GDRC - Stars @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 21 2010 01:07PM

The last time Dallas came to Vancouver, this dude was there. And that girl looks stunned. After last night's game, though, the Canucks need to get their head in the game.

The Vancouver Canucks got lucky last night. Call it payback, call it karma, call it an even-up, call it whatever you like, but the Canucks got lucky last night and beat the Edmonton Oilers.
Now, the Canucks return home to play the second half of back-to-back games, as they host the Dallas Stars tonight at GM Place.

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Super Sedins Serve Up Another Win

James C Edgington
January 21 2010 12:23PM

Brotherly love

A win for Vancouver, in this game was for most people, going to be a somewhat easy affair. Although the Canucks won in overtime Edmonton made sure that Vancouver would have to earn it the hard way. The Oilers were certainly the most dominant of the two teams in the first and second periods, especially when playing five on five. Sam Gagner was the first skater to get points on the board.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Oilers

Cam Davie
January 20 2010 11:42AM

Canucks hope to pot a TON of goals against Dubnyk and the Oilers. Everyone else has lately. Photograph by : Nick Procaylo

The Vancouver Canucks play the first of back-to-back games as they face the Edmonton Oilers at Rexall Place tonight. Although the Oilers are currently in last place in the Western Conference, those last place teams have been giving the Canucks a lot of trouble this season.

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Ron MacLean - Public Enemy #1

Cam Davie
January 18 2010 05:26PM

At least Ron isn't looking down in this picture.

Ron MacLean, less than 48 hours after airing an incredibly inflammatory segment on Alex Burrows dealing with Stephane Auger incident, appeared on TEAM1040 to discuss and defend his side of the story.

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Looking out for number one

Robin Brownlee
January 18 2010 03:44PM

Back in 1970 when the Vancouver Canucks joined the NHL, it didn't really matter that they were destined to stink like rank limburger for seasons on end because fans like me were thrilled just to have a team.

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