Speed and Skill, or Size and Grit?

Jeff Angus
April 18 2013 09:08AM

Photo credit to Jeff Vinnick
Lapierre licking his chops as the playoffs approach (photo credit to Jeff Vinnick).

The Canucks, depending on who they end up facing in round one of the postseason, need to find a way to deploy three lines that are a threat to score. It is simply a requirement against three-line clubs like St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas (hey, Verne Fiddler is channeling his inner Wayne Gretzky right now). Okay, that last one may be a bit of a stretch, but the point remains.

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Afternoon Headshots: Bruins Anthem Edition

Thomas Drance
April 17 2013 06:21PM

Deviating from our usual format tonight because, let's be honest, in comparison with that scene from Boston tonight no other hockey story really matters.

Luongo, of course, nails it:

Here's footage from the upper bowl.

For most of us, hockey is a diversion, a passtime, a fun game to play and watch. But sometimes, like when Rene Rancourt stopped singing and just conducted the Boston faithful in belting out the Star Spangled Banner two days after the bombing at the Boston marathon, hockey trancends entertainment. And sports. Sometimes hockey is about comfort and community, when we need those things most.

Courage, Boston.

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Canucks Call Up Derek Joslin

Thomas Drance
April 17 2013 02:20PM

Photo via circlingthewagon.

On Wednesday morning the Canucks recalled depth defenceman Derek Joslin from the Worcester Sharks, where he's played the past 12 games on loan from the Chicago Wolves. With Kevin Bieksa and Chris Tanev out of the lineup, and all of Andrew Alberts, Keith Ballard and Cam Barker appearing totally overmatched against the Blues on Tuesday night, this move shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Read past the jump for some analysis.

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Report: Canucks, Vancouver to Host "Heritage Classic" in 2014, Anchor Expansive Slate of Six Outdoor Games

Thomas Drance
April 17 2013 12:38PM

Photograph by YVRPhoto

In the past we've considered the prospect of a Vancouver hosted outdoor game. All along we'd generally thought that a game in Vancouver featuring the Canucks and the Senators was the most likely prospect for a Cnaucks hosted outdoor game. Well, lo and behold, as Darren Dreger and TSN first reported on Tuesday evening, that will indeed come to pass on March 2nd of 2014. Though of course, it's not quite final yet as, "there are some details left to be worked out here in terms of contracts signed..."

The event will be officially called the "Heritage Classic" and will be hosted at BC Place, which I guess counts loosely at "outdoors." It will be the sixth in a massive slate of outdoor games the NHL is planning for the 2013-14 season. 

Let's get into it further on the other side of the jump.

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Canucks Escape Hairy Contest with a Bettman Point

Thomas Drance
April 16 2013 11:29PM

David Backes mocks Zack Kassian's locks.
Safe to say if those two ever throw down, it'll be a mane event! Heyo!

The St. Louis Blues are a blunt instrument of a hockey team.

St. Louis's goaltending is iffy and they can't score a lick, but they play hard and dirty, they take the body, they dominate play, and they absolutely strangle teams with their no-event stylings at even-strength. Luckily for the Canucks, their massive goaltending advantage over the Blues showed up on Tuesday night, and Vancouver's club nearly won a game they had no business even being in.

Read past the jump for scoring chance data and analysis.

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