Comets Militia Weekly Prospect Report - February 5th, 2014

Josh W
February 05 2014 10:58AM

Courtesy of @UticaComets

Welcome to this week's Comets Militia Week Prospect Report. With the extensive number of injuries and call-ups we've seen the Canucks endure over the past however many weeks, the regular everyday analysis on this platform has quickly become very Comets-centric (which isn't necessarily a good sign for the team's chances of accumulating wins). 

With that being said, there's still a bunch of things to look at and discuss in this week's report regarding players that haven't had the spotlight shined on them yet. You can read on for more on that, and if you'd like day-to-day updates on the team's prospects moving forward, make sure you follow me on twitter at @nuckprospects!

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Canucks Army Postgame: Show some mercy already for crying out loud

Dimitri Filipovic
February 04 2014 09:05PM

Is this really necessary?

I was pretty critical of the performance the Vancouver Canucks put forth against the Red Wings last night. They were shut out by a team that has been middling at best this season, which was also happened to be playing in the 2nd leg of a back-to-back. It wasn't so much the result that irked me, but moreso the way in which the game unfolded. Generating 4 shot attempts in a 3rd period when you're down by 1 is pretty much unforgivable at this level, no matter who you are or who you're going up against.

As far as the scoreboard, it was much of the same on Tuesday night. The Canucks once again lost by two goals on the road, continuing their downward spiral. This time around, though, I'm fairly at peace with what I just watched on my television over the course of the past 2.5 hours.

All things considered it was a relatively respectable performance against one of the league's very best. They clearly didn't have any near enough fire power to actually win the game itself, but they avoided embarrassment in putting forth what I'd deem a respectable performance if nothing else. Believe me when I say that things could've been significantly worse.

While I have no issue with how the team itself handled their business, I do have one point of contention which we'll get into just past the jump.

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Canucks Army GDT #58 - Canucks @ Bruins

Dimitri Filipovic
February 04 2014 01:19PM


At some point, someone is going to need waste time some time scrolling through all of the posts we've written here at Canucks Army over the past 5-6 weeks and take a tally of the number of times we've written the words "low point of the season". I don't know what the exact figure is, but I'd wager that it's getting excessively high.

The problem is that you think things can't get worse, and then they do. Heading into last night's game in Detroit I figured that things were on the up-and-up with the returns of some prominent figures, but then the Canucks went out and laid a complete and utter egg against the Red Wings.   

There are frustrating losses that shouldn't be happening against inferior teams (think Edmonton Oilers), and then there's looking completely helpless, lost, and unwilling to try anything to stem the tide (like they did last night). John Tortorella had some choice words for the team following the loss, saying that things needed to change, and luckily for us.. we've got some things to talk about just past the jump!

It's just another day at the office, right? *checks schedule* .. oh, it's the Bruins. Well then. At this point all you can do is hope that we're not adding another to the aforementioned tally by the end of the night..

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To trade or not to trade?

The Stanchion
February 04 2014 11:36AM

 OK, before we begin, everyone breathe and watch Eddie Lack make some amazing saves.

Good, now let's never talk about that Detroit game ever again. Well, after this. It was perhaps the lowest point of a season filled with low points for Canucks fans; it's one thing to lose a game, but it's another thing completely to lose a game against a team playing its second of back to back games, yet still somehow get outworked.

In the old days, the Canucks were often accused of not working hard enough for sixty minutes and instead relying solely on their talent to get them wins. This current Canucks roster doesn't have that luxury, yet they chose to....well, I don't quite know what they chose to do in order to try and win last night's game. Maybe they thought Eddie Lack was going to score a goal for them at one point? Maybe getting over Dale "Dutch Gretzky" Weise is harder than we think?

"Damn it Dutch Gretz, you promised Dalpes you wouldn't cry!"

Read on past the jump for more.

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Canucks Army Postgame: What are score effects?

Dimitri Filipovic
February 03 2014 09:17PM

This picture was not taken on February 3rd, 2014.

Heading into Monday night, it felt like there was some reason for optimism building around these parts. For the preview, I spent some time talking about how the team was getting its coach back, its best player back, and had just managed to pull off a heist of a trade. 

To boot, they were going up against an opponent that has been even more injury-riddled than they've been, barely getting by in the LEastern Conference. Maybe they missed Brad Richardson. Or maybe they're just not very good. Whatever the cause, they wound up going out there and dropping a stinky one on everyone that devoted 3 hours of their early evening to watch some hockey.

It wasn't that they lost 2-0, but moreso the manner in which they did. Read on for more.

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