NHL 2013 Canucks Ratings: What's Tanev Rated?!

Thomas Drance
August 17 2012 11:53AM


EA Sports Canada is based in Burnaby, and is responsible for the development of the company's popular "NHL series" of sports video games. For the newest, lockout edition of the game, they've thoroughly overhauled the player rating system, though I'm sure it still needlessly includes ratings for "poise" to my perpetual chagrin.

Thanks to Puck Daddy's Sean Leahy, over the past couple of days we've received our first look at the way the new "player rating system" evaluates players in the game. In the image above you can see how Canucks skaters fare by the new rating system. 73 for Chris Tanev!!? Outrageous.

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Prospect Profile: #11 Alex Friesen

Jeff Angus
August 17 2012 09:27AM

To say that Canucks prospect Alex Friesen plays bigger than his size would be an understatement. The generously listed 5-10, 185 pound centre was one of the most physically intimidating forwards in the OHL over his five year career with the Niagara Ice Dogs.

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Prospect Profile: #12 Anton Rodin

Thomas Drance
August 16 2012 11:06AM


Selected by the Canucks in the second round of the 2009 NHL Draft, before the team became obsessed with drafting, and acquiring size, Anton Rodin is one of the most skilled Canucks prospects in the pipeline.

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Top 10 Moments of 2011-12: Ryan Kesler, Shoot First Pass Later

Jeff Angus
August 16 2012 08:44AM

To say that Ryan Kesler has tunnel vision at times would be accurate. The gifted two-way pivot was criticized at times last season for failing to properly use his linemates (Kesler isn’t totally blameless, but he did see a revolving door of wingers and seemed out of sorts for much of 2011-12 after rushing back from offseason hip surgery).

There is a reason why Kesler looks to shoot – he has a great shot. In 2010-11, he used a newly-developed wrist shot to score a sizable chunk of his 41 goals. Teams seemed to key on his go-to move last season, which was a major reason (along with fewer power-play opportunities and shooting percentage regression) for the decline in goals (only 22). He loves rushing the puck up the ice on his off wing or up the middle, cutting in, and firing a wrist shot across his body to the blocker side of the opposing goaltender (or the glove hand side for the righty catchers).

On January 21st, 2012, Kesler scored a beautiful goal by doing exactly what got him 41 goals one season previous – rushing the puck up the ice, taking it to the middle of the ice, and scoring on a wrist shot. The difference with this goal is that he was a bit tighter in to the goalie, and he added a deke before shooting the puck.

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Rypien's Memory Continues to Resonate With, and Inspire Hockey Fans

Thomas Drance
August 15 2012 01:06PM

Image courtesy vancitybuzz.com.

A year ago today, former pint-sized Canucks enforcer Rick Rypien, who had spent much of his adult life battling mental illness, was found dead in his Alberta home. While he wasn't an offensive star by any means, Rypien was the best pound-for-pound fighter I've ever seen in the NHL, and he wasn't a one-dimensional thug either, he could legitimately play. His skill set and on-ice personality endeared him to Canucks fans, who have felt his loss deeply over the past twelve months.

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