Canucks Roster Depth: Defence (Part II)

Cam Davie
September 01 2011 10:16AM

Andrew Alberts has a lot of improvement ahead of him if he expects to play full time with the Canucks.
Either that, or he's praying for Injurypalooza again in 2011-12.
(Photo courtesy Darpan Magazine)

Canucks Army concludes its series where it looks at the depth at each position for the Vancouver Canucks.
In our sixth and final installment of our series, we look at the Canucks depth at DEFENCE (Part II).

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Dustin Byfgulien is Large and In trouble

Kent Wilson
September 01 2011 08:37AM



According to a police report found by Darren Wolfson, Dustin Byfuglien was arrested last night in Hennepin county, Minnesota for operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol (BWI).

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The Canuck I Remember...Alex Mogilny

Patrick Johnston
August 31 2011 05:20PM

Oh the glory that could have been...
(photo credit unknown)

The fourth in a special summer series, author Patrick Johnston will write whatever comes to mind about a random Canucks hero. What is a hero? Patrick's criteria is super secret, but maybe, just maybe, if you pay close attention, you'll figure it out

Alex Mogilny, in my memory, is one of the greatest Vancouver Canucks ever. In reality, looking at the numbers, it's hard to say. 308 points in 312 games in a Canucks jersey, a third of which came in his only electric season. As skill goes, he was incredible, there are few competitors in answering the question: 'who would you like to have the puck on his stick at *that* moment for the Canucks?' What is Alex Mogilny an example of? He's a reminder of where this team was, the vortex they were in, of what can happen to a talent when the walls are crumbling all around.

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Wade Belak Found Dead

Kent Wilson
August 31 2011 03:43PM



Ex-Flame and Leaf enforcer Wade Belak was reportedly found dead in his Toronto condo this afternoon. The 35-year old recently retired from hockey.

Belak's death marks the third tragic passing of an NHL tough guy this summer after Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien. The cause of his death has yet to be reported, but whatever it is, this has truly been one of the saddest offseasons in NHL memory.

More to come as details emerge. For now, sincere condolences to Belak's friends and family.

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Headshots August 31st

Thomas Drance
August 31 2011 02:35PM

Dan Hamhuis reals in a big one via @canucksfin.

Headshots are a Canucksarmy feature where we link to the days freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost and would like it to be featured in our Headshots posts please e-mail me at

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