2009-10 Canucks goats and stars

September 30 2009 12:30PM


It's become a tradition: every year at CanucksArmy (and at our sister sites FlamesNation and OilersNation), our writers and commenters pick their stars — that one player who they will praise without end no matter what — and their goats — their yearly whipping-boy; he who can do no good for the season.

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A brief blast of updates.

Brian O'Neill
September 30 2009 10:31AM

Canucks Sedins Hockey

(1) Henrik Sedin is now an assistant Captain. Turn's out he has something Daniel doesn't (aside from a slightly wider face). I wouldn't be suprised if Vingeault flipped a coin over this one;

(2) Cody Hodgson is back with Brampton after an unsatisfactory pre-season. However, Shirokov, Glass, and Rome are going to land rightfully earned roster spots;

(3) Mats Sundin has retired officially, a surprisingly fast decision for him; and

(4) Hansen has shattered his fist and dreams, hanging out on the long term IR with Demitra and Schneider for the start of the season.

In additional news - leafs suck, flames suck, oilers suck.

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Canucks Blogger Roundtable, Part 2

Cam Davie
September 29 2009 10:53PM


Well folks, we're only a few hours away from the start of the NHL season. By now, players have been sent down to the minors, Junior clubs or outright released from the club. The opening day line-up has been decided, and Canucks fans near and far are eager to get this season underway.

A few questions still persist on the eve of the Canucks first game of the year. To answer these questions, we've gathered together some of our favourite Canucks bloggers for a roundtable discussion. Joining me in discussing our two burning questions are writers from Canucks Hockey Blog, Canucks Corner, Nucks Misconduct, 24 Hours and The Sports Corner.

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Northwest Division Preview

Cam Davie
September 29 2009 02:21PM


It's that time of year.

Here's where I pretend to be a reputable pundit and offer my thoughts and predictions on what will happen in the Northwest Division this year.

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A dedication to my Dad

Jason Gregor
September 29 2009 09:32AM


Good morning, I hope this Tuesday finds you happy, healthy, and most importantly, that those in your life are doing well.

Nine years ago today my father, William Arthur Gregor, passed away at the young age of 56. The morning of his funeral I couldn’t sleep and decided to write an e-mail to my friends to release my feelings, and since then I type an e-mail in his honour each year, and hope that it somehow lessens the void in my heart and the hearts of my family.

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