GDR: WCF Gm 3 - Canucks @ Sharks

Cam Davie
May 20 2011 09:16AM

Look, this goal is so nice, I'm not even gonna look at it. Don't even look at it.
No, Hank, you're not allowed to look either. Just skate away.
(Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Final Game 3 - Canucks @ Sharks

The Vancouver Canucks head down the I5 (well, they'll fly down in a multi-million dollar chartered plane but whatever, the I5 is fun, too) for Game 3 of their Western Conference final series with the San Jose Sharks.

For the first time in these playoffs, the questions from Canucks fans about the upcoming game aren't about their Canucks. But there are definitely questions about the Sharks after their debacle in Game 2.

Can the Sharks rebound from their disastrous effort, or have the Canucks gotten into their heads?

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Almost Home

Robert Cleave
May 19 2011 10:21PM


As a Winnipegger, I've spent the last couple of years watching the NHL's endless machinations to keep a team in Phoenix with considerable amusement and maybe just a touch of anger. For all the talk of arenas and owners, or lack thereof, I'd be lying if I said that I ever felt as if my Arctic outpost got the same level of league attention when things were going to hell in '94 and '95.

So tonight, as the first bits of news have begun trickling in that my hometown really was on the verge of getting a second bite at the cherry, I'm struck by how unsettled I'm feeling about the whole enterprise.

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Composure, Confidence, Consistency, and the Joke

Kavi Lehdar
May 19 2011 03:15PM

The Canucks are an even-keeled bunch. This composure has been learned from past failures, and has paid off this postseason.
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

This is a Guest Post from Kavi Lehdar.

For virtually every Canucks fan, this season has been an apprehensive one. When the boys went on their crazy 17 game undefeated streak from December to January many fans were saying, “Seen the winning streaks before, show me in the playoffs”. The lack of enthusiasm for a record breaking streak was somehow fair given the Canucksʼ recent playoff history. Things kept moving along swimmingly (maybe even skatingly?) until they went on a slump. By slump I mean they won and lost alternating games for 13 straight outings. Let me reiterate that the media and fans in Vancouver called this a ʻslumpʼ. They amassed 14 points in those 13 games.

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WCF Game 2 Review

Thomas Drance
May 19 2011 11:41AM

Ben Eager is a classy guy.
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Sharks – despite their defiant comments post-game – have to be embarrassed by last night's performance and result. They lost their composure, they got crap goaltending, and they were thoroughly routed in the third period. Usually I don't enjoy a blow-out quite as much as I enjoy the tension of a close playoff game. Last night, however, was the exception. Ben Eager's douche-juice antics (apologies to Buzz Bissinger), enabled and, also, transformed the feeling behind the blowout. He personally made it so that every Canucks goal felt like justice being served.

Though it's fun to speculate about what Eager said to Luongo, his he-man actions upon scoring a totally meaningless goal to make it a 4 goal game late in the third, were pretty pathetic. I love how he flexes and show-boats right after the goal – as if that score absolves him for taking his teammates out of the game, and providing Vancouver with the power-play opportunities to put the Sharks away. I'll say this for Ben Eager though – he makes for a great villain – and I hope he finds a job this summer (preferably with the Oilers).

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Honest Signalling: Canucks & Sharks, Game Two

Yankee Canuck
May 18 2011 06:20PM


San Jose Sharks @ Vancouver Canucks

  6:00 PM PST

Sharks   Canucks
8 Wins 9
6 Losses 5
0 OTL 2
2.86 (7th) Goals/Game 2.36 (14th)
2.93 (10th) Goals Against/Game 2.50 (4th)
15.4% (10th) PP 22.5% (5th)
82.1% (7th) PK 84.3% (6th)

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