Top 10 stories of the 2014 Canucks Season: Part 1

The Stanchion
April 17 2014 11:13AM


"If we dress up in camouflage, maybe nobody will be able to see what a garbage season we're having..."

When a season is going well, such asides as hiring sleep doctors, Kyle Wellwood being forced to diet, or Mats Sundin needing an oxygen tank five seconds into a shift, are seen as an amusing sidebar to an otherwise fun season. 

When a season is going poorly, all of a sudden that story about how Kevin Bieksa forgot to recycle his beer cans becomes one of the leading theories as to why the season has fallen apart. "You can tell Kevin is unhappy. He's throwing away cans and hurting the environment, ergo, therefore, hence he hates the locker room environment as well. It's an extension of his mindset. I'm surprised you neanderthals missed it."

Despite how a season goes, however, we still owe it to google to pair it down and summarize how it went. You never know when someone might need to look up the 2014 season so they can try and compare it to a future Canucks season, to try and determine which one was worse.

So while it might seem weird to want to go over the top ten stories of a season gone horribly wrong, I will do my best to focus on the big stories, and less on the stories about how Daniel Sedin's dog walking style may have played a role in his diminished shooting percentage. Read past the jump to see the first half of the top ten stories of the Canucks 2014 season.

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Canucks Army Draft Lottery Podcast

Dimitri Filipovic
April 15 2014 07:25PM

Just say no to Jake.

After a thoroughly underwhelming Draft Lottery special on TSN, we know that the Vancouver Canucks are slated to pick 6th overall on June 27th in Philadelphia. There was a lot of deliberation on who the team should be targeting in our live chat, and I'm sure it's a topic that'll be heavily discussed in the weeks to come.

Pivoting off of that, we recorded a quick little podcast to discuss the options that figure to be available when that pick comes around, and some other stuff about draft philosophy. How much was Mike Gillis actually responsible for the team's dreadful track record during his time? 

Click past the jump to listen in. 

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Canucks Army Draft Lottery Live Chat

Dimitri Filipovic
April 15 2014 04:59PM


Who needs the playoffs when you've got the NHL Entry Draft to get excited about, right? RIGHT? That's the line of thinking you'll need to start becoming comfortable with if you'd like to sleep at night in the coming weeks, as you watch other compete for the Stanley Cup while your favourite team doesn't.

Whenever things aren't going all that well in the present, a good compensatory mechanism is to look ahead to the future. That all starts tonight, as the ping pong balls will be picked and the draft order for June 27th's event in Philadelphia will be determined. 

The Canucks head into it with a 6.2% chance of winning the 1st overall pick. Let's hope the team didn't start Jacob Markstrom and Mike Zalewski in the final games of the season all for nothing. 

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Locker Clean-Out Day came earlier than usual this year, so now what?

Dimitri Filipovic
April 14 2014 01:16PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 11.20.16 AM

This joke we made last night seemed to confound some people, but unfortunately, it wasn't a mistake on our part. What it was, was a sad truth; the Canucks did in fact win their final game of the season for the first time since '05-'06, and as their reward they'll now have longer than usual to pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong.

With missing the playoffs for the first time in 5 years came a premature locker clean-out day, with both the players and the coach facing the media one last time before going their separate ways. We'll get into some of the choice quotes that came from it just past the jump. We'll also go over a couple of roster moves the team made this morning, and look ahead to what's next for both the Canucks and this blog.

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Last Call for the Nation Charity Playoff Pool

April 14 2014 01:15PM


Playoffs? We're talking playoffs...playoff pools to be specific.

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