Mikhail Grabovski is available, fun to watch, and a risk worth taking

Cam Charron
August 19 2013 01:43PM

Occasional provider of useful information Steve Simmons wrote about reasons Mikhail Grabovski was not signed early on in the free agency period. It may be wise to hit "CTRL+F" to find your way down to the relevant section, especially if you're feeling a tad nauseous, dehydrated, and would like to keep your lunch in your belly:

The reason Mikhail Grabovski remains unsigned: According to one NHL GM, he wanted too much money and too much term in the early days of free agency.

“He was trying to cash in on getting the buyout and double dipping,” a general manager said. “And once everybody who wanted a centre signed them, there was no place for him to get the kind of deal he wanted.”

Now he’s unlikely to end up with either large money or long term. Although there are questions other than money about Grabovski that have been pondered in this strange hockey summer.

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Prospect Profile: #10 Kellan Lain

Dimitri Filipovic
August 19 2013 10:07AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

Last week, I wrote about Patrick McNally, the 15th ranked prospect in this series. In the lead-up to the profile itself, I mentioned the internal debate of 'reliability/safety vs. upside/potential' that needs to be had when ranking these guys. 

I professed that I personally value prospects that possess the sorts of physical tools and ceiling that allows us to believe that they could conceivably turn into "home runs" one day. However, there's a caveat; at some point, a guy projects so safely as a useful NHL role player that you can begin to overlook the potential lack of upside that he may have.

Which is a perfect transition to our 10th ranked prospect in Vancouver's system, Kellan Lain. Read on for more on what we can expect from the 6'6'' behemoth.

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Out of the System: Jeremy Price

Dimitri Filipovic
August 17 2013 01:34PM

Image via Bob Cornell

On Thursday afternoon, the deadline for NHL teams to sign former NCAA players (who had just graduated in the Spring) to entry-level contracts passed. As it turns out, the deadline came and went without any news on the Jeremy Price front; this means one of two things: the Canucks decided not to offer him a deal, or he simply chose not to sign. EIther way, this means that the organization has parted ways with their former 4th rounder.

Apparently the.. (wait for it).. (wait for it).. price wasn't right.

Read on for more on the situation, and Price himself.

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Prospect Profile: #11 Joacim Eriksson

Patrick Johnston
August 16 2013 10:30AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

"Swedish goalies, unite!"

It's a little-known fact that one of the reasons Mike Gillis was hired as Canucks GM is his Swedish-goalie power ring. It's useful in finding big Swedish dudes who want to stop pucks for a living and are highly regarded across the board.

I kid of course (about the ring part). The rest is true. Joacim Eriksson is big, and he's highly regarded.

How highly regarded? Click past the jump to find out.

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Remembering Rick Rypien Two Years Later

Dimitri Filipovic
August 15 2013 02:16PM

On this day two years ago, former Vancouver Canucks enforcer Rick Rypien was found dead in his Alberta home, just a few months after he had signed a contract with the Winnipeg Jets. While he could legitimately play hockey - unlike many of the guys who played similar roles around the league - there's no doubt that he was still known for his toughness, and what he was capable of doing when the mitts were dropped. While he only suited up for the Canucks in 136 games over the span of his career, the imprint that he left on the team and their fans is undeniable.

By all accounts he continued to be a great teammate, and friend, even amidst all of the personal turmoil he was fighting through. It was for that reason that there was such an emotional outpour from people who knew him, sharing their fondest stories from over the years. Then there were the fans, who could relate due to their own personal struggles, who were inspired to share their own stories with the world.

While it's unquestionably tragic that such a young man with so much to live for took his own life, it wasn't all for naught. His story, and that of someone like Derek Boogard, has forced the issue in shifting the discussion and awareness of mental illness from something that was long considered taboo to something that we're all now cognisant of.

In the past two years there have been many, many beautiful words written on both the subject of mental illness, and Rick Rypien himself. I don't have much else to add that hasn't already been said. So instead, I've decided that on this day, I'd simply pass along some of my personal favourite articles that have been written for those that either haven't gotten to read them yet, or would like to give them another look. After all, this is a day of remembering for most.

Read on for more.

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