November 06 2011 11:57AM

Its a real Canadian edition of NationRadio this week with Prime Minister John A. Lowetide. The slow starting Vancouver Canucks, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets all get their moment addressing the assembly this week.

Its NationRadio.

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Don Cherry confused me, Episode II

Cam Charron
November 06 2011 11:24AM

Welcome to 'Don Cherry confused me', a new Sunday-morning feature that will chronicle the silly things that Don Cherry says the night before on Coach's Corner. The feature will focus on Cherry's out-dated focus on the game and attempt to get him to understand that things happen in hockey a little bit differently than he remembers them.

Episode Two: Blame the System!

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Three goalie controversies worth following

Cam Charron
November 06 2011 10:05AM


There has been a lot of talk in Vancouver recently about goaltenders and whether Roberto Luongo is the right guy to carry this team. But early in the season, this is a narrative that carries across many hockey markets, and, valid or not, the play of a goaltender is one that dominates headlines as the goalie is the most important player on the team. Here are three goalie controversies that bear slightly more weight than the Luongo/Cory Schneider discussions, and may have stronger repurcussions repercussions as well.

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6 things that intrigue me about the Hawks/Nucks game

The Stanchion
November 06 2011 09:41AM

1.) Dan Carcillo

 Oh Dan. Dan Dan Dan. For those of you who aren’t aware, Dan has leapt into the Vancouver Chicago rivalry with the enthusiasm of George Lucas trying to replace his friends with 3D computer models. Let’s take a quick recap of Dan’s thoughts on the Canucks. First, we have his latest tweet:

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Former Habs in Vancouver: The Good, The Bad and the Others

Jeff Angus
November 05 2011 02:05PM

Which former Habs were winners during their Canucks tenures?
And which ones were lugers?
Image courtesy, who else, @mhenderson95

Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre have been the two most consistent forwards for the Canucks this season (looking less and less like any sort of accomplishment with each passing game, though). Both former Habs experienced a similar falling out in Montreal. Higgins came under scrutiny from the large media base for a lack of consistency on the ice and some partying-related issues off the ice, while Lapierre was struggling to convert to the right wing, and his requests for more ice time fell on deaf ears. The two bounced around a bit (Higgins with Florida and Calgary, Lapierre with Anaheim) before finding a new home in Vancouver.

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