Alex Burrows becomes 662nd person to score a goal in an NHL game in 2013-14

Dimitri Filipovic
March 12 2014 07:45PM


You don't need me to tell you just how cruel a mistress the 2013-14 season has been to the Vancouver Canucks. Basically everything that could've gone wrong, has. Injuries, losing, dissension, in-house power struggles and back-stabbing. Sounds like a terrible soap opera, which is basically what it has been.

Amidst all of it, there has been one individual subplot that has been hanging over the season like a big ol' rain cloud: Alexandre Burrows' slow march towards futility. 

You can check that one off of the list of things remarkably depressing about this team at the moment. We now have reason to smile, at least for a few minutes. If only that you can now sleep easy tonight knowing that you favourite team didn't get shut out by Ondrej Pavelec.

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It's not as simple as firing everybody

Cam Charron
March 12 2014 01:22PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.20.39 PM
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It's not exactly a good thing when Elliotte Friedman writes 900 words about your team in a 30 Thoughts column before mentioning anybody else, but Vancouver's in the midst of one of the worst streaks in franchise history. It's not just the weak record since 2014 began that has Vancouverites on edge, but the assumption of a rudderless organization that just traded possibly the best player in franchise history for a goaltender yet to live up to his NHL potential at 24, and a 25-points-per-82-games 26-year-old centreman.

There's little point in reporting, again, that the Canucks are not as bad as their record indicates. Yes, they won't make the playoffs, but there was a perfect storm of bad luck that's accumulated over the last few months from injuries and a low PDO. That's led to some curious decisions on the part of the head coach, but the organization has such little going for it right now it's hard to tell what aspects of the team are controlled by ownership and what aspects are controlled by management.

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Canucks Army GDT #68 - Canucks @ Jets

Dimitri Filipovic
March 12 2014 01:11PM


I have to admit that I figured I'd be catering Wednesday's Canucks/Jets preview around John Tortorella's firing, and what we could expect from Interim Head Coach Mike Sullivan's 1st 7th game as the bench boss. 

But at least for now, that's not the case. John Tortorella is still hanging around by a thread, with the Vancouver Canucks trying to gather themselves (and their chicklets, after having their "teeth kicked in" for the second time in days).

They'll try to do so in Winnipeg, against the Winnipeg Jets and their raucous crowd, in a matchup between two teams tied for 10th in the Western Conference at 68 points. Let the Evander Kane fawning, and Ondrej Pavelec(tric) jokes begin!

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Press Row Confessions: The Islanders score 7

The Stanchion
March 11 2014 11:51AM


Ah, if only one could will a puck into the net using only their mind. Alas...

Sometimes a game or event occurs in which the environment around me proves to be far more entertaining than the game itself. When this happens, I like to do what I call "Press Row Confessions", in which I describe my day as the event in question unfolded around me. 

Today's event is the debacle of a game between the Islanders and the Canucks. In a meeting of these two teams, it was simply a question of who would suck less, and while one team had to come out the loser, Vancouver took it too far this time....

Read more after the jump, and you'll get a cookie!

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Canucks Army Postgame: We're going streaking!

Dimitri Filipovic
March 10 2014 11:25PM

John Tortorella can't help but smile these days with his team showing resiliency, and fight!

The 2013-14 season has been one of all sorts of improbably feats for the Vancouver Canucks. They've (primarily negatively) surprised us in ways we couldn't have even imagined heading into the year. Seemingly whenever we've suspected that they weren't capable of something, they've managed to outdo themselves. It has been quite the campaign. 

And that trend most certainly continued on Monday night, when they scored 3 goals, with two of them coming on the power play, en route to winning their second straight game.. These days that constitutes the most improbable of outcomes around here. Forget that it was against the lowly New York Islanders, and come streaking with me already!

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