Chris Tanev Finally Signs 1-Year Deal, Gets Douglas Murray Money

Dimitri Filipovic
August 22 2013 11:44AM

Decent money for a 3-year old (Image via ESPN)

As reported by the internet (I don't actually know who had it first, since everyone and their grandmother tweeted it in between times I refreshed my timeline) RFA defenseman Chris Tanev and the Vancouver Canucks have come to terms on a 1-year deal worth $1.5 million, finally ending the stalemate between the two sides.

Read on past the jump for more on Tanev, and his new deal.

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Prospect Profile: #7 Jordan Subban

Thomas Drance
August 22 2013 09:42AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

When the Canucks hit the breaks on Jordan Subban's draft day freefall by selecting the diminutive Belleville Bulls blue-liner in the fourth-round of the 2013 NHL entry draft, the general consensus in the industry was that the pick was something of a steal. That's an assessment that I and the other writers at CanucksArmy obviously share considering where Jordan Subban finds himself ranked on our top-20 Canucks prospects list.

The skinny on Subban is that he's an extraordinarily talented puck moving defenceman with a deceptive shot from the point and high-end skating ability. Subban was available in the fourth-round this past June, however, because his projected development carries a well above average degree of risk for a variety of reasons. We'll get into those reasons after the jump.

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Tortorella on analytics 'I want to learn more about it'

Thomas Drance
August 21 2013 09:20PM

Image via wikimedia commons

New Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella is on his way to Vancouver, slowly winding his way across the continent in a converted van with his wife and four dogs. But he took a break from his remote Wisconsin getaway to chat with Vancouver media on Wednesday evening, and wouldn't you know it, he said something indirectly referring to analytics that caught our eye. Per shooting percentage enthusiast Jason Botchford:

(Tortorella's) open to a more scientific, analytical approach to managing his team, something Canucks GM Mike Gillis presented to him early in their courtship.

“I think I’m going to learn from him because he’s into the science of the game and that’s something where I’m a bit of a Neanderthal,” Tortorella said. “I want to learn more about it.

“People should know, (Gillis) is leaving no stone unturned trying to find an edge.”

Let's unpack this comment after the jump.

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On a Tough, Poorly Timed Exchange Between the Canucks and Whitecaps FC

Thomas Drance
August 21 2013 07:47PM

I have some thoughts on this uneven spot of Vancouver professional sports franchise #shapheat, and the awful timing of the exchange from a Canucks perspective. I'll share them with you after the jump. 

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Jordan Schroeder's waiver situation complicates Canucks forward picture

Cam Charron
August 21 2013 12:13PM

As Allan Tung notes over at Fansided's The Canuck Way, Jordan Schroeder is eligible for waivers this upcoming season. Last year Schroeder was up and down between Vancouver and Chicago, but it's unlikely there will be any flights to Utica in his future—and not just because there are no flights from Vancouver to Utica offered by any airline.

This throws a small wrench into the situation of what to do about the Canucks' 13th forward. Schroeder borders on being a "ANHL" player, equivalent to baseball's AAAA, a player deemed to be a star in the minors but not quite there at the top level. Since he'll be just 23 at the start of the season, it's unlikely that the Canucks will leave him open to the waiver wire.

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