The Canucks Week in Quips for March 1

March 02 2013 12:29PM

Note for Canucks trainers: stop putting Malk in Ryan Kesler's water bottle.

This is a regular Friday feature - that's running on Saturday for one week only! - combining a healthy mixture of observation, analysis, and foresight on the Vancouver Canucks. If you'd like to get at me about anything covered in this column, follow me on Twitter at @yyjordan and let's start a textual relationship (wink).

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Which forward is the better option at centre: Alex Burrows or Mason Raymond?

Thomas Drance
March 01 2013 12:19PM

Okay so this is weird. According to Jason Botchford, the Canucks have decided to return centreman Andrew Ebbett to Chicago in favour of adding a heavy-weight in Tom Sestito and playing a winger out of position at centre. This is a confusing move, though Ebbett has been over-matched and unimpressive in his time with the Canucks so far this season, so I think I get what angle the Canucks are playing at (somewhat).

But the question remains which player is the better option at centre - Raymond or Burrows? We'll get into it after the jump.

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Podcast Pilot

Steve Dangle
March 01 2013 11:56AM

I'm excited to show you guys this new pilot project! We don't have a name yet, but we're going to be talking about sports over beer at Tallboys' in downtown Toronto at 838 Bloor Street.

For the first week, I sit down for a pop with Jeff Veillette aka Jeffler of Leafs Nation, and Thomas Drance of Canucks Army, along with myself (Steve Dangle) to talk about Leafs goaltending, Canucks goaltending, tampering, and more.


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Canucks Claim Massive Winger Tom Sestito

Thomas Drance
March 01 2013 11:14AM

Tom Sestito and Zack Kassian have some level of familiarity.

In the wake of the Volpatti affair, and the negative suckholism that has infected the tenor of the conversation about the Canucks in the Vancouver sports market this week, it appears that the Canucks were in the market to add a one some toughness. They did so using the waiver wire today, claiming 6,5 228 pound enforcer Tom Sestito (not to be confused with former teammate Tim Sestito) who was placed on waivers by the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday.

Read on past the jump.

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On Vancouver's Center Depth, Steve Pinizzotto versus Aaron Volpatti, and Mindless Panic

Thomas Drance
March 01 2013 10:10AM

"Welp the Canucks lost this guy on waivers, guess we're screwed" - a dummy.
Photo Credit: Rich Lam/Getty Images

I can't remember a more histrionic week in Canucks coverage. I suppose that's inevitable when the team loses a couple of games in ugly fashion, will be without their best two-way forward for another month at least, and waives a fourth liner (who they maybe could've traded for a late-round draft pick, I guess). But nothing we've seen this week dramatically changes my assessment of this club or their trajectory, and the tone of the conversation seems particularly divorced from reality (even by Vancouver sports media standards).

Look, I get it, it's tough to sell papers these days, but here's the thing about cogent analysis: if the tone shifts dramatically from week to week, then that analysis probably isn't of a very high quality. We all know that the Canucks aren't a contender without Ryan Kesler, this isn't a surprise, but the timeline we've been given for his return suggests that he'll be back in time for the playoffs. It strikes me that this recent "panic" is unfounded and simplistic and we may as well address that at length. 

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