The CanucksArmy Podcast: Episode 2

CanucksArmy Podcast
April 28 2013 09:38PM

Canucks grinder Steve Pinizzotto knows what to listen to while eating energy bars.
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick/Behind The Lens

This week, and hopefully into late May and early June, we'll be brining you wall-to-wall coverage of the Canucks playoff run. So consider this podcast an hors d'oeuvres of sorts.

For the second episode of the podcast we're joined by CBC's Elliotte Friedman, who talks about Vancouver's defence oriented identity this season and his network's raw deal on playoff broadcast rights. We're also joined by correspondent and InGoal magazine editor Kevin Woodley, he gives us an in-depth scouting report on Sharks goaltender Antii Niemi and updates on all things Canucks-goaltending going into the postseason.

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We're still trying to clear a final few hurdles to get the podcast up on iTunes, so we're hoping that'll happen for next week. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Five Potential Areas for Concern in Canuck-Land

Jeff Angus
April 28 2013 01:20PM

Be afraid Canucks fans, be very afraid.

The Canucks enter the postseason as the Northwest Division champs for the fifth consecutive year, and the current core has been through a lot together over those five years – lots of highs (San Jose Game 5, Chicago Game 7), and lots of lows (Boston Game 7, the first two Chicago matchups).

They know what it takes to win in the playoffs. Structured defense, discipline*, goaltending, and some luck.

The Canucks haven’t been the same electric offensive team in 2013 as they have been in the past few years, due in large part to personnel changes and injuries. However, they have tweaked the system and turned in some impressive defensive performances. The Chris Tanev high ankle sprain is a worrisome injury, and the team will be in tough to balance three pairings without him.

Let’s take a look at five possible areas of concern heading into the 2013 postseason.

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"Canucks" Combust in Edmonton to End the Regular Season

Thomas Drance
April 28 2013 10:21AM

Alright dudes, we finished outside the bottom-5! Can't wait for summer vacation and a standing O from the fans!
Photo by John Ulan/NHLI via Getty Images

The playoff matchups are set and the Canucks will face a very good hockey team in the San Jose Sharks in their first round series this week. It promises to be a good one, partly because it'll feature a Canucks team that doesn't play the likes of Derek Joslin and Cam Barker for nearly twenty-minutes a game. On Saturday night, the Canucks did just that and were stomped by the Edmonton Oilers in a really ugly five minute span. Last month in Edmonton that span came right at the start of the game, and on Saturday night it came right at the end. As the Canucks advance to the playoffs, perhaps we should be happy that they won't face the young Oilers in Edmonton exclusively on Hockey Night in Canada in the first round...

Read past the jump for scoring chance data and some analysis.

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Game #48 Preview: Canucks @ Oilers

Thomas Drance
April 27 2013 12:28PM

Photo Credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

The Oilers, fresh off of pantsing the living hell out of the somehow playoff bound Minnesota Wild on Friday and killing the dream of a Canucks first round bye, will look to finish another disappointing season off on a winning note. The Canucks meanwhile, have a final opportunity to tune up for the postseason and also another opportunity for a key player to go down with an injury. I know for sure that there will be a number of fatalistic Canucks fans watching Saturday's contest whilst holding their breath...

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They're not laughing with you, #Lumbus, they're laughing at you

Graphic Comments
April 27 2013 08:49AM

No disrespect, #lumbus, but this is just a pity fuck

Ok, maybe they aren't actually laughing at you, but that's only because they feel sorry for you. Look, Columbus, I'm all for joking around and having a little fun, but this #lumbus thing has got to stop.

Not only is it dumb, demeaning, childish and dumb, but it's also a subtle, ironic poke at your general ineptitude. Did I mention that it's dumb?

Seriously, club this one to death with a rock and put yourself out of your misery. It's for your own good.

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