Best of the Nation: 12.23.12

Jonathan Willis
December 23 2012 08:48AM

Lockout talks, an Evander Kane trade, a plan to rebuild the Calgary Flames, World Junior primers and a host of other topics were covered at the Nation Network this weeks - read past the jump to see more.

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KHL: Minsk vs. Severstal, Omsk vs. Riga

Steve Dangle
December 22 2012 06:17PM


I gotta go to a game in Minsk...

Anyway - HOCKEY!


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KHL: Malkin's Gordie Howe Hat-Trick

Steve Dangle
December 21 2012 06:31PM


Malkin drops the gloves and scores some goals, Ovechkin looking better and better, and if the NHL ever comes back, you better watch out for St. Louis Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko.


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The Sedin Twins: The Epitome of Consistency

Dimitri Filipovic
December 21 2012 10:36AM

The near 19,000 in attendance have known exactly what they're going to get from these two over the past 7 years.

Over at Leafs Nation, Cam Charron, as he's one to do, rather eloquently dismantled the narrative that Phil Kessel is an inconsistent, streaky scorer. It got me thinking about the Sedins, who have been consistency personified since the (last) lockout. Even the biggest Sedin detractors - and there certainly have their fair share - can't help but marvel at how reliable they have been over the course of their peak seasons.

Since 2005-06, they have been a virtual lock for 75-85 points each (with both of them having 1 remarkable outlier of a season jumbled in there), while lacing the skates up and being out there every single night. While they haven't had the prolific 60-goal campaign of an Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos, or even a miraculous run along the lines of Sidney Crosby in 2010, they have routinely found themselves atop the list of points leaders come the end of the season.

Consistency is a skill. It's a skill which separates the transcendent players from the ones that are just good. It's impressive seeing a player put together a memorable season which vaults him into the discussion for the best the game has to offer. What's even more impressive, though, is seeing a player prove that it wasn't an abberation by maintaining his place at the top.

What do the numbers, and trends, say about the Sedins' consistency over the years?

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A Holiday Message From the Nations

Kent Wilson
December 21 2012 10:10AM


 Well it hasn't been the merriest of Christmas seasons this year has it? Instead of squeezing present shopping around Hockey Night in Canada or Battles of Alberta, we've had to put up with histrionic lawyers at press conferences, game cancellation announcements and endless debates about which side of the labor argument is more reprehensible.

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