A dedication to my Dad

Jason Gregor
September 29 2009 09:32AM


Good morning, I hope this Tuesday finds you happy, healthy, and most importantly, that those in your life are doing well.

Nine years ago today my father, William Arthur Gregor, passed away at the young age of 56. The morning of his funeral I couldn’t sleep and decided to write an e-mail to my friends to release my feelings, and since then I type an e-mail in his honour each year, and hope that it somehow lessens the void in my heart and the hearts of my family.

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Prediction - Canucks Opening Day Line-Up

Cam Davie
September 28 2009 11:05AM


The Vancouver Canucks pre-season finally wrapped up last night with an overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers.

Later today, the Canucks are expected to announce their final cuts and assignments to pare down their roster to their opening day line-up.

So, who do we expect to see on Thursday? Here's my prediction for the opening night line-up against the Calgary Flames.

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Hodgson Won't Stick + Poolie Alert!

Cam Davie
September 23 2009 11:49AM


I know I trumpeted the second coming of Linden when the Canucks selected Cody Hodgson last year. However, with a bad back and a crowded Canucks line-up, Cody won't be staying in the big show past the nine-game limit.

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So Far, So Perfect. So What?

Cam Davie
September 22 2009 12:26PM


The Vancouver Canucks won a thrilling shootout victory against the Calgary Flames last night at GM Place. The comeback win kept the Canucks perfect this pre-season at 5-0-0 so far.

So why does it matter?

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Combined Special Teams Ratings: Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Jonathan Willis
September 22 2009 11:15AM

The three Canadian teams in the Northwest Division shared a common bond last season: their special teams weren’t all that special.

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