How Do Coaching Changes Impact Players?

Blake Murphy
June 01 2013 09:37AM

Image via wikimedia commons

The Vancouver Canucks will have a new coach for the 2013-14 season. While we don't know who yet, we know it won't be Alain Vigneault. While the power-play is probably going to be target number one for a new bench boss, and while general manager Mike Gillis is sure to make some changes to the roster in the interim, I wanted to get a feel for how coaching changes can effect individual players.

In order to do so, I pulled all of the wonderful Behind the Net data from the 2007-08 season through to this past season. I wanted to test how consistent statistics like Corsi (a possession indicator based on total shot attempts for and against), Corsi QoC (the quality of competition a player faces), Corsi QoT (the quality of teammates a player plays with), and OffZone% (the percentage of shifts a player starts in the offensive zone) are year-to-year. Once we know that, we can compare the entire player pool against players who underwent coaching changes.

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Afternoon Headshots: May 31st

Thomas Drance
May 31 2013 04:18PM

Lieutenant Daniels standing in front of Andrew Alberts and Roberto Luongo's lockers? #k
Image is from a Fringe episode a few years ago, via redditer Bosim.

Welcome to our weekday staple links post, which we affectionately call Headshots. If you've written a blog post, or done anything Canucks related that you'd like included in Headshots, please e-mail it to me at

Today at the internet's best and most humble Canucks blog: we wondered what former Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault would do next, and took stock of the depressing stasis in Canucksistan heading into the month of June, a month which could define Mike Gillis's tenure with the organization. 

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While one era ends, the next doesn't know where to begin

May 31 2013 02:59PM

(Illustration: Game 7 Hockey)


During his end-of-season press conference, Canucks GM Mike Gillis stressed the need for a "reset" within the organization, which is an appropriately vague term for a team that doesn't really know which direction it's heading in.

They believe they can still contend, yet their core is aging. They want an uptempo brand of hockey to re-capture a softening audience, yet they don't have the personnel up front to do that anymore.

So what should they do?

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What's Next for Vigneault?

Thomas Drance
May 31 2013 01:37PM

Where will the old coaching carousel take Alain Vigneault next?
Screencap via Youtube/CanucksVid

During the season, in the midst of a Canucks skid that saw them topple out of their usual cushy pole position in the Northwest Division, I put together a detailed Pros and Cons list breaking down Alain Vigneault's coaching. I predicted in the conclusion that Vigneault would "pretty much have a new job before shappers, CDCers and Vancouver Province hockey writers were even finished celebrating."

Well the ad hoc parade on Robson has died down, and Alain Vigneault remains in the wind. What's next for the winningest bench boss in franchise history? We'll look at it further after the jump.

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Evening Headshots: May 30th

Thomas Drance
May 30 2013 06:49PM

Not sure where this is from, or what it is precisely. I do know it owns.
Via Sealcat

Today at CanucksArmy we kept pace with coaches week and profiled Guy Boucher, we also talked about the draft and some of the new devices in the CBA available to Mike Gillis should he choose to rather dramatically remake the Canucks roster, finally we passed along the Bob McKenzie report that the Islanders might be interested in acquiring Roberto Luongo, and touched on Dreger's take on Luongo's value, and whether or not the star goaltender would even report to Canucks training camp if he weren't moved this summer.

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