Looking out for number one

Robin Brownlee
January 18 2010 03:44PM

Back in 1970 when the Vancouver Canucks joined the NHL, it didn't really matter that they were destined to stink like rank limburger for seasons on end because fans like me were thrilled just to have a team.

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GDRC - Penguins @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 16 2010 02:18PM

The Crosby Show comes to town again, although while a lot less fanfare less time. Crosby can thank the primetime Canucks drama for flying under the radar this week. If you need more than the best player in hockey coming to town to make you happy, there is another big event tonight as discussed earlier in the week by my counterpart James "Crisp" Edgington. The Vancouver Canucks welcome back Pavol Demitra to the lineup as they host the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, tonight at GM Place.

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The Demitra Dilemma

James C Edgington
January 14 2010 02:54PM

After suffering a shoulder injury last May, there has been much speculation as to if or when, Pavol Demitra will finally make his return to the Canucks roster. Well, the good news for Vancouver and their loyal fans, is that his return could be much sooner than expected. This week the veteran Slovak, has been regularly practicing with the team. He could possibly play in Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh, although a return to the line up around January 20th could be more likely. It’s expected, when he does leave IR, that he will skate on the 3rd line.

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Around the league - Jan 14, 2010

Jason Gregor
January 14 2010 09:24AM

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve penned ATL and some interesting and surprising things have occurred in the hockey world.

In Canada, the announcement of the Olympic men’s hockey team was debated heavily. I was surprised to read that the biggest outcry, outside of Flames fans moaning about the exclusion of all of their big-three D-men, was that Mike Green didn’t make the team.

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Game Day + More on Burrows/Auger

Cam Davie
January 13 2010 10:38AM

photo - Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Alexandre Burrows learned his fate last night after his derisive comments launched at referee Stephane Auger following the game Monday against the Nashville Predators. Burrows was not suspended, but he did receive a $2500 fine from the NHL for his comments.

But that wasn't the big news from the incident.

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