The Heroic Character of Alex Burrows

Kristian Urstad
January 27 2010 10:58AM

In the historical sense of the word, there is something very heroic about Alex Burrows. And I’m not just thinking about the narrative of his career, though this too borders on the epic. From riding buses as an undrafted player in the ECHL, to grinding it out on the Manitoba Moose (while spending the summers playing ball hockey), to splitting a season between the Canucks and the Moose, to playing a full season for the Canucks but predominantly as a penalty killer and agitator, to playing an effective and passionate third-line role, to (at age 29 nonetheless) one of the more dangerous and multifaceted players in the NHL – this is certainly a story of struggle and transcendence that should not escape our notice and admiration.

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GDRC - Blues @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 27 2010 10:18AM

Sorry David Backes. This games promises to be a SPICY MEATBALL!

The St. Louis Blues make their second regular season trip to Vancouver as they face the Canucks tonight at GM Place. The Canucks has struggled this season against the Blues, who are looking to play their way back into a playoff spot before the Olympic break.

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Six Reasons Why The Sedins Are Better Than Most People Think

Kristian Urstad
January 25 2010 05:53PM

How often did we hear the Sedins being questioned as first-liners or as playoff performers? How often did we read (and still, astonishingly, do) that they are good but not players of the upper-echelon variety? I’m afraid those who perpetuated such doubts hadn’t taken the time to watch them. In actuality, the Sedins are much better than most people once thought.

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GDRC - Sabres @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 25 2010 10:58AM

The 1970 expansion cousins play their one and only meeting this year as the Vancouver Canucks host the Buffalo Sabres at GM Place. It's also a tale of two Olympic goalies facing off as Ryan Miller squares off against Roberto Luongo.

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GDRC - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 23 2010 03:58PM

There's your top defensive pairing tonight for the Canucks. That doesn't bode well. Photo: Reuters


A newly formed rivalry takes centre-stage at GM Place tonight as the Vancouver Canucks host the Chicago Blackhawks in a game that is sure to be full of offense and fireworks.

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