Don 'Bad Deals' Waddell strikes again

Jason Gregor
February 04 2010 11:49PM

2009 NHL Entry Draft, First Round

Don Waddell proves again why he is the worst GM in the NHL and the ownerships group, Atlanta Spirit LCC, is thinking about winning in the future they need to axe Waddell.

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Luongo and Leadership

Kristian Urstad
February 04 2010 04:56PM

Chicago Blackhawks v Vancouver Canucks

When he’s on his game, Luongo is a formidable goaltender, no doubt about it. He’s a wild predator around his crease, with stealth reflexes unparalleled around the league. But, athleticism aside, sometimes I feel that he still has some things to learn about leadership.

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Don't Know What You've Got

Stephen Webb
February 04 2010 04:21PM

These guys would not have turned down $101 million.

Now that the Ilya Kovalchuk sweepstakes are well underway (and who knows maybe they'll be over by the time this gets posted) every team in the NHL has to be at least contemplating adding him to their lineup. Who wouldn't want to add a 27 year old superstar who's scored well over 300 goals in just over 7 and a half seasons.
Well, I don't.

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Around the league - Feb 4, 2010

Jason Gregor
February 04 2010 12:02PM

The Leafs, Flames, Ducks and Rangers got a head start on trade deadline day with some big names and bigger contracts being moved. It’s interesting to note that only the Flames are in a playoff spot, albeit it barely, at the moment.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Senators

Cam Davie
February 04 2010 10:08AM

Let's hope that when the alarm goes off at 4 pm, Luongo is ready to warm up and play. The game starts 30 minutes later - someone remind Bobby Lu.

The Vancouver Canucks take their road show to the Capital Valley as they play the streaking Ottawa Senators tonight.

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