evan Oberg. A third round draft pick. Those are all of the assets that Chris Higgins was traded for over the span of two years, as he transitioned from being a former lottery pick to a journeyman who couldn't find a place to stick. 

As the story goes, the Canucks weren't even all that interested in Higgins in February of 2011, when they acquired him from the Panthers at the trade deadline. They had their sights set on another player, but wound up making a deal for Higgins - who was on the shelf with a hand injury at the time - in the final minutes before the deadline in an attempt to bolster themselves on the wing for a long playoff run. 

Once he arrived in Vancouver, Higgins was able to lay claim to something that not many others could: he had called five different cities "home" over the course of the previous 20 months. Since then, he has proven to be an exceptionally valuable commodity for the Canucks, and a darling of the advanced stats community. But still, I feel that there are far too many hockey fans out there who don't appreciate what he brings to the table, and it's time that we change that.

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The meaning of Pavel Bure

Patrick Johnston
November 12 2012 03:18PM

The glory of the rush

In the hundred years of the NHL, there have been few players who lifted fans out of their seats. Many are just names from the past, but others are visceral images. Names like Richard, Morenz, Lalonde, Cook, Orr, LaFleur, Coffey...all remind us of the thrill of the end-to-end rush. 

There's a spike of adrenaline in that moment, where you begin to overflow with excitement. Seeing a player wind up at one end and then take their patented explosive first stride to gain the neutral zone is just the beginning; you hope there will bemore. The player gains the red line, the defence is retreating, then the blue line and...

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