Midway Follies

Cam Davie
January 10 2011 08:39PM

So here sit the Vancouver Canucks, on top of the NHL standings as they cross the halfway point of their season.
They're currently leading the power rankings on TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN and NHL.
In their last 21 games, which is essentially the second quarter of the season, the Canucks have gone 17-1-3, garnering 37 of a possible 42 points.

So let's start planning the parade route, right?

Not bloody likely, but then again, I am a veteran (and therefore ultimately pessimistic) Canucks fan.

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Seize the moment: Canucks & Red Wings

Yankee Canuck
January 08 2011 07:28PM


Detroit Red Wings @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Red Wings   Canucks
26 Wins 27
10 Losses 8
5 OTL 5
3.46 (2nd) Goals/Game 3.48 (1st)
2.83 (17th) Goals Against/Game 2.38 (5th)
22.5% (4th) PP 25.2% (1st)
81.7% (16th) PK 85.7% (3rd)

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Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time: Canucks & Oilers

Yankee Canuck
January 07 2011 07:38PM


Edmonton Oilers @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Oilers   Canucks
13 Wins 26
19 Losses 8
7 OTL 5
2.52 (21st) Goals/Game 3.41 (2nd)
3.23 (30th) Goals Against/Game 2.41 (5th)
14.6% (27th) PP 24.5% (2nd)
75% (30th) PK 85.3% (4th)

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GDR #40 - Oilers @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 07 2011 02:25PM


(September 18, 2009 - Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images North America)

Game Day Recon #40 - Oilers @ Canucks

The Canucks face the perennial powerhouse Detroit Red Wings tomorrow on Hockey Night in Canada. Tonight they face the last-place Edmonton Oilers.

Do you think they might possibly be looking past this game? Maybe just a little?

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Canada vs. Russia Postgame: Collapse

Jonathan Willis
January 05 2011 11:56PM

Three games were played tonight, one in each period. In the first, we saw the Canadian team we had seen throughout the tournament: a powerhouse, offensively capable and much too busy threatening to allow opportunities against. In the second we saw relatively boring hockey, punctuated by the occasional flurry.

Finally, in the third period, we saw either one of the greatest come-from-behind events in tournament history, or one of the greatest collapses.

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