KHL: Yakupov's 2 Points, SKA fires coach, Gonchar's cannon breaks glass

Steve Dangle
November 25 2012 09:40PM


Can you imagine how much everyone would freak out if a team won a game that moved them into 1st place in the league and then they fired the coach? Well, that happened today in the KHL. No, really.

Some great action around the KHL today. Check it out!

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The Best of the Nation - 11.25.12

Jonathan Willis
November 25 2012 08:42AM

After the jump, the best of the Nations from this past week, including a bunch of lockout talk, whether the Sedin twins are Hall of Fame-calibre players, which unknown Europeans might deserve an NHL shot, the best and worst jerseys in Oilers history, a healthy dose of comedy and a look at the only player to compete for the Grey Cup and Stanley Cup in the same season.

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KHL Highlights: Kulemin scores 2, Komarov's big return, and more

Steve Dangle
November 23 2012 08:29PM


Last week Leo Komarov was riding a bus with the AHL's Toronto Marlies. Now he's on a line with Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. Not bad.

The NHL keeps cancelling games, and the KHL keeps churning them out. I hope you like the videos we're putting out, and as always, I'd love your feedback.


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The Top 20 Canucks Prospects: An Update (Part II)

Jeff Angus
November 22 2012 11:47AM

We here at CanucksArmy published our top 20 prospects list this past summer, and have provided follow up coverage on a lot of the organization's prospects this season, especially those playing in Chicago with the Wolves. However, there are many notable prospects in the organizaton playing elsewhere - the CHL, NCAA, or over in Europe. Although the season is only a few months old, why not check in and see how the top 20 prospects are faring?

This week, Alexandre Grenier, Patrick McNally (seen above), Billy Sweatt, Anton Rodin, and Alex Friesen are profiled.

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Henrik Sedin and Roberto Luongo: Longevity and value above replacement

Cam Charron
November 22 2012 09:38AM

Reading Dimitri's piece on the Sedin twins made me think about the most under-appreciated aspect of a hockey player's existence.

Henrik Sedin's key value as a hockey player isn't that he's a moderately good possession centreman after you correct for zone starts or that he's a scoring champion. His key value is that he was the only forward to play 82 games each season between both the 2005 and 2012 lockouts. He last missed a game on March 16, 2004, a 4-3 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks (to any Chicago readers, yes, the Blackhawks did exist before 2010).

A great player who only plays 60 games can be downgraded to being a good player. Since so few players get on ironman streaks that last seasons in a row, being a good player for all of these games elevates a player to being great. From Sedin, to Brendan Morrison to Andrew Cassels, it's been about a decade since the Canucks had to hold their top centreman out of the lineup.

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