So now what?

Cam Davie
July 03 2009 10:07AM


So what do the Canucks do now?

Do they sign a couple of free agents? Are they going to offer up a big trade? Do they re-sign Mats Sundin? Are they counting on Cody Hodgson making the team? What do they at backup goalie?

Does Mike Gillis have some master plan for filling out the rest of this team?

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Bouw knows defence . . . probably

Jean Lefebvre
July 03 2009 12:34AM


So far, the war that was furiously waged in baseball between statheads and “stats?-we-don’t-need-no-steenking-stats” traditionalists has been a relatively under-the-radar skirmish in hockey.

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The Canucks and Free Agent Frenzy

Cam Davie
July 02 2009 09:43AM


The Canucks did the expected to the relief of many fans in Vancouver and have locked up the Sedins for the next five years.

And that's pretty much all they did.

So are Canucks going to be satisfied with a team that's essentially the same as last year?

This Canucks fan right here is definitely not going to be satisfied, if that's the case.

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This ain't a division, it's an arms race*

Ryan Lambert
July 01 2009 11:57AM

Things have gotten more than a little crazy here in the Northwest division in the last 24 hours (and I started writing this at FA-Day plus 18 minutes).

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Fearless Predictions

Jonathan Willis
July 01 2009 02:36AM


The Nation sites have been so busy today that I haven't even been able to login until just now.  The fan passion for this site has been amazing for everyone here, and today was another demonstration of that.  Anyways, I just got this email from a friend and I thought everyone deserved to see it.

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