Shea Weber Signs Offer Sheet with Flyers, Dashes Canucks Fan's Dreams

Thomas Drance
July 18 2012 11:14PM

Forget the one year offer-sheet lark, it was never going to happen, but this is the big one.

As reported by Darren Dreger, with uncharacteristic zeal (two exclamation points, and a wow at the end of the tweet), Shea Weber has signed a 14 year deal with the Philadelphia Flyers worth "upwards" of 100 million dollars...

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Strombabble: Stalemate

Thomas Drance
July 18 2012 10:04AM

Over the weekend, reports surfaced, which, suggested that the Blackhawks had offered the Canucks centreman Dave Bolland in exchange for Roberto Luongo. For a brief shining moment, it appeared that the market for goaltender Roberto Luongo trade was "hardening." This was a relief for news starved Canucks fans who are eager to "move on."

Alas, for a trade widely seen as "inevitable," this Luongo transaction is dragging on for an eternity this summer. Based on several reports over the past twenty-four appears, it appears that we should expect that continue...

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Are they smarter than a Kindergartener?

Graphic Comments
July 17 2012 04:31PM

Are they smarter than a Kindergartener

Forget fifth graders, I'm not sure the NHL and NHLPA are smarter than any kid in Kindergarten. You remember that glorious first experience with organized education: half days, naps, snacks, poking each other in the eye. Ok, maybe that last one resembles the ongoing relationship between the NHL and NHLPA, but one of the biggest things you learn in Kindergarten is how to share. On that point, the NHL and NHLPA fail miserably.

And until they figure out how to behave like your average 6 year old, we're probably not going to have any hockey to watch.

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CDC Reacts to Gillis' Latest Catch

Thomas Drance
July 16 2012 03:36PM


Last night, Mike Gillis' son Spencer posted this photo of his dad's latest acquisition on Twitter. The image was promptly retweeted far and wide by the official Vancouver Canucks Twitter feed (@VanCanucks), and shortly thereafter the photo found its way to the Canucks dot com (CDC) message boards. This set off an uncharacteristically salient, and amusing thread discussing Gillis' latest catch. Check out some highlights past the jump...

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Strombabble: the Dave Bolland Offer

Thomas Drance
July 16 2012 01:02PM

Over the past week, Roberto Luongo was seen bluffing his way into the money in Las Vegas, while Mike Gillis was reeling in some truly mammoth Tuna in Panama. Meanwhile the Strombonian trade saga continued to drag on. The conflagration didn't rest for Gillis' vacation or Luongo's card games, rather it had some gasoline poured on it this weekend courtesy a fascinating leak. Could super pest Dave Bolland, widely loathed Sedin nemesis, be headed to the Canucks in exchange for Vancouver's former franchise netminder?

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