Here is video of Zack Kassian fighting Kyle Beach

Cam Charron
November 28 2012 07:22PM

This video comes courtesy of Youtube user SniklsonDX who we are very thankful for, but wish he didn't make us have to tilt our computers sideways to watch this tilt between Zack Kassian and Kyle Beach. Some of you may remember Beach as a local boy and WHLer that many fans wanted to see selected by the Canucks 10th overall in 2009.

The Canucks opted for Cody Hodgson instead, leaving Beach on the table to be taken by Chicago with the next pick. The Canucks traded Hodgson for Zack Kassian, so this fight seems almost destined. I never liked Beach, and remember him as the guy who made fun of Milan Lucic's Scheuermann's disease and got summarily pumped in the face several times.

Kassian also scored in this game, his sixth of the season, 1:16 into the first period from Andrew Ebbett and Darren Haydar.

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NHLPA starting to crack under the pressure

Graphic Comments
November 28 2012 03:45PM

The cracks are showing

Looks like the cracks in the players' resolve are starting to show.

It might not seem like it, but the more players you have taking cracks at Bettman, the more it shows that the pressure of being locked out, missing paycheques and facing the prospect of losing the entire season is starting to get to them. The growing frustration is evident, and this is exactly what Bettman and the owners are counting on.

You think Bettman is upset when he hears about players wearing Puck Gary hats? Or Ian White calling him an "idiot"? Or Dave Bolland retweeting a fan wishing for Bettman's death? Or even former player Jeff O'Neil's actual death threat? Well, maybe that last one, but all the rest are actually good news for Gary and his masters. This is one big game of chicken and these outbursts do nothing more than encourage the owners to ratchet up the pressure ever so slightly, because it's starting to have an impact.

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Robin Brownlee
November 28 2012 02:28PM

If you’ve had difficulty getting your head around the numbers being tossed around during the NHL lockout regarding the financial situations the league’s 30 teams find themselves in, there’s good reason – at least if you look at the numbers published in Forbes Magazine today.

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Forbes Values the Canucks Franchise at 342 Million

Thomas Drance
November 28 2012 12:47PM

A Canucks money clip.

Forbes magazine's "business of sports" section is easily the biggest name in valuations of North American professional sports franchises. Today they released their NHL franchise valuations. Now I'm not an expert in the business of North America professional sports, but I know enough to offer you this hard hitting bit of analysis: the Canucks are doing pretty well.

Read on past the jump.

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Forbes says Canadian teams are healthy; American teams not so much

Jonathan Willis
November 28 2012 12:29PM

Forbes annual look at the business of hockey was released on Wednesday, and if their estimates are accurate Canadian NHL teams are far and away the healthiest group of franchises in the game.

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