GDRC - Flames @ Canucks

Cam Davie
April 10 2010 11:22AM

Vancouver Canucks v Los Angeles Kings

Please don't hurt the Henke tonight.

It's the final regular season game of the year, as the Vancouver Canucks host the Calgary Flames at GM Place tonight. The Canucks aren't playing for a playoff position, and Calgary was knocked out two games ago, so there's not much to play for tonight. That is, except points for Henrik Sedin and his quest for the Art Ross Trophy.

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UPDATED: Around the League - April 8, 2010

Jason Gregor
April 08 2010 03:26PM


The debate over who is better, Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin, will reach new heights now that the NHL Central Scouting final rankings had Seguin first and Hall second. For the past few months many posters, fans, bloggers and members of the media have said Hall was the best, however, I’ve been a believer that the Oilers, or whoever picks first should take Seguin. I’m not sold he is a better player, but he plays the more influential position; centre.

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GDRC - Canucks @ Sharks

Cam Davie
April 08 2010 01:14PM

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks

Will the Canucks win one for Rayzer tonight, just like he's been doing all season?

It's the final regular season road game for the Vancouver Canucks tonight as they travel to San Jose to face the Sharks. For the second game in a row, the Canucks face an opponent with something to play for, while the Canucks post-season spot has already been decided. So, how will the Canucks fare as they rest a few starters, while the Sharks are still aiming for top spot in the Western Conference?

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The Athletic Saint

Kristian Urstad
April 08 2010 12:46PM

Mother Teresa Beatified By Pope John Paul II

It is too often said that athletes who are ethically suspect run the risk of morally corrupting their fans and audience. We judge and condemn the athlete – from Shane O’Brien’s late nights at the Roxy or Kyle Wellwood’s weight gain, to Tiger Wood’s sexual infidelities – for not being moral saints. They have a particular responsibility, we say, to provide a higher standard for all of us to follow and admire. But I’d like to turn the tables and ask us all the following:

Does the athlete who is a moral saint serve as a compelling personal ideal? Does it really help us to hold up as an exemplar, as a type of person to strive to become, the perfectly righteous athlete?

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Flames Toast

Stephen Webb
April 07 2010 01:30PM

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks

The Flames are toast. Or Extinguished. They were flickering, but now they've been put out. There, I think I've exhausted every example from the Headline Writers Handbook:Flames Choking Edition. Last night's shootout loss for the Canucks was worth celebrating since the extra point it gave the Avalanche eased the Flames out of the playoff picture. The fact that Flames fans' pain causes celebration on the right side of the Rockies may add anger to their already depressed state of mind. That said, I'm feeling something that may make them even angrier, Pity.

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