Highlights of #replacethekb Contest

The Stanchion
November 19 2011 01:26PM


                         (I wanted to end this with Nicolas Cage. But it's from Face/Off. So it works.)

After 3 long grueling weeks in which the #replacethekb contestants were forced to watch all the Minnesota Wild games from 2003, had to listen to Mark Messier do his lesser known poetry from back when he was out of his mind from having drunk from an unclean Stanley Cup (“A bat? A rat? Nay, a mat, it’s flat. I sat. On a cat. Why am I so fat?”), and finally, having to wash all seventeen of Jason Botchford’s Ferraris with toothbrushes (There were actually sixteen contestants, but one of us made the mistake of not cleaning the tires on Botch’s 14th Ferrari. He hasn’t been seen since), we have come to the finish line.

Now I know there was a lot of Canuck content being thrown the public’s way these last three weeks, and I bet not everyone had a chance to read all the articles that were put out by the fine people of the #replacethekb contest.  So I thought that it would be nice to pick one article from each contestant that I thought was really good, one that showcased the talents of the writer in question, and list them here for you guys. This way, if you didn’t get a chance to read all of the articles, maybe you can find an article that you missed out on so you can see what we at the #replacethekb contest are all about.

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Through The Looking Glass - Week Six

Yankee Canuck
November 19 2011 11:40AM


It's been a tale of two cities this week with two wildly different games: the 4-1 win against Grabner and the Islanders included a continuation of the #RomeForNorris bandwagon and even a David Booth sighting before the Hawks came to town and flexed their power play muscle en route to a 5-1 win.

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The Great, Good and Bad of the Mike Gillis Era

Jeff Angus
November 18 2011 04:28PM

Not many people knew a whole lot about Mike Gillis when the Canucks hired him in the summer of 2008. The firing of Dave Nonis came as a bit of a shock, and the fan base wasn’t given a whole lot of time to digest the move before Gillis came in as the replacement. In a little over three years, Gillis has managed to turn Vancouver into one of the most desirable destinations for players to play in the league. He has leveraged his experiences as an agent – he treats players fair, and he has been rewarded with some favourable hometown discounts (most notably from the Sedins, Kesler, and Burrows).

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Cheers and Jeers - Nov 18

Cam Davie
November 18 2011 11:34AM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

This week, I slam on Kesler and AV while doling out some shap to Marek + Wyshynski. Oh... and I take MYSELF down a peg.

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Sebastian Erixon, Unhappy in Chicago?

Thomas Drance
November 18 2011 10:29AM

Canucks prospect Sebastian Erixon, signed last spring after a break-out season with Timrå of the SEL, is unhappy in Chicago according to unnamed sources who spoke with Dagbladet, a newspaper in Sundsvall. To make the matter even more dicey, the team's sports director Kent Norberg is actively talking to the press about "welcoming" the diminutive two-way defenseman back "with open arms."

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