Story Time

Jason Strudwick
August 11 2013 12:51PM

All this Gretzky trade talk the last week stirred up the old story machine in my head. Looking at some of the other players involved in the trade I ran across Marty McSorley's name.

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Prospect Profile: #16 Joe Cannata

Jeff Angus
August 09 2013 11:16AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

Joe Cannata checked in at number 10 on these rankings last year. Was his first year as a professional disappointing enough to bump him down six spots on this list? Perhaps it was, but as we have seen over the last year-and-a-half, goaltenders simply aren’t as valued as they once were across the NHL.

And this goaltender valuation includes prospects. Cannata does have NHL upside and a solid pedigree, considering the fact that he was a sixth round draft pick back in 2009. 

But will he ever play any meaningful games for the Canucks? And if so… when, exactly?

Let’s take a closer look at the former Merrimack College standout.

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Prospect Profile: #17 Yann Sauvé

Dimitri Filipovic
August 08 2013 09:58AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

I'm well aware of the fact that, up until now, our series has been a tad bit underwhelming. But hey, we can only work with what we've been given. We currently find ourselves wading through the back-end of a team's system that I'd somewhat generously describe as hovering around "average".

That's not to say that the guys we've covered - and will continue to cover over the next few days - lack importance, because that's not the case. Having organizational depth is meaningful, and that's exactly what guys like Alex Friesen, Peter Andersson, Cole Cassels, and today's prospect, Yann Sauvé, are. Depth prospects. But prospects nonetheless.

Read on for more on the team's 17th ranked prospect.

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Catching Up With Zack Kassian's Strength Coach, Dave Orton

Jeff Angus
August 07 2013 12:10PM

Zack Kassian seems to be trying out some new stretching techniques, apparently

Dave Orton is an Ontario-based strength coach who works with elite athletes across a number of sports, including MMA, football, lacrosse, and hockey. This summer is the second straight year that he has trained Zack Kassian. I first caught up with Orton a few months ago to talk about Zack's first summer at his gym.

Read on for our more recent interview, where we talk about Zack's thoughts on Tortorella, where his fitness level is at, and a lot more.

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Prospect Profile: #18 Cole Cassels

Thomas Drance
August 07 2013 09:52AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

At the 2013 NHL Draft, not long after stunning the hockey world with the consummation of the Cory Schneider deal, the Canucks made Oshawa Generals centreman Cole Cassels their third pick of the draft. A two-way centreman with "NHL bloodlines" (Cassels' father is former Canucks centreman Andrew Cassels) scouting reports are divided on Cassels' offensive upside, but uniformly commend his physical play and willingness to block shots. That mostly meshes with what I've seen of Cassels in the past.

Cassels played a somewhat limited role and was sheltered behind two excellent two-way OHL centremen in Boone Jenner and Scott Laughton in Oshawa last season. I'd mention that in past viewings, Cassels hasn't particularly stood out to me as a likely NHL player. Still, I had Cassels a bit higher on my list than 18 (I had him at 15). Based on his age, versatility and production; Cassels represents a better bet to develop into an NHL caliber asset, in my view, than a whole slew of centre prospects who will appear ahead of Cassels on our consensus list.

Read past the jump for more.

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