The Place of Willie Mitchell

Kristian Urstad
March 16 2010 05:19PM

Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks

Willie Mitchell is a master-disrupter at close quarters – in front of the net and especially in the corners. He anticipates well, is good at angling his body in the right ways, and, with that long stick, is able to knock the puck off opposing players – even when it seems they are out of reach. His poke checking ability too is superb. Aside from these technicalities, he’s a workhorse and a good team guy.

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Cap Crippling Contracts

Stephen Webb
March 16 2010 12:56PM

2009 NHL Entry Draft, Rounds 2-7

I'm sure everyone remembers former Canucks and current Leafs General Manager Brian Burke. Face it, it's hard not to. Burke's never met a TV camera he didn't love. He has a bombastic personality and has a penchant for making the biggest trades while on the biggest stage.

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GDRC - Islanders @ Canucks

Cam Davie
March 16 2010 09:37AM

Vancouver Canucks v New York Islanders


The Vancouver Canucks hit the midway point of their five-game homestand, as they host the New York Islanders tonight at GM Place. The Islanders, an early-season playoff contender, have now faded out of the post-season picture and are in danger of finishing last in the Eastern Conference for the second straight year.

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GDRC - Senators @ Canucks

Cam Davie
March 13 2010 10:58AM

The Vancouver Canucks host a hockey game at GM Place for the first time in 44 days, as the Ottawa Senators come down for the first of back-to-back home games for the Canucks.

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Road Trip Round-Up (The Stats)

Cam Davie
March 12 2010 09:53AM

The Canucks are home in Vancouver now after playing an NHL-record 14 straight games on the road. Now that they're back, we can look at some interesting stats that we've rounded up.

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