The Art of The Deal

Stephen Webb
March 22 2010 12:45PM

Ottawa Senators vs Vancouver Canucks

It's been said that the best kind of deals leave both sides unhappy in the end and I guess this can be applied to the Ryan Kesler signing. The Canucks most definitely wanted him to sign for less (what team wouldn't), somewhere in the $4 million range. Ryan Kesler (and his agent) probably wanted to hit the proverbial home run and get a contract approaching $6 million per season. The fans, of course side with the former, not out of any disrespect to Kesler, but merely remembering Kesler hinting at some kind of home town discount (a la Burrows) and dreaming of using any saved money to get one of those shiny, new unrestricted free agents on July 1st.

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Learning to Forget

Kristian Urstad
March 20 2010 02:21PM

Vancouver Canucks v Florida Panthers

It is a difficult thing to get over discouragement and anger. Seneca, the Roman statesman, spent his life trying to find ways to avoid becoming too angry and bitter. He noticed that our anger invariably lasts longer than the damage done to us. He thought we were fools to allow our tranquility and composure to be disrupted by minor set-backs. It is important, he said, to realize that many of the things we think are important short-term in fact are not, at least not in the grand scheme of things. So anytime we feel ourselves getting too angry or bitter about something, we should pause to consider its overall insignificance – something which helps us to nip our discouragement in the bud.

The Canucks have mastered this ability – an ability all elite teams, whatever sport they belong to, have.

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GDRC - Red Wings @ Canucks

Cam Davie
March 20 2010 10:19AM

Vancouver Canucks v Detroit Red Wings


Sorry Detroit. Your native son is all our for another 6 years.

The Vancouver Canucks wrap up their five-game home stand with a date on Hockey Night in Canada with the Detroit Red Wings tonight at GM Place. The Red Wings are fresh off a shootout loss last night in Edmonton, and will be looking to avenge an earlier bad loss to the Canucks just over two weeks ago.

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Canucks Re-Sign Kesler - Vancouver Rejoices

Cam Davie
March 19 2010 11:20AM

Vancouver Canucks v Montreal Canadiens


The Vancouver Canucks announced today that they have re-signed alternate captain, US Olympian and silver medallist, and all-around fan favourite Ryan Kesler to a six-year contract extension.

You could hear the cheers and screams of joy all across the Lower Mainland this morning.

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Hello NHL? Give your head a shake!

Jason Gregor
March 18 2010 02:51PM

The players aren’t listening to all the talk about head shots. James Wisniewski proved that last night with his hit on Brent Seabrook, and became another in a long list of players who aren’t paying attention.

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