CanucksArmy Podcast: Episode 4

CanucksArmy Podcast
May 06 2013 03:13PM

We feel you Luongo.
Photograph by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

I'm not going to lie to you, this episode of the podcast is pretty depressing for diehard Canucks fans. But hopefully it'll be interesting too. We're joined in this episode by Ray Ferraro of TSN with whom we talked about the Canucks series he's calling and about analytics in hockey. We're also joined by ex-Kurtenbloggers Mike Halford and Jason Brough who currently work at breakneck speed over at NBC's Pro Hockey Talk blog (in fact, they posted three times while you were reading this introduction). 

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@PlayNowSports Presents: This Week Straight Up. May 6th-12th

Thomas Drance
May 06 2013 02:50PM

We at CanucksArmy are big supporters of sports betting, in part because we buy into the Nate Silver theory that putting your money where your prediction is will help improve the aggregate accuracy of forecasting. And after we predicted the Canucks to win their first round series in seven games, we'll take any additional forecasting accuracy we can get!

Always remember to gamble for fun (or for bragging rights), not to make money. From all of us at CanucksArmy and PlayNow: a gentle reminder to use your game sense!

Read past the jump for special offers to readers from PlayNow Sports, and for a preview of this upcoming week of NHL playoff hockey!

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On Closed Windows, Playoff Bounces and Coin Flips

Thomas Drance
May 06 2013 10:53AM

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen , Getty Images

When the Canucks ultimately lose this first round series against the San Jose Sharks - and the guillotine might fall mercifully on Tuesday, or perhaps the Canucks can fruitlessly extend the series the way they did a year ago against the Los Angeles Kings - the calls for wholesale change out of Vancouver will be fierce and constant. Trade the Sedins, trade Edler, fire Mike Gillis, or at least fire the coach, as if that does anything beyond putting lipstick on a pig...

The Canucks are now 4-11 in their last fifteen playoff games going back to the start of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. Over that fifteen game sample they've managed just twenty-one total goals and only seventeen tallies at even-strength. They've been outscored twenty-six to seventeen at even-strength, but nineteen to four on special teams and forty-seven to twenty-one overall. Yep, it's been an ugly stretch for the Canucks and one that's easy to overreact too.

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Cory Schneider Gets Bounced, Canucks Get Pushed to the Brink

Dimitri Filipovic
May 06 2013 01:38AM

The cold, harsh reality is beginning to sink in.

It all feels kind of silly now, sure, but heading into Game 3 between the Sharks and Canucks there were legitimate reasons for optimism, and belief that the series wasn't lost quite yet. We expected a tight series coming into it, and that's what we were getting; the Canucks were down 0-2, but they were definitely in both games, and certainly didn't look overmatched. A few bounces here and there, and the series score easily could have been flipped.

While Game 2 had ended in a disheartening fashion, there were positives to be taken from it. It looked as if the beast inside Ryan Kesler had been awakened, the Sedins were starting to get something brewing, and the team's penalty killing unit had seemingly made an adjustment which held the opposition's man advantage in check.

But then Game 3 happened, and that optimism now seems like something from the distant past. The Canucks were soundly beaten by the Sharks on Sunday night, really getting outclassed throughout. With the 5-2 loss, the team has now been pushed to the brink and reality is beginning to sink in.

Rather than just saying they all suck, let's try to rationally make sense of the entire situation, and figure out what went wrong.

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Canucks @ Sharks: Game 3 Preview

Dimitri Filipovic
May 05 2013 11:05AM

Either the Canucks get in the win column on Sunday, or this face will haunt them (& their fans) over the course of a long summer.

"Over a long stretch of games, counting shots tends to be more predictive of success that counting goals alone, but in the playoffs, it's the results that count; the teams that can't turn a good process into short-term results get bounced early."

That is an excerpt from Cam Charron's post on the San Jose Sharks, and their string of bad shooting luck over the last several postseasons (prior to this one, of course). I figured it was a great place to start the preview for Sunday night's Game 3, given how very applicable it is to the Canucks at the moment.

All season long we have preached patience regarding the process on this blog, citing possession numbers as a reason for optimism; with the logic being that eventually, if you continue to have the puck more often than your opponent, chances are that pucks will inevitably start finding their way towards the back of the net. Through two games at even-strength, the Canucks are +42 in Corsi and +19 in Fenwick (shot attempts not taking into account those that are blocked).

But while the team has played two games that they certainly could have very easily won thus far, that'll be of hardly any solace given the hole they now find themselves in. It's admittedly difficult to remain patient when you're staring a swift elimination right in the face. Ultimately, they'll need some bounces and breaks to go their way in Game 3 if they hope to get into the win column, and make this into a series.

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